Jun 17, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

New York Bigfoot Encounter Update With Details and Photos

The big news in the paranormal world this past week (in this writer’s humble opinion) was the word out of New York of a Bigfoot encounter in the Hudson River valley near Cairo. Gayle J. Beatty of the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley broke the story, but details about the findings – dens, a trackway, audible grunts – were limited, as were the identities of the witnesses. Shortly after Mysterious Universe covered the story, I was contacted by Seth Alne, founder and lead investigator for the Calhoun County Paranormal Investigators. There’s no Calhoun County in New York – Seth recently moved from Iowa where he had spent 11 years investigating Bigfoot. His move to New York was indeed timely – Seth is the first person whom the witnesses (a friend and his companion) contacted and he has been the onsite investigator and go-between with Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley.

bigfoot 1 570x381
Large tree structure (Credit: Seth Alne)

With all of that background out of the way – let’s get to the good stuff. After hearing details of the May findings (the best defined print measured 18 inches in length and the gait appeared to be 69 inches (5 feet, 9 inches), Alne visited the site with the witness.

footprint 570x760
Possible track found- 18 inches long (Credit: Seth Alne)

gait 570x760
Tracks gait was 69 inches long (Credit: Seth Alne)

He says he immediately noticed many sets of branches leaned against each other in ways that suggested deliberate placement. However, the real find was at the end of the trail

“I then was shown the possible den. It sat on a steep hill going down to a creek. It was made up of a very large rock with tree branches intertwined to make a wall of sorts leaning against the rock. Also intriguing was there was two sticks right at the entrance of this structure that formed a perfect X. One of the men who were with us climbed down to the structure and grabbed the tree wall for support. We assumed it would come apart with his weight on it, but it did not. It didn’t budge and he even shook it to find out that it was very sturdy. This has been built purposely.”

bigfoot 2 570x428
Possible large den with X at entry (Credit: Seth Alne)

Seth and the witness found more tracks and another possible protective structure alongside a creek with branches bent over it as if to form a canopy and a PVC pipe placed in a way Alne describes: “As if maybe providing more ventilation.”

bigfoot 3 570x428
Possible smaller den with PVC pipe (Credit: Seth Alne)

Alne came back with the witness for a second day and this time had audio encounters with something.

“The 2nd day, we were walking around the pond that is in the area near the den, and I heard a very loud wood knock. It echoed through the whole forest. We then heard multiple taps coming from different parts of the woods.”

And a little later in another part of the woods …

“At this point, my friend and I heard loud very long-winded whistles, that did not change pitch, come from deep in the woods.”

Some of the sounds were more than knocks and whistles …

“The whole time we were in the woods, we would occasionally hear slow methodical footsteps and twigs crack behind us and when we would acknowledge it, it would stop and there was no sign of anything.”

Those familiar with other Bigfoot experiences may wonder if there was any rock-throwing …

“As I was standing almost in the middle of the structure, I heard something large thrown about 25 feet away from me.”

Alne says he found multiple out-of-place rocks sunk into the ground, including one weighing about 25 pounds that had been pulled out of the ground, leaving a large divot that was filled with acorns and acorn shells ripped apart under a covering of dead leaves arranged deliberately. Alne says he and the witness heard more knocks and heavy footsteps as they headed out of the woods.

Both of these investigations occurred during the day. Alne told me he plans to do an overnight camping investigation later this month.

I want to give a big thanks to Seth Alne (and the anonymous witness) for taking the time to share his investigation with Mysterious Universe’s readers. His attention to details and photographs show his experience and are good examples for other Bigfoot searchers to follow. We will anxiously await his next report in search of the Hudson Valley Bigfoot.

Paul Seaburn

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