The paranormal realm goes pretty far out into the fringes at times. After all, we are trying to deal with things that have no known explanation, and which flitter out past our ability to understand them. At times there are a certain species of report that seems to defy all normal conventions to leave us guessing at what it all means. Here we will look at a selection of truly outlandish reports that seem to go beyond the mere weird to firmly lodge themselves into the far reaches of the bizarre. Here are the stories of the inexplicable, spooky, and scary entities commonly known as the Pale Walkers.

One very intriguing report comes from a witness named Chris Teece, who has connected with me personally. The witness says that he had this experience back in 2010, in the vicinity of the Fraser Valley, in British Columbia, Canada. He was out at the property of a friend named Brandon Hollihan, claimed to stretch over 5 acres of forest, which they would go out to explore all of the time. On this evening, they went out to do a sort of night expedition with the friend’s dog in tow. They made their way to a steep cliff and stood there looking out over the trail that they planned to take down to a creek at the bottom, and that was when the witness saw a “7-8 feet tall pure white soft looking figure” moving about in a mostly stationary swaying motion. It soon turned out that his friend was seeing it as well, and he says that after a few minutes of watching this entity he felt as if he were in a daze of some sort, as well as a feeling of impending doom and panic. He says he felt as if he were “frozen with fear,” even though he could not really figure out why he should feel this way. The whole time the dog cowered and whimpered behind them, and they decided to vacate the area. He describes the strange being:

The supernatural being was just white long limbs seemed to be at least 7 - 8 feet tall from where we were standing which was about 30 - 40 feet away from us below around the pathway we would take down to the rest of the forest. It was not a trick of the mind or light, there was no light or moon light shining in the forest because it was filled with tall pine trees/other vegetation had various leveling's. It was not a spiderweb or any sort of garbage. His forest is pristine condition cause no one ever goes in it, there is no garbage. There were no houses close enough to give off any light or give off a shine through the trees and the Being was not see through it looked like it was almost solid, but it was very ghostly/spirit looking as well. It looked solid enough to the point where you couldn't see through it at all, it was solid white.


It was 7-8 feet tall, pure white (When I mean "pure white" I mean Paper, Bone white) Not see-through, just two pure white long limbs (from what we could see in the dark). It was so white it looked like it was almost giving off light but it wasn’t because it was not shining or illuminating the trees or ground and I’m pretty sure you could see shadow on it from it moving back and forth in the same place between the trees, it looked bulky/strong at the top and shoulder areas and where a head would be but there was no head that I could see. It looked solid and looked three dimensional. I can only describe as 7-8 foot shiny separated curtains in the shape of a upside down V or U with some sort of bulkiness/shape to the top half, the whole thing was swaying touching the forest floor right and left back and forth in a specific motion with no sound at all, absolutely no wind, dead silent. The two long legs/arms almost looked like if how the front view of an ape crawling on all fours would look like, as if they were hunched in front.


It appeared to be three dimensional. It looked soft and kind of shiny, it was swaying left to right, right to left with its two really long arms, it looked bulky/strong at the top and shoulder areas and where a head would be but there was no head that I could see. The two long legs/arms almost looked like if how the front view of a ape crawling on all fours would look like, as if they were hunched in front. Its movements were "Psychedelic" and sort of "hypnotizing". It was soft like Charlies white spirit entering Peters body after the attic scene from "Hereditary" Probably the most solid description I can give of what it looked like.


It was making no sound at all while it was swaying, it was beautiful to look at and terrifying/unsettling at the same time, that's why it was so astonishing to look at, it was almost angelic. There were absolutely no sounds in the forest, it was dead silent while it was moving back and forth. Its movements could have been a lure of some sort because it did not move towards us or anywhere, or it was just letting us know to stay away because it was scared to death as well or just didn't want us to disturb it. It was literally something you would see in a science fiction horror movie.

Sketch of the creature

He explains that as they left the area, he felt that mysterious creeping dread lift from him like a weightlifted from his shoulders. The following day, they went back out to the spot where they had seen the creature the night before, and they didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Yet both of them were sure of what they had seen, and vowed to never go out there at night again. In the original post of the experience, he also gives some sketches of the creature, which you can see here and also here. According to the witness, he spoke with several First Nation people of the area, and they all said that these were supernatural beings, or Stl’áleqem known to the area. The witness says of this:

I sent a drawing I did of the Being to someone that was First Nations on instagram that lives in B.C not too far from me and he knew what it was right away, told me what the name of the Being was in his their language and showed me their cultures "High Status Symbol" which was a "Double Headed Serpent" shaped like a U I was told to flip upside down because it represents the beings. In Native American myths and legends, horned serpents are usually very supernatural in character-- possessing magical abilities such as shape-shifting, invisibility, or hypnotic powers; bestowing powerful medicine upon humans who defeat them or help them; controlling storms and weather, and so on-- and were venerated as gods or spirit beings in some tribes.


I was told a little bit of other information and told to make a specific burial offering. I did some recent some research based off of what he told me and I found out some of the other various names different First Nations cultures call the "Nightcrawlers" here in BC, Canada. I was also told by another First Nations person that lives in the same city as me " If you do go outside at night don't eat or drink anything", "Ask before you enter forests", and "it is best to keep your distance from them.” I showed a Tlingit/Kwakwaka'wakw artist our experience and drawing, they said: "We in our region know it to be a shapeshifter, you are lucky it had no face as we also know that to make eye contact with it would turn you to salt.

The witness goes into great depth on what might be going on here, which you can read more about here at this page, and it is all very bizarre. However, it is not the only report of such outlandish creatures. Another comes from Reddit user “CatheStar.” At the time he was staying at his girlfriend’s house on the outskirts of an unnamed city in Mexico, in an area surrounded by dense woods. This supposedly happened on a cold night in December, and they were in the living room hanging out watching TV and eating dinner, after which they went to put the dishes away and the witness decided to go out to the bathroom, which was out past the outdoor patio. The witness went out onto this patio with the intention of taking care of business, but was scared back inside by a noise from the darkness, at which point all of the crickets also stopped chirping to send a profound silence crashing down that was unsettling enough to send him scurrying back inside.

The two ended up sitting on the sofa watching TV, but then more noises started coming from the patio area, which sounded like “tiny twigs breaking and grass being brushed.” By this time, the friend had fallen asleep, so the witness was not a little disturbed by all of this, and he tried to explain it to himself as some sort of animal like a coyote rummaging about outside. In the living room, there was a very large window, and he warily peered out into the night. When he did, he was in for quite a shock. He says:

The first thing I noticed when I looked outside that time, was a faint image of a gray-pale and tall humanoid figure, peeking from the side of the big tree trunk, staring right back at me. I suddenly froze in fear, not wanting to even slightly move or breathe. I watched this thing as it watched me, even though I couldn’t see its eyes because of the poor lighting, but I knew it was watching me, I knew it was aware of me, I somehow felt it. The creature was, like I said, pale, really pale; I could see the contrast between its skin and the bark of the tree. The creature was very thin, had really skinny shoulders and torso, as well as an elongated neck. It looked like it was around six or seven feet tall. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately... I could not distinguish in detail any facial features because of how dark it was, but I could perfectly picture in my head the shadowy areas around where eyes would be for a person, and a huge other one where the mouth would be. It was sort of... grinning.


At this point I was trembling a little, and I wanted to let my girlfriend know what I was witnessing, but I didn’t want to move a muscle or break eye contact with that thing. I felt like I needed to remain still or play dead to lose its attention, but no, the creature kept staring at me, not moving an inch, like it was trying to do the same. Then, to turn things worse, the creature started to make echoey clicking sounds, kind of like a frog, but slower; I noticed it began to turn its head to its left side and turned back to look at me really fast. I didn’t know what to think anymore, all I wanted was my girlfriend to wake up and prove to me that thing was real. I began whispering her name in between my teeth and mouth, not even wanting to move my jaw, but she wouldn’t wake up, and the thing kept doing the same: turning its head to the left and back to me really fast. The creature crouched kind of like when big predator cats are hunting and lay low, preparing to attack. Then, I stood in shock when I saw the creature stand up again and started walking backwards, still looking at me, and disappearing into the darkness of the patio doing the clicking sounds again.

He managed to wake up his girlfriend, who was unaware of what was going on at first and utterly bewildered. And then the clicking sound started up again. The witness explains:

The clicking sound went off again, but it was louder this time, almost as if that thing was on the other side of the window. This time, both of us heard the noise, and we stood looking at each other in silence, getting more and more scared. “What is that?”, my girlfriend asked, but I remained quiet. Again, in slow motion, I started to turn my head to the window to check, and there it was... the thing was right outside the window, only a couple of feet away, and staring right back at me. This time, I had a clearer vision of how it looked, I was wrong... I was petrified in fear when I noticed it didn’t have a mouth where a person would have it; instead, the mouth was on its neck, which opened horizontally, not vertically. As its mouth opened, it vibrated with the clicking sounds, and hundreds of really small razor-like teeth shinned with the window glare. It had oval-shaped eyes that were as dark as the night. I felt its gaze pierce through my soul... I started shaking and breathing faster, not believing what I was seeing. My girlfriend peeked by my side to see what I was looking, and I instantly felt her body tense up under me as she started to ask me in a trembling voice what that thing was, but no answer came out of me. Now we were both scared to even move a muscle. After the humanoid noticed my girlfriend move, it gave a step forward and lowered its head, almost as if it was scanning us. We jumped in fear after seeing the thing doing it because we thought it would start coming towards us. My heart was pounding so fast I thought I would faint anytime. Then, the thing began to walk slowly to its right side, in the direction where the door to the corridor was, resuming the clicking sounds.

Another account comes from Redditor “nympholotus,” who says this happened in the vicinity of Roseville, Illinois, in a cemetery. She says the visibility was good at the time, due to a full moon, and that she was out taking a walk with her friend along a trail that led from the cemetery to a nearby park, the whole of it surrounded by woods and lonely, desolate cornfields. It would be a spooky place to be at night, and probably even in the day, but this evening would prove to be spookier than most. As they were walking, they both heard a sudden noise that made them stop in their tracks. The witness says that she had glimpsed the source of the noise, and says:

To our left, I had seen something running behind the headstones. It was on all fours, but humanoid. It had extremely pale skin and no hair, and looked very thin. I remember it was so pale it almost reflected the moonlight. It moved so fast (too fast for any human I've ever seen on their hands and feet) that I couldn't see many details. It was in total profile, so I never saw the facial details. The way it ran was animal like as well in that it had that gait where its feet came forward almost between or past its hands. Watch a video of a big cat or wild dog running to see what I mean.


We were both terrified. We just stood there panicking and listening to it moving around, just out of sight, while we called one of her friends to come meet us and take us the rest of the way home. He friend, a very typical high school boy, arrived and naturally wanted to stay in the cemetery and goof off for a while. For some reason with him there acting dumb it was less scary, but I remember it just kept making these wide circles around us. It always stayed out of sight, but you could hear it as it moved. Occasionally it would come a bit closer, then seemed to dart further away again.

Finally, we have a report relayed to Lon Strickler at the site Phantoms and Monsters, which supposedly took place on Christmas night of 2007 in upstate New York. The area is described by the witness as being a housing development surrounding a private lake, in a sort of gated community, and on this evening the witness decided to drive over to visit a friend on the other side of the lake at around 8 PM. It was a pretty usual occurrence, and there was no reason to think that anything strange would happen, but it would all the same. The witness says:

I reached a section of road that had barren fields on either side and woods set back. Houses were probably nestled back into the trees. As I drove, I noticed what looked like someone walking up ahead on the opposite side of the road, coming in my direction. Mind you, I was still going about 20 mph the whole time, so it was probably less than a minute by the time the “walker” came into clear view. I got a quick scan of it from my windshield before my car and it were exactly parallel. This is what I saw:


It was not a person. It stood on two long legs, with long arms hanging down from its shoulders. It was strong looking. Lean, muscular, but not beefy in stature. It looked thin at the same time. It stood at least 7 foot tall. It was light coloured: not sure whether it was white, tan, yellow or greyish. It didn’t appear to have fur but there was some texture to the skin that wasn’t smooth. There appeared to be something coming down off its back. I don’t know what this was. All I can recall about its face is the small features it had but the mouth and jaw were notably large. And it had pointed things atop its head; 2 things going straight upward with something mingled between the two things. That’s what I got from a quick scan and from my observation of it as it neared my car and my car neared it.


As my car became parallel to it within a split second, I went from looking out my windshield to looking at it from my driver’s side window. In that moment, its face quickly peered down at me and all I remember was the mouth opened wide. Out came a remarkable scream that I’ll never forget. Gives me the chills just thinking about it. It consisted of a high-pitched shrill/shriek, enveloped by a deep guttural growl. Both sounds happened simultaneously in that scream. I kept driving all the while. This was all happening so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to be scared or shocked or anything. I continued driving and went past my friend's house and drove home. Called him to tell him what happened and that I just needed to get back. I was probably running on adrenaline to get back home. Later on, I was in total shock after it sunk in. Had my driver’s side window been opened fully, it would have touched me, or worse, taken me. I’m certain of it.

What are these things? What are the so-called "Pale Walkers"? Are these aliens, demons, spirits, interdimensional interlopers, or something altogether stranger? Looing at reports like these it seems to be something far beyond the ordinary, and even way past the fringes of the paranormal. Yet the reports come it, and we are left to try to make sense of it all and place the Pale Walkers into some category that may not be completely clear.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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