Mar 06, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

UFOs Fly Over UFO House on North Carolina’s Outer Banks

UFOs over a UFO – what are the odds of that happening? And if it did, what are the odds of someone recording it using time-lapse photography? Before you call your bookie, it already happened in North Carolina and the photographer still can’t get any answers as to what he saw.

“This is a Milky Way Timelapse Video where I seemed to have captured some strange unidentified red trails over the Frisco UFO Futuro House in Frisco NC, Outer Banks. Can you tell me what these are? I believe it is a drone from someone illegally flying at night, but I have no idea. These appeared for about 30 minutes during my 3 hour timelapse I did of the UFO. The flashing light source are from the cars driving by on the street."

Photographer Wes Snyder definitely has an eye for composition. A few weeks ago, he set up his camera to take a series of time-lapse images of the Milky Way over a Futuro House in Frisco, North Carolina. Frisco is on the island of Hatteras Island, one of the barrier islands that make up North Carolina's beloved Outer Banks. The Frisco Futoro House is one of the 100 or so small, flying saucer-shaped, prefabricated kit houses designed by Matti Suuronen and built during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Not very well-made and not exactly fitting into typical suburban neighborhoods, there are only a few remaining, including the one on Highway 12 in Frisco.

futuro 4006245 640 570x381
Composition is everything

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know you want a Futuro House for your summer cottage. What about the UFOs?

Sorry. Snyder condensed his three hours of photographs into a 2-minute video (watch it here) and posted it on Facebook and his YouTube channel, where he puts videos of his main photographic works of interest – the Milky Way and the Outer Banks. The UFO video generated a few comments ranging from quizzical to skeptical, but things picked up when it was discussed on the viral videos show “Right This Minute.

“See those little squiggly lines running through his time lapse? Planes don’t fly like that.”

Host Nick Calderone gave the video a UFO boost and it was next featured in the local Charlotte Observer, which pointed out that the North Carolina coastal area is home to plenty of UFO sightings, due in a large part to the many military bases in the state. A still composite showing all of the streaks in a spaghetti-like pattern lends more credence to drones rather than military precision, but no one can confirm either option. Aliens?

That brings us back to the Futuro House. Could aliens be checking it out – either as a vacation spot or maybe mistaking it for a down aircraft? OK, the Outer Banks are beautiful – Snyder made a vacation visit, fell in love, moved there in 2017 and has dedicated his life to photographing it – but would aliens really cross the galaxy just to rent an aging little round house just to look at where they just came from?

outer banks 922686 640 570x428
There's plenty of nice spots to rent on the Outer Banks.

If you’re interested, the Frisco Futuro House is a popular tourist attraction where the owners ask visitors:

“The other question is, do you believe?”

Not yet. We’d like to see a few more photos.

Paul Seaburn

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