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Josh Cutchin & Timothy Renner
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23.21 – MU Podcast – Joshua Cutchin and Timothy Renner

Mention Bigfoot to most people and believer or not they will most likely assume that they are flesh and blood creatures. However, for many who have had interactions with such beasts the high strangeness factor suggests something metaphysical about them that crosses over with realms of the paranormal and is deeply rooted in mythology. Josh Cutchin and Timothy Renner’s new work ‘Where the Footprints End: High Strangeness and the Bigfoot Phenomenon‘ dives into the non physical nature of the Bigfoot mythos and its associated unexplained high strangeness.

For our Plus+ members we continue the discussion with Josh and Tim, unwrapping some of the most bizarre and sometimes disturbing encounters witnesses have had with the hairy enigma.


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