May 11, 2020 I Nick Redfern

Rendlesham Forest Was Not The First Secret Experiment Of Its Kind

One of the many significant things that surfaced while I was doing research into my new book, The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy, was the connection between the military and strange, aerial phenomena. As just about everyone with an interest in UFOs will know, when the December 1980 events took place in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, U.K., they involved a significant number of military personnel. I have several other cases in my files that involve (a) a fairly large military presence; and (b) unusual things seen in the sky. Based on what I discovered during the course of that same research, I strongly suspect that Rendlesham was not the first fabricated UFO event in the U.K.

We’ll begin with the experience of Paul Greensill. His confrontation of the mystifying type happened back in 1962. He retired from the British Army in August of that year, after having served with 9 Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers. With a successful military career behind him, Greensill then enlisted in the Army Reserve. The Ministry of Defense provides background: "The Army Reserve is the largest of the Reserve Forces. The Army Reserve provides support to the Regular Army at home and overseas, and throughout its history almost every major operation has seen reservists operate alongside their Regular counterparts. Army Reserve Soldiers come from all walks of life and work part-time as soldiers for the British Army alongside full-time Regular soldiers."

It was in August 1963 when Greensill and his comrades were taking part in a training-based military operation not too far from Ripon, Yorkshire, England. It was an exercise that was comprised of around forty personnel and that began shortly before midnight. Suddenly, a globe-like, dazzling ball of light shot across the skies and stopped over the amazed troops at a height of no more than about eighty or ninety feet. It hung silently in the sky for several minutes, after which it accelerated away at a fast speed. It then briefly returned, after which it yet again soared away into the starlit night. No official report was made, said Greensill. But, just about everyone was excitedly talking about the events the following day – which is not at all surprising. Despite the lack of official paperwork created, Greensill said that the higher-ups were keen to see what the regular troops thought of it all. Today, interestingly, 9 Parachute Squadron RE is stationed at Rock Barracks at…Woodbridge, Suffolk, where the December 1980 events occurred. What goes around certainly comes around, it would seem. With that case addressed, here’s another one for you.

Approximately two years before the dense trees of Rendlesham Forest were lit up, and lives were forever changed, something similar occurred on the U.K.’s expansive and wild Yorkshire Moors. Yes, Yorkshire, again. The witnesses were Mike Perrin and "Titch" Carvell. At the time, both men were with the British Army’s Royal Armored Corps. As the name of the RAC suggests, its role is to provide the armor capability of the Army, such as tanks. Perrin and Carvell were part of a military exercise on the moors when a decidedly strange intruder suddenly appeared on the scene – and right at the time the pair, in their Land Rover, was carefully negotiating a winding stretch of road. Suddenly, a circular, silvery thing appeared out of nowhere and hung in the air at a precarious level and at a distance of around 140-150 feet. Even at that distance they could hear a loud, "strange buzzing" coming from the object. Suddenly, the engine of the Land Rover died and the vehicle coasted to a stop. That was most assuredly not a good thing. In fact, it was a decidedly ominous thing.

land rover 3004270 640 570x379
Land Rover

Perrin said: "It was about the size of five Land Rovers and had portholes. Lights inside were flashing red and white. I tried to start our vehicle, but the engine was totally dead. We watched the UFO for five minutes, then it shot off and all the power returned to our engine. It’s Army policy to dismiss UFO reports, but when we went back to the area next morning with a sergeant, we found a large circle of burnt grass where the object had hovered." The event was over. That "UFOs" should have appeared on two occasions in Yorkshire, England - and when military operations were going on - make me suspect that these events (just like Rendlesham) were deliberately hoaxed. The purpose: to determine how military personnel react when faced with strange phenomena and unforeseen events.

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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