Mar 06, 2020 I Nick Redfern

Strange and Sinister Entities: “I Felt Uncomfortable and Invaded”

Today, I'm going to share with you yet another fascinating story provided to me by Denise Stoner, whose experience with what may have been an "alien-human-hybrid" I described just a couple of days ago. Now, we come to an encounter that Stoner had in 2014. It was of a definitive Women in Black kind. Stoner reveals the strange saga, as follows: "Around the time we were awakened from a rare afternoon nap by a man who said he was with the fire department here to inspect our smoke alarms - yet had no earthly idea what one was - we had another odd occurrence. Actually, it was two days later. Again, we were asleep very early in the morning just after sunrise. Our daughter enjoys sleeping on the sofa in the living- room Friday evening through Sunday evening because she can have her snacks, drinks, etc. on the table within arms’ reach while she watches the big screen TV. She is disabled and lives with us. Although she could have her own place, she prefers staying in our home.

"The front door is across from her facing north and to the left. Three feet from the front door to the right we have a monitor with microphone that shows us in color what/who may be at the door and what cars are parked directly in front of our home and the home to our left. A huge double wide window is next further right with wooden blinds closed most of the time. We live on one end of a T-shaped court - ours being the top of the T on the left side, once you turn the T upside down.

"Our dog sleeps in bed with us and this particular morning he did not wake up or move; my husband and I did not wake up. The doorbell was ringing and ringing and ringing like someone was playing a trick - a child, perhaps, and was going to run away when the door was answered. The strange thing was the fact that our dog did not bark and he should have at the first ring to warn us. I never heard it, my husband, who is a Vietnam Vet, never heard it. Our master- bedroom is just left of the front door and we hear everything. Our daughter called to us and said 'Mom, you better come out here, there are two ladies with black clothes ringing the door bell and won’t stop.' I jumped out of bed, now hearing the incessant ding-dong and beginning to figure one of our neighbors had an emergency. We all know each other and each one is willing to help out.

"I was no more than three or four seconds getting to the front door, my eyes already focusing on the monitor. There stood a woman who, to me resembled a person of Native American ethnic group, if I were to guess. She had shoulder length black hair with bangs, slightly tanned yet doughy looking skin, and dark, large black eyes looking straight in to the camera. I could see that she had on a black jumper style dress with thinner than normal straps running over her shoulders to the bib portion of the dress - almost suspenders minus the clips. She had on a long sleeved under blouse in a dark shade of grey."

“Standing next to her was another woman identical to her in description only shorter in stature by a head. The height was difficult to judge due to the monitor, but she was not as tall as the lower portion of the camera, so I would say one was just over five-feet and the other just over four. I unlocked the door and swung it open only to discover there was no one there. Not a soul. I glanced down only seconds, just long enough to check the lock. My eyes were no longer on the monitor but the door and then the porch. Again, a matter of seconds. I am now looking at an empty porch, the house next door, an empty parking lot (I can identify all my neighbors' cars), grass walk-through on the left and right, and a sidewalk to the street straight ahead between two homes.

"There is no way possible these two women could get to any of these described places in the time I opened my front door. I would be able to see them walking or a car beginning to pull out of the lot or see them entering a home and there were no unidentified vehicles in the area. We are in a private subdivision with only one way in and one way out, the children are well behaved and are not seen playing outside without their parents present basically on Sunday afternoons. This is a very quiet undisturbed subdivision people are not even aware of and that is why we chose to live here.”

Denise concludes: "I had a very strange feeling when I saw the woman staring in to the camera, looking in to the monitor as if she knew I was looking back. I felt uncomfortable and invaded somehow, as if I was given a warning but couldn't read or understand the language. So, this is the story of the female version of my experience. Very odd, yet just as disturbing as the MIBs. I have not heard of any others and can’t wait to hear how this compares as the commonalities are important to those of us who experience these 'things.'"

Denise continues to have strange experiences of the chilling kind.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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