Mar 25, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Theoretical Physicist Claims Tic-Tac UFO was a Time Traveler

No one has yet to explain the strange Tic-Tac UFOs seen in 2004 by pilots from the USS Nimitz and picked up by radar operators. While the Pentagon as been back-and-forth on their existence and UFO investigators cannot agree on whether they’re top secret human technology or alien spacecraft, one physicist has a new theory … time travel. With that, he explains their speed, their physical makeup and where they came from. Is he right or way out in left field (for those missing baseball season)?

"See the problem is this, if you read any of the standard papers in the field, if they’re talking about warp drive, time travel and wormholes they say the problem is it ‘takes too much energy’ to achieve it. The tic-tac does not need a lot of energy. They observed the tic-tac going from 80,000ft down to 50ft in less than two seconds and there’s no jet engines, no flares. It’s going at 1,000s of Gs, how’s it doing that? There is no way it can do that by conventional propulsion.”

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That’s how theoretical physicist and author Dr. Jack Sarfatti sets the scene for his explanation in a recent appearance on The Hidden Truth Show with James Breslo. (You can watch the entire podcast here.) For those not familiar with him, Sarfatti got his physics Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside, and studied at the Cornell Space Science Center, the UK Atomic Energy Research Establishment, the Max Planck Institute for Physics, and the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Italy. That kind of background puts his theories well above this writer's  pay-grade, but his comments to The Daily Star summarize his explanation of why he believes the Tic-Tac is a time traveler made with metamaterials:

"What happens is that if you pump electromagnetic energy into the material, it will have a certain resonance. In that resonance, the speed of light inside the material can go down to a very small number.”

This makes the energy requirements much lower than anything conceived so far to achieve the Tic-Tac’s speed. However, even though we have the metamaterials and the energy and could build them (he implies that Russia is ahead of us in this), the Tic-Tacs aren’t ours … at least not the present us.

"A causal loop is a paradox of time travel that occurs when a future event is the cause of a past event, which in turn is the cause of the future event. Both events then exist in spacetime, but their origin cannot be determined."

This loop, also called a Novikov loop, is the method he claims the Tic-Tac pilot used to travel to 2004 from the future. Sarfatti doesn’t say if the Tic-Tac pilot is a future human or an alien, but he claims on his website that he’s had his own close encounter with the Tic-Tacs in the 1950s.

“(I was contacted) by what I think is the intelligence behind the Tic Tacs we're seeing today...It said it was a conscious computer aboard a spacecraft from the future."

Is Jack Sarfatti a messenger for beings from the future? According to the Star, he claimed in the podcast that he’s trying to set up a meeting with the White House to explain his theory. Forget time travel … it would be great to have a remote viewing ability to listen in on THAT meeting.

Are these Tic-Tac UFOs visitors from the future? Whose future? If we have the capabilities today to achieve the unbelievable performance of these crafts, did we develop it ourselves or were we given it by … our future selves? Aliens? Were we given it freely … or did we take it?

It’s an interesting theory and, in lieu of any real factual information about the origin of the Tic-Tacs, it’s open for discussion.

Paul Seaburn

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