In the world of the paranormal there are often reports of things for which we cannot really offer any rational answers. Some things just seem to be firmly set within the realm of the truly, hopelessly bizarre, defying any attempts to even really guess at answers. One area that really seems to dwell in this domain are the many reports of what seem to be mysterious shapeshifting entities that flow between forms and serve to truly perplex.

A very weird such account comes from a poster on Reddit called “Many Realities,” who also seems to have a YouTube channel devoted to paranormal happenings. One of the people he spoke to had a very odd account of an apparent shapeshifting entity that apparently happened to her when she was 10 years old. On this day she had been at her aunt’s house, which was apparently located on the edge of a vast, dark forest. When dusk came and the daylight began to wane, she was out climbing a tree not far from her aunt’s home when she reportedly saw something very strange emerge from the trees. The poster says of her report thusly:

She saw a young man wearing a lungi emerging from the woods. She came down and stared at him as she kept staring, the face and features of the man changed and he was transformed into one of her four uncles. She didn't realize what was happening and started to call her uncle. But he never looked up at her and appeared lost. He kept walking along the edge of the woods staring ahead keeping a straight face. Sometime later, the face changed again and now he looked like another uncle of hers, then another and then her fourth uncle. She went blank at this and could not her the screams of her aunt from behind. She kept staring at the figure which then took the form of a middle-aged man, still wearing a lungi and having long beard on his chin. He kept walking along the edge of the woods and now, her aunt started to scream louder and started to pull her back to the house. It was at this point that she got goosebumps and started to run home along with her aunt.


When they reached home, her aunt told what they saw to everyone else. That night her aunt's toddler got very sick suddenly and almost stopped breathing. Being the family of pastors, they all started praying loudly putting hands on the baby, which made the baby scream unearthly. The baby could not be controlled as if he had gotten enormous strength from somewhere. They but kept praying and gradually he fell quiet. My friend said that till this day, her cousin would stay weirdly quiet all time.

What was this? Was this a ghost or something else? Even more dramatic are shapeshifter accounts out there seem to describe people turning into animals or vice versa, and there are actually quite a few such outlandish reports floating around. One such report comes from the site Phantoms and Monsters, from a witness called Miriam Pashby, in Round Rock, Texas. The witness says that one evening she was out walking with her dorm friend from  at UT Austin, and they had come to a park near the campus to practice guitar. Yet as they sat at a picnic table peacefully strumming away, something very weird would transpire. The witness says:

Night was falling and I scanned the park around us. Lo and behold, about a half-football field away a creature skulked from behind some bushes, crossing a small space to disappear behind some other bushes. It was canine, but I can tell you now – it was not a recognizable dog to me. It was not shaped like a house dog and it did not move like a dog. It was larger than a coyote. I had an impression of severe scruffiness. I could not see its face at all clearly, only that it was a weird, creeping, stomach low to the ground canine. I had never seen a silhouette like that, including wolves that I had seen in books and zoos (not much tv for me at that time).


At that point, a figure of a man(?) emerged directly from behind the bushes into which the canine had skulked. Night had almost fallen, but I could see that he was very tall, had long ratty seeming hair and a long ratty beard, I could see his clothes were literally in tatters, and I could see that his fingernails were very long on hands that hung down by his sides. I could not see his eyes. He shambled (and I use that word correctly, implying some kind of walking disorder) directly towards us across the park. The canine did not re-appear. I had heard no noises from the bushes at all, so I concluded he could not have been attacked by the canine in the few seconds they must have met behind the same set of bushes. As he came closer I saw ratty hair and beard, his long fingernails and tattered clothing more clearly. Alarm bells were going off non-stop in my head. I decided that we were seeing a werewolf and took off running leaving my pal behind. She followed me. We ran out of the park back to the bustling UT streets.


Finally, headed for the dorm, we were crossing a very short crosswalk when I noticed that an old, arthritic, grizzled white dog was slowly crossing from the other side. I looked at it as it passed right by me, as I do all animals, and it stopped dead in its tracks, crouched awkwardly on all four legs and stared directly into my eyes with totally blind eyes – milky blue-white with no pupils. I stared back unbelievingly. My heart was still thumping from running and my mind was still shocky over all that had just happened, and now it was still continuing with people and cars all around us. It craned its head to look over its shoulder at me, not turning its body around, still in this awkward, painful looking four-legged crouched position. I leaped away from it and headed for home. People did notice this incident and stared at the dog and at me. At this point, I heard a horn blaring and whirled back around to see that a car had driven right up to the crosswalk, inches away and with lights full on the dog, and was honking and honking its horn to move it out of the road. It did not seem to notice the car, the lights or the horn. It just squatted and it was still staring after me. People were standing and staring at the dog.

Truly bizarre. Similarly, we have the shapeshifting dog story of a Reddit poster called “GroundBallDoublePlay,” who says that this happened at a place called Canyon De Chelly, on a Navajo reservation in Arizona. He was at the reservation to visit the mother of his friend, Jenny, and on this evening, they decided to go off to a rug auction. The auction itself went on a bit too long, and the two decided to leave at around 9 PM. The road back to the aunt’s house was a simple two-lane affair through empty scrub surrounded by canyons and the utter blackness of night. It was a remote, rugged area far from civilization, and they all became lost to their thoughts as the lane lines flickered past in the headlights. That was when something caught the witness’s attention. He says:

“That’s when I noticed the dog. At first it was just a flash of white in the corner of my vision, and then I craned my neck to get a good look: a big, white German Shepherd was running parallel to our car, about 100 yards off the road and a little behind us. Something about it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I knew we must have been going 40 or 45 miles per hour, but it was gaining on us. I could feel my heart rate pick up while I stared at it. As it came perpendicular to us, it began to draw up off of its front feet until it was running on two legs like a human. When it turned its head to look at me my stomach dropped. Even from that distance I was sure I could see a red glint to its eyes and a feeling of dread washed over me. I must have made a noise because Jenny touched my leg and asked what was wrong. I glanced at her wordlessly and then gestured out the window, but as I turned back, the dog was gone. Not wanting to scare her, I told her the dark was playing tricks on me, and closed my eyes, determined to sleep the rest of the way home.


The next night, after a lot of food and even more visiting, I had holed up in my room to get ready for bed. I was staying in the second floor of the house and my window overlooked the street. The houses are fairly spread out, but the road is lined with streetlamps, the nearest of which is less than a block away on the opposite side. I turned out my light and went to the window to pull down the shades so the light wouldn’t keep me up. Fear hit me like a sucker punch when my eyes drifted across the road. There in the light of the street lamp was the German Shepherd. It was standing on its hind legs in a way that I knew canine anatomy should not allow, and it was staring straight back at me. From that close, it was obvious that it had deep red eyes and fur that was a yellowish-white. I don’t know how long we watched each other. I knew better than to stare it in the eyes, but I was too terrified to turn away. Finally, it dropped down to all fours and walked away. I slept with a knife next to my bed and the bedroom door locked that night.

The witness goes on to explain that he believes that this was a type of shapeshifting Navajo witch doctor called a Skinwalker. Another unsettling report along these lines was posted by Redditor “420 Blazet,” who was at the time driving on highway 97 south near Mt. Shasta along with a friend. It was reportedly around midnight, and the pair were riding through a heavily wooded area, without any streetlamps and completely dark. The drive had been mostly uneventful, but this was about to change, and the witness says:

We rounded a corner when I saw something fast and low to the ground dart across the street about 50-60yards ahead of us. I saw the glowing animal eyes and a body that was the size/shape of a big dog. We saw animals the whole road trip and like usual, I asked my wife if she saw it too and she confirmed. The body wasn’t 100% clear because our headlights hadn’t reached that section of the road yet. When we got to the exact point in the road where the animal crossed. We looked to that side to see if there was anything there. There was a Man dressed in army fatigues walking down the road. He didn’t look at us, just kept walking. It was Pitch black and he didn’t have any type of light with him. He was only lit up by our headlights. We both got full body chills when we saw he because we were expecting to see an animal. I know that area has a magical/mystical history with a lot of unexplained sightings. This is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. We were fully creeped out.

From Reddit user “immapizza” is a weird experience he had as a child. He says that he and his siblings all shared the same room, and were in bed for the night when he woke up suddenly and without warning to a pitch-black room. He says that he was drawn by a compulsion to go to the window and peer through it onto the night outside, where he saw something that he has never forgotten. The witness reports:

I saw a MASSIVE black dog standing at the road, directly under the seemingly only streetlight that was working. As I was staring at this dog, it turned its head toward me and I saw it had red eyes. It stared directly back at me for what felt like forever before turning to face ahead again, and then the streetlight flickered and went out and I could no longer see the glow of his eyes. No more than a minute later the streetlight returned and in place of the dog was now a very tall man, around 7 ft tall, all features completely obscured by darkness aside from one thing- red eyes that looked directly at me for ages before he walked away. As he walked down the road, though, he gradually hunched over more and more until he turned back into the large dog.

What is going on here? Who knows? There are also several reports involving a cougar like entity. One comes from poster “Perrah_Normel,” who was working at a summer camp along with some friends at the time. In their free time they would often go hiking and exploring around the area and on this day he was with a friend named Taylor going along a trail in beautiful clear weather. The witness says of what happened next:

After working, we took an hour or two off to hike some trails. Taylor and I went down a trail alone. The sun was shining through the trees as we crossed a bridge and a creek. It was a nice and peaceful break. You would think that there would be lots of noise in the forest as we hiked, but the only noises that were made were our own shoes hitting the dirt. It was eerily silent. Taylor and I went over a small hill and came down and that's when we heard the sound of rustling leaves to our right. We both froze and looked over to see a figure going down a hill of leaves as it stutter stepped to catch itself from tumbling down the hill. At first glance, it looked like a boy with a white t-shirt, shorts and a necklace, which was very confusing because we were the ONLY ones at the camp. A couple seconds into the fall, it started to look like a mountain lion which was common at this camp. The figure seemed to change as it went down the hill which I couldn't explain. Taylor and I stopped to look at each other briefly after it had passed out of sight. We went over to the hill to get a better look and nothing was there. It was gone. Taylor got on the walkie-talkie to tell our group that we saw something but when he was asked what it was, he didn't have an answer. I pressed him on it too and he had no idea what that was, which was very bizarre because it wasn't more than 40 feet from us. It would be one thing if only I saw it and I couldn't put my finger on it but Taylor saw it too and didn't have an answer either.

Perhaps an even more bizarre account comes from Reddit poster “hamishandandys,” and his encounter with some sort of shapeshifting creature that defies easy categorization.  It was a nice evening and he and a group of friends had gone down to a supermarket to go skateboarding in the parking lot, which is described as being very well-lit, and while there they saw something very odd, which would quickly evolve into the flat out bizarre. He says of what happened:

We were skating around and just playing around in general, when one of my mates spotted a rabbit. Being curious teens, we began chasing it through the car park, which I may ad is lit very brightly due to street lights. As we were chasing it I shit you not this thing changed into a cat. We still kept chase as we obviously thought we were seeing things, which we were. It then changed into what obviously looked like a fox to us. May I remind you all, that this place was lit up and we could all see it clear as day. One of my mates stopped chasing as he was confused and understandably so. Just before this thing got to a nearby shrubbery the other mate who was still chasing with me stopped and said "What the f**k is that?" This thing had literally turned into a cougar-like cat about 3 feet high and slowed down from its running speed to a walking pace and looked back at us as it slowly walked into the shrubs. We promptly went home. Whatever this was, it went from a small rabbit about a foot wide to a huge predator cat. I wish I had answers.

Here we have just taken a peek into the many stories out there concerning these shape changing entities that prowl the dark corners of the world. It is hard to really know what to think of such reports, and they firmly lie out in the very fringes of the world of the paranormal. What are we dealing with here? Are these ghosts, interdimensional interlopers, glitches in reality, or something more? There is no way to really know, and for now such bizarre creatures seem to lurk out on the periphery, whether real or merely the inhabitants of the imagination.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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