Jul 18, 2020 I Nick Redfern

Aliens in the Supermarket: Close Encounters of the Check-Out Kind?!

If you want to have a close encounter of the UFO type, you would surely head out to the site of an ongoing wave of sightings, right? Well, yes. That does make sense. But, how about just taking a quick trip to your local supermarket? That might work just as good, as weird as it sounds. The fact is that there are more than a few cases on record that suggest ETs visit our supermarkets just about as much as we do (let's hope they wear their masks). I wish I could tell you which stores the aliens prefer. Sadly, that is something (I assume) that the aliens prefer to keep to themselves. Or, maybe, they have secretly agreed on a deal with one particular and popular chain, but occasionally take a quick, sneaky trip to a rival company. Tut-tut. With that said, let's take a look at some strange stories of what I call "Close Encounters of the Check-Out Kind."

Christopher Kowles - of the Secret Sun blog - told me the following of his strange encounter. He said that it happened "...one night (sometime in early autumn 1988) when my wife, myself and our infant son were driving Long Hill Road (known to the locals as Great Swamp Road) to the 24-hour Pathmark supermarket. We kept weird hours at the time. We had a Volkswagen Rabbit convertible, and since it was warm we probably would have had the top down. At some point I noticed three stars in formation over the tree line; a bit on the bright side, similar to Venus on a good night, but nothing out of the ordinary. They weren’t blinking so they probably weren’t planes or choppers and it would be years before anyone around here heard of Chinese lanterns...The trees were in full bloom and blocked out the sky on much of the drive, but every time we came to a break in the treeline I noticed the positions of the stars changed. And noticeably so, from a straight line to a triangle to an inverse triangle and so on. We’re talking distances of a hundred feet or so, so our vantage point didn’t justify the weird change."

Chris added: "After shopping, we were getting ready to leave and a strange man approached us in the nearly deserted parking lot, very much intruding into our personal space. On the face of it, he was no Man in Black. Actually, he looked more like a typical CSICOP debunker-type; big and bloated, late middle-aged, balding, bespectacled and unkempt...the guy backed off and returned to the car. As we were getting ready to leave I noticed him sitting in his darkened car, smoking and staring at us very intently. His wife’s face still looked etched with a mix of anger, fear and humiliation, even in the dark. To some abduction researchers this might sound like a typical screen memory of an encounter- a young family driving down a dark, deserted country road, strange lights in the sky, an anomalous encounter with a creepy stranger speaking in a foreign accent. In some ways the image of the couple's faces in the car reminds me of stories you might read of abductees seeing their captors’ faces illuminated by instrument panels. And to be honest, in my retellings of this story over the years I could never picture us actually shopping beforehand."

Moving on...

UFO authority, and author, Denise Stoner told me: "At least three times here in Florida at a particular combination health/grocery/restaurant I have been observed by a strange character. This is a good place to blend as many folks who shop here are “odd characters” to begin with or 'hippie like,' gone back to nature types. So, the person who has observed me is wearing a gauzy outfit, thin hair, woven straw Panama type hat and sun glasses fits right in. His skin, hair, and clothing are all almost the same beige color. The difference is he has a drink in front of him, a notebook, stares at me the whole time as we eat at a table on the sidewalk. He never has food of his own nor does he touch the drink. It seems he knows when we are almost finished eating, he gets up, walks slowly past our table, rounds the corner that is clearly visible but must pass a pillar on the corner of the shopping plaza by our table. Once he goes behind that pillar, he never comes out the other side. There is literally nowhere for him to go but out the other side, then down the sidewalk or out to the parking lot - but no, he is gone. I cannot get up to follow thinking I am going to bump in to him on the other side of the pillar. He lets me know in no uncertain terms that he is watching me or letting me know he is there."

Onto another case: Tracie Austin is a good friend who has been involved in the UFO subject for around a quarter of a century. She now lives in Las Vegas. Tracie told me a story of the store type that involved a creepy character with nothing less than alien-like black eyes: “I have a friend who had an experience with a Black-Eyed Man; this was in a Walmart in Michigan where she saw him. I was living in California at the time and this would have been about 2004, Christmas time. They were at the check-out and he insisted that he gave a gift to her son. It was a Spiderman clock. She said where he stood in line, there was someone in between her and this man. But, when he gave the gift, it was like his hand reached through the person between them; just passed right through the flesh of this person. And what freaked her out was that he had the pure black eyes. She didn’t want him to accept the clock, with him being a stranger. But, he insisted.”

For his book Selected by Extraterrestrials, William Tompkins wrote: "The time was 1:30 p.m.. It was an afternoon in late 2010. The location was an exclusive neighborhood in Oceanside, California. I needed some things from our local Walmart.  Walking fairly close to the rear entrance, I spotted an expensively dressed, tall, blonde, vision that immediately reminded me of the first day I met Jessica, my Nordic alien.  She stopped and turned, facing me. With a sincere, deep, penetrating look, this vision said, 'My father is several levels above 32 Mason, and I’m going to help you with your book.' We talked for about ten minutes, outside of the Walmart door.  She gave me her phone number and said, 'Meet me tomorrow, in the coffee lounge at 1:30. 'Obviously, I was extremely impressed and in total confusion about her remarks, because I never met her and didn’t know who she was. How could she have known I was writing a book?  And what did her Freemason father have to do with the subject matter in my book?" The saga wasn't over:

"The next day I ordered a cup of coffee at the shop in Walmart.  She showed up precisely at 1:30 in a blue uniform that gave me the impression that she was employed at Walmart. She was not. She was a very advanced, private consultant; she was contracted to provide Walmart marketing services. She was implementing parallel dimension mind control programs. She made it very clear that she was carrying out a marketing mission to influence Walmart customers that it was impossible for them to leave the store until they filled the baskets."

An alien-supermarket conspiracy? Of course! What else? Well, how about the mind of a very old man misfiring? On the other hand, the next time you head out to your local store take a careful look at the person in front of you (or behind you).  Give them a welcome smile. After all, they may have come a hell of a long way for the toilet paper, a tabloid newspaper or two, and a couple of cans of those super-powerful-but-little-known beers. A last observation: I drink a lot of that aforementioned beer. Sadly, and despite all of that weekend guzzling, there is yet to be a store-based alien encounter for me. Yet...

Nick Redfern

Nick Redfern works full time as a writer, lecturer, and journalist. He writes about a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, alien encounters, and government conspiracies. Nick has written 41 books, writes for Mysterious Universe and has appeared on numerous television shows on the The History Channel, National Geographic Channel and SyFy Channel.

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