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Don’t Wear Them! The World’s Most Cursed Gemstones (Part Two)

In part one of The World’s Most Cursed Gemstones, I wrote about the The Koh-i-Noor Diamond, Delhi Purple Sapphire, La Peregrina Pearl, The Black Orlov, and the Blue Diamond (part one can be read here). Let’s take a look at some more beautiful pieces of jewelry with horrible curses and deep mystery attached to them.

Sancy Diamond

The pear-shaped 55.23-carat diamond with a very pale yellow tint was believed to have been discovered in India. It is also said to hold some bad luck. One example was in 1604 when James I of England bought the diamond and wore it for good luck, but according to one legend, when the stone was being transported to him, the courier was robbed and then murdered. He did, however, save the diamond by swallowing it and was later retrieved from his stomach during his autopsy. I don’t think I’d wear a stone as a good luck charm if the person who was bringing it to me had died...

Orlov Diamond 570x428
Orlov Diamond

Orlov Diamond

The Orlov Diamond (not the same as the Black Orlov Diamond) is 189.62 carats with a faint blue-green tint. And just like La Peregrina Pearl, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it would be advisable to stay away from it. According to one legend, a Russian count named Grigory Grigoryevich Orlov gave Catherine II the diamond in order to win her back after she left him for a Russian prince. While she refused to take him back, she did name the diamond after him and had it set in her scepter so I suppose that’s a not-so-terrible ending – unless, of course, you’re the heartbroken Russian count.

Regent Diamond

The Regent Diamond was originally 410 carats when it was mined in India back in the year 1701. The discovery of the stone involves a very tragic story that some may say was the result of a curse. According to one myth, the pale-blue-tinted diamond was found by a slave who hid it in a self-inflicted wound in his leg. He schemed with an English sea captain to smuggle the diamond on his ship but the captain drowned the slave and sold the jewel. The diamond was eventually cut down to 140.64 carats and had several owners which included French Regent Philippe II of Orleans, the French royal family (it was set in the crown of King Louis XV), and Napoleon Bonaparte. It was later displayed in the crowns of Louis XVIII, Charles X and Napoleon III.

Regent Diamond 570x428
Regent Diamond

Taylor-Burton Diamond

As I mentioned in part one of this article, Elizabeth Taylor didn’t get much luck with La Peregrina Pearl and the Taylor-Burton Diamond wasn’t much better. Mined in South Africa in 1966, the diamond was originally 240.80 carats but Harry Winston had it cut down to 69.42 carats. The pear-shaped diamond was eventually purchased by Richard Burton who gave it to Elizabeth for her 40th birthday (during their first marriage). They gave the stone its name of the Taylor-Burton Diamond in order to showcase their love for each other and she showed it off at many famous events. However, after two marriages to each other, the couple decided to call it quits for good and she ended up selling the diamond. I wonder how the new owner’s love life is going or if the diamond ended yet another relationship...

Star of India

The deep blue, oval-shaped sapphire called the Star of India is the biggest blue sapphire on Earth at 563.35 carats and was believed to have been discovered in Sri Lanka approximately 300 years ago. It is exceptionally rare and beautiful as its three-fold pattern displays incoming light in a star pattern. After it was donated to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, thieves entered the museum and stole several gems, including the Star of India. Even though the gemstone was guarded by an alarm, the battery was dead on that specific night. It was eventually discovered and returned to the museum but the stone is still considered to be cursed.

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