Apr 29, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Should An Alleged Saucer Spotted in Antarctica Get Tic Tac UFO Attention?

Ever since their unauthorized leaks, the so-called Tic Tac UFO videos have been the darlings of the mainstream media which pretty much ignores almost all other UFO sightings and reports. If they’re covered at all, it’s usually on back pages (for those who still read newspapers) or deep withing their websites. That was the case once again this week as every mainstream media site announced that the Pentagon had “officially” released the three Tic Tac and similar videos of still “unidentified” aerial phenomena. While the mainstream salivates over this old news, let’s attempt to give the same kind of attention to another story this week of an alleged on-the-ground flying saucer-like object spotted in Antarctica using Google Earth. (Photo here.)

“In the images provided by Google Earth we can see a silver circular object that has nothing to do with the rest of the surface.”

Nimitz 640x409
The Tic Tac UFO

The Tic Tacs have their Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge – this Antarctic UFO has Marcelo Irazusta, a well-known Argentine UFO researcher. It appears he found this one in December 2019 and uploaded it then (watch it here) to the YouTube site Planeta Snakedos, where it languished until this week when a clip from the video was posted by UFOMania. The location is given as “Coordinates: 64 ° 7'2.78 "S 61 ° 40'48.23" W,” which is on Graham Land, a northern piece of portion of the Antarctic Peninsula belonging to Argentina.

“From the International space station, several unknown objects (UFOs) were captured in a video near its limits, NASA estimates to cover them up and continues with its recurring role of censoring the evidence that can support that something happens in space.”

The Tic Tacs were spotted by U.S. military personnel and equipment, so Irazusta points out that Google Earth belongs to NASA. And, like the Tic Tacs, many anomalies that appear on Google Earth or on video feeds from the International Space Station are removed, hidden, filed away and otherwise kept from the public view until they’re leaked or discovered.

“It is clearly an artificial object and very similar to classic flying saucers.”

Here’s where the Antarctic object and the Tic Tacs deviate. The Antarctic object appears to be round and reflective and some commenters estimate its size as about 15 meters in diameter. While it certainly could be a case of pareidolia – after all, Irazuta is a UFO investigator – it definitely looks like something that could be a craft. On the other hand, the Tic Tacs aren’t referred to as Tic Tacs for nothing – they look like little white oval mint candies. That’s true from the videos, the radar images, the descriptions, everything. They don’t look like any conventional or any secret-son-of-conventional aircraft developed by humans and the coverage of them doesn’t give sizes or any further descriptions that help imagine them as alien spacecraft. Yet the Tic Tacs are in The New York Times and the Graham Land object is on Planeta Snakedos.

Antarctica mysterious particles
Ice can fool the eye

“Hello community, referring to the first section of the video about the UFO in Antarctica, to say that it can be very deceptive with a block of ice, I do not discuss it, but from my point of view, totally metallic, not ice.”

Should Marcelo Irazusta send his videos (yes, he has many others) to Tom DeLonge? Or should he find some other celebrity UFO fan to sponsor him? (How about Dan Aykroyd?) Should he narrow his Google Earth searches to the U.S. in order to get a politician like former Senator Harry Reid to champion him? Should he start a GoFundMe page to raise money for his own expedition?

The point of this discussion is not to suggest the media give attention to every UFO or strange anomaly report. Rather, it’s to request that some of the attention given to the Tic Tac UFOs be directed at some other reports. Let’s use some of the energy spent demanding the truth from governments on searching for more anomalies, sightings and possible evidence of our own. Sure, it may turn out to be drones (whatever happened to those strange drones in Colorado anyway?) or shadows or reflections or something else. Don’t wait for the powers that be to give you their data – start giving it to THEM!

Paul Seaburn

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