Jun 14, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Bigfoot Sighting in New York — Shutdown Over?

In another case of good news/bad news, it appears the coronavirus pandemic shutdown is easing up in the New York, but one of the signs is that Bigfoot sightings are on the rise. One in particular that’s getting quite a bit of attention comes from Cairo in the Hudson River valley where hikers found something more than the usual large footprints.

“Report just came in from some hikers in Cairo, New York. They found 2 dens by a creek bed as well as a trackway along a Ridgeline. More to come. The were grunted at and are putting up trail cams to see what they can capture.”

You know you live in a hotbed of Bigfoot sightings when you have a Facebook group devoted to investigating them. Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley, which posted this sighting on June 1, is led by Gayle J. Beatty, who also owns the Hook Line & Sinker Bait Shop in Red Hook, just a few miles west of Cairo across the Hudson River valley. Gayle is an avowed outdoorsperson and hunter of Bigfoot tracks, hair samples and habitation sights. Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley members investigate sightings and reports to help fulfill Gayle’s mission:

“My wish is to gather enough evidence and hold town meetings where people may share their encounters without being scoffed at.”

Needless to say, Gayle is a serious investigator, so her report quickly garnered interest. After posting the initial photo, someone from BRHV went to the site, found fresh tracks, took more pictures (see them here) and checked the trail cam (nothing). This is starting to sound interesting, but that was it (as of this writing) on the Facebook page and local media (Hudson Valley Post). However, it would be safe to bet on more Bigfoot-related findings in the area. New York is Number 5 on most lists of Bigfoot sightings by state and the heavily wooded Hudson Valley is a hotbed of them. Hudson Valley magazine listed sightings at Nuclear Lake in Pawling, Stissing Mountain in Pine Plains, Peekamoose in Ulster County, Bear Mountain in Rockland, the ice caves in Ellenville, and Greenwood Lake in Orange – and that’s a partial list.

“I live in Cairo, and have heard the howling and tree knocking. In fact last night I heard two distinctly different howls.”


“They MUST have some way to cloak themselves and/or telepathically detect humans. They have an uncanny ability to avoid detection. It's truly fascinating.”

Bear Mtn Bridge 570x428
Bear Mountain Bridge over the Hudson Valley

Fans of Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley and Bigfoot in general agree. Skeptics will point to the small size of the den/pile of sticks, the lack of fur/feces/urine, nothing on the cam and nothing else in the immediate vicinity showing Bigfoot presence – all valid questions. Is it just testing out getting back into the open after the shutdown? That’s more whimsical, but if Bigfoot is intelligent and humanlike, it must certainly have detected something strange going on with humanity these days.

We’ll wait for more details from more details from Gayle Beatty and the dedicated Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley. In the meantime, put on a mask and go looking for them yourself. You could use the fresh air. Just make sure to wash your hands and don’t touch your face … or Bigfoot’s.

Paul Seaburn

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