May 15, 2020 I Nick Redfern

Sulfur: Sickening Smells and Paranormal Creatures

Today's article is on the subject of sulfur and paranormal entities. The Encyclopedia Britannica states: "The combustion of sulfur had a role in Egyptian religious ceremonials as early as 4,000 years ago. 'Fire and brimstone' references in the Bible are related to sulfur, suggesting that 'hell’s fires' are fueled by sulfur. The beginnings of practical and industrial uses of sulfur are credited to the Egyptians, who used sulfur dioxide for bleaching cotton as early as 1600 BCE. Greek mythology includes sulfur chemistry: Homer tells of Odysseus' use of sulfur dioxide to fumigate a chamber in which he had slain his wife’s suitors."  As strange as it may sound (or not...), there are numerous cases on file that tell of offensive odors in conjunction with paranormal encounters. Such a thing has even been connected to the UFO phenomenon and to strange creatures that fall into the category of Cryptozoology.

It so happens that Albert Bender, who practically began the Men in Black mystery in the early 1950s, experienced this. Bender, after establishing the International Flying Saucer Bureau, was threatened by nothing less than a trio of pale, skinny, fedora-wearing MIB. Their visits which firmly set the scene for the decades of MIB-themed horror and mayhem that followed. Bender’s visitors were not secret-agents of government, however. He said they materialized in his bedroom – a converted attic in a creepy old house of Psycho proportions – amid an overpowering stench of sulfur. They were shadowy beings with demon-like, glowing eyes.

As his research continued, Bender corresponded with a man named Harold Fulton. In 1952, Fulton was a sergeant in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He established the New Zealand-based Civilian Saucer Investigation. It was an organization dedicated to investigating the UFO phenomenon. The CSI proved to be an extremely successful venture for Fulton: in less than a year, he had more than five hundred subscribers to his journal, which went by the title of Flying Saucers. It wasn’t long after the revelations concerning Albert Bender’s torturous encounters with the Men in Black surfaced that Fulton contacted Bender. A lengthy period of correspondence between the two duly followed. Indeed, Fulton had established a connection with numerous UFO researchers in the United States, including Gray Barker, who, in 1962, published Albert Bender’s MIB-themed book, Flying Saucers and the Three Men. It wasn't long before the MIB got their claws into Fulton and turned his life upside down.

Letters between Fulton and Bender make it very clear that Fulton was concerned that whatever it was that had got its grips into Bender was, by the summer of 1953, now doing exactly the same with him. Fulton told Bender that on several occasions he experienced in his home the very same overpowering odor of sulfur-meets-rotten-eggs Bender had talked about. Equally disturbing, Fulton began to see vague, shadowy, human-like figures out of his peripheral vision – and usually late at night, and always when he was engaged in his UFO research. Moving on, there's the matter of Joshua Cutchin's book, The Brimstone Deceit. It's subtitle is: An In-Depth Examination of Supernatural Scents, Otherworldly Odors, and Monstorus Miasmas. The title of the book is as important as it is relevant. Indeed, brimstone, sulfur, and the smell of something not unlike rotten eggs all surface to a huge degree in Cutchin's book – and spanning centuries. We are treated to an in-depth and excellent study of how, and under certain circumstances, the likes of sulfur and brimstone were so often became linked to the world of the paranormal – usually from a hostile, evil perspective. Sections in the book that will give you in-depth insight into this specific area are those titled "Sulfur and Hell," “Sulfur and Satan," and "Science of Sulfur."

John Keel, in the pages of his book, The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel wrote: "Several times each year tall, hairy creatures with red eyes are still seen throughout the United States and, in fact, throughout the world. Like many forms of chimeras, they are usually accompanied by the smell of rotten eggs - hydrogen sulfide. The 'fire and brimstone' of the ancients. The same odor frequently surrounds the fabled flying saucers and their space-suited pilots." Andrew Griffin, of the Red Dirt Report, addresses this matter, too: "Even though Keel, who died in 2009, originally published The Eighth Tower in 1975, being reprinted by Anomalist Books in 2013, it is remarkable how contemporary the issues are and the questions raised. Keel long eschewed the nuts-and-bolts theories of visiting spacemen in solid, interplanetary craft. There was too much that was 'ghostly' about this perplexing phenomenon. Like the whole 'rotten eggs' and 'sulfur' aspect, which people in the Middle Ages (and today, to a certain extent) associate with demons, witches, trolls, swamp apes and whatnot."

Nick Redfern

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