Jun 20, 2020 I Brent Swancer

Bizarre Cases of Attacks from Mysterious Gnomes and Little People

There are many reports of gnomes, goblins, and various other mysterious little people from around the world. Usually confined to the pages of fiction, there seem to be many cases of people actually spotting and interacting with such entities. Even spookier still are those cases in which these seemingly magical, impossible beings turn against us to display very malevolent and sinister behavior. While already a very surreal corner of the paranormal, gnomes and little people reports get far more unsettling when these creatures are out for blood, and here is a selection of such weird reports of gnomes attacking human beings.

A really very bizarre report appeared on the site Phantoms and Monsters, and comes from the Navajo reservation in Arizona, in the United States. Here the witness had gathered on this day at her grandmother’s house with her family in order to celebrate her mother’s birthday, at a house that she describes as being out in the middle of nowhere. It was mostly a joyous occasion, but according to the witness, at around 10:30 pm the dogs began barking and howling uncontrollably outside, but looking out into the pitch blackness of night they could not see what was upsetting the animals so much. The witness stepped out onto the front porch and says she could hear the dogs running around out of sight snarling, as if they were chasing something, but even with the front light on this did little to chase away the utter darkness out past the porch. As she stood in her globe of light on that porch something then did bloom of the night to come into view, but it wasn’t the dogs. She says of the harrowing encounter that would follow:

Then suddenly, something jumped from the tree onto the side of my Grandmother's house and started crawling like 'Spiderman' all around the house. It was hard to make out, but it looked like a small man crawling like a lizard. The house was made of stucco, but it moved around easily. This thing was fast too. The dogs were going nuts. I ran into the house screaming. Everyone was terrified and I remember crawling underneath the bed. The noises were horrible, and it sounded like there were more than one. I heard squeaking sounds that got real loud at times. They would jump on top of the roof and could be heard walking around. I don't remember how long it lasted, but I was under the bed the entire night.


When dawn came, we all went outside to check out the house. There were a few bits of stucco knocked off, but not as bad I thought it would be. The dogs were in the tool shed and too tired to move. Then my Uncle got a ladder, so he and I climbed to the roof. What we saw was really shocking. There were hundreds of white hand prints going around the flat roof, right up to the edge. The handprints were small in size but were human. It looked like the hands had been dipped in white paint. I looked closer, but it wasn't paint. It was almost like a thick chalk.

Her uncle said in a hushed voice not to mention what had happened to anyone because he believed the creatures were a kind of shape shifting spirit called Skinwalkers, and that to talk of them would only bring the family strife. According to him, the family had been cursed by the tribal elders long ago during the old days before the treaties, after one of their ancestors had been outed as a witch. She decided to keep this dark piece of her family’s history to herself, and adds that it was the last time she ever went to stay at her grandmother’s house. Another weird report was written of on the site Malcom's Musings, and is told by a witness who says she had her surreal experience back in 1984, at the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia. She had just returned from a trip to New Zealand for a seminar, so although she lived with her two children, they were staying at a friend’s house for the night, leaving her alone in the house. She was very tired from her flight and her trip, so she went to her bed and says she passed out from exhaustion, but her sleep wouldn’t last. She explains:

Next I knew, I could hear the sound of several voices. They were argumentative voices and seemed to telling each other to 'hurry, hurry'. I managed to lift my head and looked down to the source of the voices. There were several small people. They were trying to pull me from the bed, feet first and into the wardrobe. The wardrobe was only half a metre, approx. from the foot of the bed. I saw that the left hand side of the wardrobe was open. The wardrobe had two sliding doors. I'd hung the clothes in the right-hand side which had required that both wardrobe doors be pushed to the left. And now the little people were trying to pull me into the left-hand side, which would have required someone to push both doors to the right. I should explain here that during the event, I must have been operating similar to a video-camera, in that I 'saw' and heard only. And what I saw/heard must have been committed to memory. At the time, however, I did not experience normal thought processes. So what I remembered afterwards (and now) is the product of my mental video-camera.


At the time, it did not dawn on me that the doors had been moved. I simply saw several small people trying to pull me from the bed and into the open-half of the wardrobe. I experienced no shock or alarm. Instead, I told myself I had lots of time to continue sleeping because I was far too big and heavy for them to move very far. Now, I'm of the opinion those thoughts were not my own but were in some way suggested to me. Whatever the case, I must have lost consciousness again, because the next thing I can remember is 'waking up' to find several people crowded around me. They didn't speak as far as I know. I was now lying with my head at the foot of the bed, so my feet must have been at the head of the bed.


Again, I was similar to a video camera. I have very clear memory of how the people appeared. There were males and females. I can't remember how many, but at least six, possibly more. One -- a male -- was larger than the others and appeared to be their leader. He was closest to me. At first he stared into my eyes with both of his eyes. Then there's a blank and his position had changed and he was looking at me with only one of his eyes. Something happened there, but I can't remember. I suspect he was imparting something to me.

These creatures are described as being about 2 feet tall and looking like “typical gnomes or peasants from story books,” wearing what seemed to be winter clothes and with weathered, leathery skin. She says of their appearance:

Based on the height of the bed, their height was perhaps two, to two and a half feet, tall. They were overdressed. Their clothing was suited to a much colder climate. I can remember it in considerable detail, possibly because in those days I did a lot of home-sewing. They were Caucasian. Their skin looked weathered, as if they worked outdoors a lot. Their skin had a muddy cast. They had strong facial bones - wide cheekbones, wide jaws, strong chins and noses. Their eyes and mouths were long horizontally but vertically narrow and seemed recessed between the strong facial bones. Best way to describe their faces is as 'squashed', as if a heavy weight had been placed on the tops of their heads, squashing them downward. Their bodies were stout, robust, with deep chests, broad waists, strong shoulders. I couldn't see the bottom half too well.

She says she lost consciousness and woke up again to see the creatures were still there, and there were more of them this time. Although she still didn’t really feel any sense of fear or panic, this changed when they began to pull at her leg again, this time talking and chattering amongst themselves rather excitedly in their alien language as they did so. The witness continues:

Next I was aware of was the voices again, as before, querulous, talking over the top of each other and urging each other to 'hurry, hurry'. I raised my head and to my alarm saw that they'd almost succeeded in pulling my legs from the bed. My body was now right way up on the bed again with my head at the head of the bed and my feet near the wardrobe. When I saw they'd almost pulled all of my legs from the bed, a surge of adrenaline shot through me and I grasped that it wouldn't be much longer before gravity did the rest of the job for them. All they'd have to do would be to steer my falling body into the wardrobe. I yelled out and kicked at them. Then I jumped from the bed and into the centre of the room. The room seemed far brighter than usual. I remember standing there and yelling at them. I still wasn't afraid. I was angry with them. They muttered between themselves. They looked and sounded resigned, bitter. Then they filed into the open half of the wardrobe. They seemed to go in then down, as if filing down a ramp inside the wardrobe.

When the strange beings were finally gone, she says that she was suddenly overcome with a sheer terror the likes she had never felt before, as if the creatures had been using some power to keep her calm during the ordeal and now its effects had worn off. This case sounds almost like it could have been a particularly bizarre alien abduction report, and that is what the witness seems to think it might be. What was going on here? Were these gnomes like something from a fairy tale, aliens, or just the imagination of her tired mind causing vivid night terrors?

From respected researcher of UFO and humanoid encounters, Albert Rosales, we have a slew of similar reports from the country of Argentina, which has long had sightings of little people the locals often call “Duendes.” These Duendes are very often described as being quite bold and aggressive and that definitely is the case with the reports we will look at here, which all occurred during a strange wave of gnome attacks reported in 2000. In July of that year, two security officers in the region of Catamarca, claimed that they were confronted by a short gnome like entity, which stared at them with malevolent eyes and then lifted them up with an unseen force only to drop them heavily onto the ground again and vanish. In that same month, two taxi drivers in the town of Banda de Varela, Catamarca, had a similar experience, when one of them went outside with a metal bar after hearing some strange sounds outside. He says he was then picked up by an unseen force and hurled over 6 feet, and when he got up he could see a being “of short stature, wearing a large black hat, its face hidden in shadows” sitting on a nearby fence. These reports were just a few of many encounters with a very unfriendly gnome in the area that year, and it makes one wonder what these creatures could have possibly been.

Also from the files of Albert Rosales are some reports of very malicious gnomes in Mexico. In December of 2000, some school children in Colonia la Presa, Ciudad Juarez, were in the school yard collecting wood. As they approached the wooded area adjacent to the school, they claim that they were pelted with rocks, after which some small, man-like figures wearing caps and with faces twisted in angry expressions came bolting out of the trees armed with planks of wood. These little men they attacked the children with their makeshift clubs, striking one of them in the face. When the children told their teachers about what had happened, one of the teachers admitted that he had seen one of the little creatures running across the yard.

Last, we have a case from near Veracruz, Yucatan, Mexico, with an account that sounds like it must certainly be alien visitors. In this report, a sister and her brother were up late playing video games in their room when they heard odd noises from outside. When they peered out into the night they supposedly saw an “oval-shaped” object in front of a neighbor’s house, from which filed a crew of little men that looked like gnomes and were dressed in red suits. These curious little creatures marched right towards the house and apparently phased right through the walls, and the two children ran over to look into one of the windows. They were certainly not prepared for the ghastly sight they were to see. Rosales says in his translation of the bizarre incident:

The children reported that they watched the little red men began to “strike” or hit the elderly woman who began screaming for her daughter. According to the children right before the assault took place the elderly woman apparently attacked the humanoids first. The children counted about 10 humanoids and 5 of them were carrying stick-like implements resembling broom handles. The humanoids began striking the old woman with these instruments and at the same time emitting loud guttural sounds. The horrified children watched until the elderly woman fell to the floor apparently dead (!), at this point her daughter came out of the bedroom and upon seeing her mother on the floor also collapsed, not before according to the children she was surrounded by four of the little red men. The children then reported that they remained watching as the little men placed both bodies on top of the sofa and “cut both dead bodies in half”. The humanoids then took the upper section of the bodies with them. At this point terrified beyond words both children ran to their home directly across the street and locked themselves in. Apparently the humanoids had not seen them. The children added that they had seen similar humanoids in Toluca. The children also reported that an 18-year old man living in the same neighborhood suffered the same fate one night while he was in his yard, according to them this time the craft was smaller and had landed on the roof, but the aliens were the same type.

What are these creatures and what do they want? Why is it that there are so many reports of them from all over the world. More ominously, why do they sometimes go bad and try to harm us? Are these aliens, interdimensional entities, or something else altogether? Although most people may think of gnomes and little people as things from out of a fairy tale, it would seem from looking at accounts like this that they sometimes have a habit of stepping off the page to menace and terrorize us from beyond the fringe.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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