Apr 02, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot Sightings on Oklahoma’s Turkey Mountain

“Before anyone comments, yes, we know what day it is today."

That’s not exactly what you want to hear from a government agency, but Oklahoma’s Tulsa River Parks Authority – which is responsible for the Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness in Tulsa -- deemed it necessary to assure residents it was not pulling an April Fool’s Day prank when it issued a statement on its Facebook page in response to many calls it had received about multiple Bigfoot sightings in the area. Yes, there were photos. (See them here.) Surprisingly, some were clear although the creature in the shot was behind leaves or too far away to identify as real or hoax. What will they say if it’s seen on April 2nd?

“Apparently, more sightings of the unidentified large mammal occurred Monday and Tuesday according to several reports. Please see our attached statement on the issue as well as screenshots of other sightings.”

In addition to the obvious questions about the sighting being an April Fool’s Day prank, even though they occurred on multiple days BEFORE April 1, the River Parks Authority and many of the commenters take advantage of the sightings to remind residents that social distancing should be practiced by everyone, even in the park, which is part of Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second-largest city. While Oklahoma is know for numerous Bigfoot sightings in the more mountainous southeast area, Tulsa is in the northeast corner and, despite its name, Turkey Mountain is an 800foot (245 meters) hill, not a mountain.

“I decided to take the dogs to Turkey Mountain this morning. Max started acting extra weird and then completely lost (redacted). I was able to get my phone out in time to get this picture. What?!”

While the comments accompanying the photos were redacted to protect the identities of the witnesses, some of the photos clearly (through the leaves) showed the face of the alleged Bigfoot. In addition, one has a photo of a big footprint on “red trail.” Of course, there’s only one and it’s clear and well-formed. That’s not really a good sign of a real creature stomping through the woods. An expert brought in by the Parks Authority agrees.

“We consulted Katie Gillies, a certified Wildlife Biologist” who confirms our suspicions that there’s no evidence to support the existence of a “Bigfoot”.”

And yet, many Bigfoot experts disagree. Unfortunately, the coronavirus shutdown will obviously prevent them from traveling to Tulsa and, even of they could, would keep them out of many areas of the park. Did this Bigfoot know that?

“This is just bad timing for us and coincidental to the matter.”

While Bigfoot was unavailable for comment and doesn’t use social media, the Tulsa River Parks Authority makes it clear that neither coronavirus nor April Fool’s Day played a role in their assessment of these Turkey Mountain Bigfoot sightings.

Has anyone considered leaving a cellphone out for Bigfoot to take pictures of us?

Paul Seaburn

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