Apr 13, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

The Man Who Claims to Photograph Multidimensional Beings

Have you ever wondered what multidimensional beings look like? David Nemes did once, but he developed a tool for viewing them and now has thousands of images of multidimensional beings on his Facebook page. Have you ever wondered what a multidimensional being is? He’s a good person to answer that. Most believers in a multiverse or multiple universes don’t often talk about any beings living in them, other than parallel universes with some alternate form of us. Neme’s photos of multidimensional beings or entities look nothing like humans. He posts them quite frequently, so viewing them can be a welcome, albeit just as scary, alternative to watching pandemic news. (A video containing many of the images can be viewed here.)

"It is an electronic Ouija board, with image and sound, the project is quite advanced."

According to an interview with MysteriousTimes.com, Nemes was a science and astronomy buff growing up in Madrid, Spain, and is now a scientist and inventor in Colombia. Using “mathematical calculations and optical experiments,” he developed a device that uses “special lenses, ultrasensitive screens of his invention and above all sunlight. The process – which he calls “Energivision” – allegedly generates images of … things. Some look like faces, others like bodies, sometimes with wings. With his Facebook comment about the device being an “electronic Ouija board,” he obviously thinks these could be beings that are evil and he’s convinced they exist in other dimensions or planes.

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It would be nice if the images were this clear.

“The only way I have to publicize my invention and the captures are by Facebook, since 2015 I have posted 1000 photos on my facebook.”

Nemes claims he’s tried to show Energivision to the scientific community, although he doesn’t say how, and was rejected – not a surprise. He also claims the mainstream media has ignored the photos and his theories. That’s not surprising when you consider some of the comments of those who agree with him – often referring to astral planes, which is more religious of occult than science. In addition, most of the photos appear to be split mirror images – like a Rorschach inkblot. As anyone who has looked at those for any length of time can attest, the imagination, anthropomorphism and pareidolia kick in quickly and it’s easy to see faces, winged creatures, horned beings and other scary things. Finally, the faces all appear to be looking straight into the Energivision device – like multidimensional mugshots.

inkblot 158309 640 570x419
Rorschach inkblot - see anything?

This is not to discredit Nemes’ photos – just to point out that to make a scientific analysis, it would be helpful to know more about his Energivision device, the process he uses, the locations where he finds these beings, etc. To his credit, Nemes’ comments on Facebook have a definite philosophical and psychological angle – he promotes positive thinking and vibrations and warns viewers to avoid negative thoughts … which would probably attract these things out of their dimension and into ours – if they’re real.

Nothing wrong with using scary pictures and stories of evil beings to get people to think positive amidst the stream of round-the-clock negativity we’re getting exposed to these days. For that, and to expose your mind to the possibility that he really has invented a way to photograph multidimensional beings, it’s worth a trip to the Facebook page of David Nemes.

Paul Seaburn

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