May 25, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

The First Crop Circles of 2020 Arrive and One is Already Debunked

Looking for something to take your mind off of (fill in the blank with what’s bothering you today)? Well, you’ve come to the right place … maybe. There’s word out of Italy (a place which could use some good news) that it is home to the first crop circle of 2020! That is, unless you thought an unusual one appearing in the UK in April was the first. It was, technically, until it was debunked … and that’s a good thing because it would have reminded some of what they wanted to forget – the coronavirus and Bill Gates. Wait … what?

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A crop circle combining the coronavirus and the Microsoft logo appears⁉️😆

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You know the logo.

Tweets and posts like that one (here’s one) began appearing in April, along with a single photograph (see it here) of a well-designed crop circle whose outer edge resembles the arms of a coronavirus and whose inner space was filled with a green Microsoft logo. As the conspiracy theory lights started popping up on the tote boards and proponents wondered if aliens are spreading the rumors about a link between the Microsoft founder and the virus, debunkers began shooting out the lights just as quickly. (Examples here and here.)

“The claim is false. The viral graphic is doctored. A reverse image search led to the original crop circle photo. It was created in a wheat field in Wiltshire, England, in 2004. The images were posted by a Facebook group called 'Temporary Temples: Crop Circle Photography by Steve & Karen Alexander'.”

Steve Alexander, a well-known crop circle photographer, followed up with his own debunking on Facebook (with pictures).

"Some of you might have seen the image of a crop circle which has been circulating recently on Facebook depicting the coronavirus and the Windows logo. Although there has been some anticipation that the circle makers might put down a formation this year showing the virus, and then leaving us to interpret what the message might be, this image doing the rounds is Photoshopped taken from a full-page photograph which was included in our book Signs Wonders and Mysteries."

That settles that. On to Italy, where a report on May 8 in Corriere Romagna described the finding of a simple crop circle in Romagna near the road Via Carraia Bezzi. These details were in an update on the Santerno Facebook page (with additional close-up photos):

Inside the first circle of the year in Italy.
Update 2 Circle in Wheat.
Interesting elements:
- no trace of passage
- the ears are folded to higher knots and not at the base (they should be folded one by one, documenting is often a sign of authenticity)
- the center of the circle is much drier and without ears than the rest
- the circle is perfectly symmetrical to cm.
- in the exact center there is coal with some burns

777px Aerial View of the Crop Circle in Diessenhofen 15 07 2008 16 44 41 1 570x440
Now THAT'S a crop circle!

Compared to those photographed by Steve Alexander and others, this one is a pretty rudimentary circle. However, it’s the first of 2020 and doesn’t have any conspiracy theories associated with it … except for who actually made it. The design suggests a trainee or first-timer (alien or human) but it’s early in the crop season – longer and stronger plants may make a difference.

Whether you believe they have an otherworldly origin or just a farmer-annoying human trespassing one, crop circles are an interesting phenomena, especially in times when we really need some distractions.

Paul Seaburn

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