Apr 24, 2020 I Jocelyne LeBlanc

United Kingdom’s Most Haunted Doll Seemingly Hates Men

Lee and Linzi Steer are no strangers to the paranormal world. They own the Haunted Objects Museum Poltergeist House in Rotherham which is reportedly quite haunted. In addition to the paranormal activity in the house, they own several of the world’s most haunted items which are showcased around the museum.

Some of the most haunted areas in the museum include the “crying boy room” where a Victorian era man burnt to death. Linzi and others claimed to have lost their breath every time they walked into that room. Additionally, the spirits of a boy and a girl are said to haunt another room that contains 172 dolls. Items in the museum have been thrown around and an apparition of a white lady has been seen on the stairs. The majority of the activity is said to happen in the former bridal shop.

Doll1 570x380
(Not the doll mentioned in this article.)

Several people who have visited the museum have had terrifying encounters. Linzi remembered a time when a girl was visiting the location and was attacked by a spirit, “She’d been scratched all down her back and other people have come in and reported the same which is a little bit disturbing.”

She recalled another frightening event that happened, “One particular chap who wanted to overcome his fears went round with a team who were investigating and when he came out, the mark of the cross from an opened dybbuk box was scratched onto his back like someone has got a nail and etched it in,” Linzi explained, adding, “Because of the area it was in, he could not have done it himself and he was with people the whole time.” Needless to say, the man never returned to the museum.

One of their most haunted items is a doll that’s supposedly possessed by a woman named Elizabeth. In fact, she is so terrifying that she’s been referred to as the most haunted doll in all of the United Kingdom and the fifth most haunted in the entire world.

Doll 570x380
(Not the doll mentioned in this article.)

Lee bought the doll after the previous owner claimed that it kept attacking her husband and causing unexplained activity throughout the house. “The woman wanted to get rid of it because it was setting off her fire alarms at night and her husband was getting scratch marks and the myth is that the doll scratches married men,” he explained. “She would have visions at night of seeing the doll walk down her path and there is a spot of blood on the doll which sometimes disappears.”

And oddly enough, Lee’s father had suffered from several unexplained injuries while in the presence of the Elizabeth doll. “My dad once woke up with scratch marks down his arm when he was watching a live stream and out of the hundreds of items I’ve got this is the only one where he said to me ‘you need to think about this one.’” Now that’s creepy. You can see a picture of the Elizabeth doll here.

Jocelyne LeBlanc

Jocelyne LeBlanc works full time as a writer and is also an author with two books currently published. She has written articles for several online websites, and had an article published in a Canadian magazine on the most haunted locations in Atlantic Canada. She has a fascination with the paranormal and ghost stories, especially those that included haunted houses. In her spare time, she loves reading, watching movies, making crafts, and watching hockey.

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