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Worldwide Monsters That Live Below Us

The people of Guadalcanal talk of longstanding legends of a vast underground world, far below their island, one which is only accessible if one knows where the secret entrance points can be found. So extensive are these massive caves, caverns, and underground realms, that no less than thousands of the violent and giant beasts are rumored to inhabit their darkest corners. Much of the lore points in the direction of Guadalcanal’s mountains, where, it is said, the tunnels and caves begin, and run so deep that one might be forgiven for thinking one had entered the nightmarish realm of Hell itself. It’s not impossible that the descriptions of the huge sizes of the creatures are down to folkloric exaggeration and, in reality, we should be looking at beasts of a far more manageable eight or nine feet tall.

In the latter part of the 19th century a British adventurer and explorer named Hugh Nevill was told of a race of creatures that were part-human and part-ape but which were, by the time Nevill heard the story, dead and gone – somewhere in the vicinity of five human generations earlier. They resided in the southeast corner of Sri Lanka and, before their assumed extinction, were constantly at war with another race of hairy humanoids known as the Nittaewo. Both types of creature were fairly small; around four to five feet in height. They also shared a liking for living in deep, natural caves and caverns, and had a love of fresh, raw meat. They were not totally savage, however, as is evidenced by their apparent use of primitive stone tools. It was not their constant warring with each other that wiped out the Nittaewo and their unnamed furry foes, however: it was man. Reportedly, the last of the Nittaewos were killed in a violent confrontation at a cave in the Kattaragama Hills. Now, let's take a look at another intriguing report.

Just like Bigfoot in the United States, the hairy hominid known as the Yeren of China comes in a variety of colors. Its hair has been described as red, brown, black, and even – on a few occasions – black. As for its height, while most reports describe creatures of around the average height of an adult human male to about eight feet, there are a number of cases involving colossal mountain monsters in excess of ten feet. Despite their imposing appearances, however, the Yeren are said to be relatively placid, quiet creatures that shun humankind. Sightings of the Yeren cannot be blamed upon hype born out of the fascination for Bigfoot. That much is made abundantly clear by the fact that reports of these immense animals have been reported for centuries. A translated, 17th century document from Hubei notes: “In the remote mountains of Fangxian County, there are rock caves, in which live hairy men as tall as three meters. They often come down to hunt dogs and chickens in the villages. They fight with whoever resists.”

In 1900, the Curry County, Oregon newspaper reported on an amazing story: “The Sixes mining district in Curry County has for the past 30 years glorified in the exclusive possession of a kangaroo man.’ Recently while Wm. Page and Johnnie McCulloch, who are mining there, went out hunting McCulloch saw the strange animal-man come down a stream to drink. In calling Page’s attention to the strange being it became frightened, and with cat-like agility, which has always been a leading characteristic, with a few bounds was out of sight.”

Despite having been given the extremely odd nickname of the “kangaroo man,” the newspaper’s description of the beast is actually far more Bigfoot-like, as the following extract from the article clearly demonstrates: “The appearance of this animal is almost enough to terrorize the rugged mountainsides themselves. He is described as having the appearance of a man – a very good looking man – is nine feet in height with low forehead, hair hanging down near his eyes, and his body covered with a prolific growth of hair which nature has provided for his protection. Its hands reach almost to the ground and when its tracks were measured its feet were found to be 18 inches in length with five well formed toes. Whether this is a devil, some strange animal or a wild man is what Messrs. Page and McCulloch would like to know.”

Four years later, in 1904, the creature – or, at least, another, similar one of its kind – was yet again plaguing the mine-filled area. The press enthusiastically reported on the latest development:  “At repeated intervals during the past ten years thrilling stories have come from the rugged Sixes mining district in Coos County, Oregon, near Myrtle Point, regarding a wild man or a queer and terrible monster which walks erect and which has been seen by scores of miners and prospectors. The appearance again of the ‘Wild Man’ of the Sixes has thrown some of the miners into a state of excitement and fear. A report says the wild man has been seen three times since the 10th of last month."

Moving on to 2009, in April of that year the Russian newspaper, Pravda, revealed – in an article titled Russian scientists use Google maps to find yeti – that there had been more than twenty sightings of Almasty by hunters in the forests of Kemerovo. Not only that, there were reports of strange, large footprints having been discovered in the depths of nearby caves: “Scientists found two identical yeti footprints. One of them was left on the rock and it dates back 5,000 years ago, and the other footprint which was left not long ago was found at the bottom of the cave.” Pravda spoke with one of the unnamed scientists, who said: “They are absolutely identical. Five thousand years ago yetis settled down in this cave and now their descendants are still living here. The conditions in the cave are suitable for yeti. The cave defends them from rains, snow and wind. There is also a lake in the middle of the cave where yetis can find clean water.” Now, let's address another such case.,

DREADED WILD MEN Strike Fear Into Indian Children was the eye-catching title of an article that jumped out of the pages of the March 3, 1934, edition of the Lethbridge Herald newspaper, which covered the Lethbridge area of Alberta, Canada. The story was a fascinating one, given that it focused on the often reported possibility that the Bigfoot creatures are able to remain out of harm’s way and detection by living in underground realms, such as ancient caverns and incredibly deep cave-systems. The article began by stating that Native American children in the vicinity of Harrison Mills, British Columbia, had been warned to stay close to “their mothers’ apron strings, for the fearsome ‘Sasquatch’ had returned to spread terror through peace-loving Chehalis tribes.”

It was noted that although reports of the much feared creatures were all the rage in the area some three decades earlier, this was the first time, since around 1914, that they had been seen “on the prowl” in the area. It appeared that the first, most recent encounter came from a man named Frank Dan. The Lethbridge Herald captivated its readers with the details of the uncanny event: “Investigating the persistent barking of his dog at night, Dan came face to face with a hairy giant who, according to Dan, was tall and muscular, prowling in the nude. He was covered in black hair from head to foot except for a small space around the eyes. Dan ran breathlessly into his house and secured the door. Peeking through the window, he saw the giant stride leisurely into the nearby bush and disappear.” The writer of the article noted something very interesting: “The Indians say the Sasquatch dwell in caves and subterranean caverns on the borders of lakes in the mountain vastnesses [sic]. Many strange tales are told of the appearances of the elusive people.” Indeed!

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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