Jul 06, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

A Mathematical Formula for Finding Ghosts?

If you could find out without investigating if a house for sale might be haunted, would you be interested? Would it convince you to walk away … or make an offer? While it doesn’t cover all ghosts, there are a number of ways to find out if someone died in a house and could potentially be haunting it. While there are plenty of public records of such events, digging through old property records, police reports and the like can be time-consuming. There’s a website site called Died in House that will do the research for you (if you live in the U.S.) for a small fee. However, if you live outside the U.S. or would prefer a free and easy way to check out your house or apartment, there’s a mathematical formula that just might do the trick.

N = (((D*0.235) / H) * A) * 100

There you go. Now go make an offer on that cute little haunted house you’ve had your eye on.

Oh, you want more info? Fortunately, HiggyPop.com provided both this fairly simple formula and the definitions of the variables, along with an explanation of how it arrived at the equation. ‘D’ is the number of deaths per year in your country, ‘H’ is the number of households in the country, ‘A’ is the age of the property you’re interested (house or building) in years. ‘0.235’ is the constant for the UK where 23.5% of deaths occur at home. The number of deaths, number of households and number of deaths that occur at home (divide that number by number of deaths of the percentage) are all easy to obtain by Internet search. The age of the property comes from the real estate listing – also easy to get. For a more accurate ‘N’ (percentage chance someone has died in the property), narrow the area to a city or suburb or the smallest geographic space you can get all of the variables for (you’d be surprised – it can sometimes be found for a city block).

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Or you could just ask the neighbors

Wait a minute! ‘N’ is just a "probability" that your house is haunted?

Hey, what do you want for free? Sure, it’s not as good as an actual paranormal investigation or a news story of a mass killing by the previous owner, but our lives are ruled by algorithms and probabilities – here’s one that YOU have control over.

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Yep ... its haunted.

Of course, you can still get a detailed study from Died In House which, given a specific address, will tell you if someone has died there (with details), if there were any fires there and pertinent history which could indicate otherworldly occupation by ghosts who haven’t left yet or evil spirits brought in to torment the residents. It also provides warnings of human demons – registered sex offenders living there or in the neighborhood, meth labs, etc. Again, unless it has been reported specifically, the report won’t say for certain if the house is haunted. And the reports are only as good as the data put in. However, all of that other stuff sure comes in handy when making an expensive commitment to a property and/or a mortgage.

It all adds up to a useful tool and a fun afternoon activity for your coronavirus quarantine time … unless you find out your house is haunted!

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