Jul 26, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Ghost Throwing Potatoes in India May Be Lost and Far From Home

There are many reasons to fear ghosts, but not as many as poltergiests, which come with the added terror of the ability to make physical contact with inanimate and animate objects. While they tend to limit themselves to knocking, moving furniture, levitating objects or physical touching, some poltergeists have reportedly gone one step beyond levitation to actually throwing objects. That’s what a man in India claims is tormenting him and his family – a poltergeist throwing stones and potatoes. Did he say “potatoes”?

“From that time, potatoes, stones as well as other household articles were being thrown inside and out of the house despite the presence of people who were on patrolling duty.”

This story comes from The Shillong Times – Shillong (which means “The Abode of Clouds”) is a picturesque town in northeastern India that is sometimes referred to as the “Scotland of the East” for its green hills, chilly climate and golf course. This doesn’t sound like a place that would be happy to hear about a potato-throwing poltergeist, but that didn’t stop The Shillong Times from reporting on the mysterious problems of Kingstar Thongni, who recently heard strange knocking followed by a rain of stones on his home in at Umtrew village in the district of Ri Bhoi near Shillong. Fortunately, village leaders and other residents happened to be in his house or outside when the stoning occurred and were able to verify that it wasn’t “miscreants.”

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A miscreant or a ghost retaliation?

“Even as this correspondent was talking to Thongni at around 9 pm, stones were thrown at the verandah of the house.”

The Shillong Times was able to verify that stones and other materials were coming from the back of the house to the roof and the veranda. While the reporter had no explanation for the incident, he or she may have overlooked two key pieces of evidence that may be linked to each other and to the alleged poltergeist – the potatoes and the “Scotland of the East.”

“A minister was called to investigate a disturbance at a home in the village of Ardgay near Dornoch. The poltergeist threw potatoes and other vegetables at him. Sadly, after investigation, the entity was believed to be the spirit of a young baby killed by its mother.”

In an article titled “10 poltergeists who left ordinary Scots terrified and baffled,” The Daily Record reported on a potato-throwing ghost in Ardgay, located in the highlands of Scotland and part of Dornoch. 'Dornoch' is Gaelic for 'pebbly place' because of its abundance of stones that are more baseball-size than pebbles. It’s home to the Royal Dornoch Golf Club, one of the highest-rated courses in the world. And it’s the place where the last witch was ever burned at the stake in Scotland.

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Let’s see … we have a potato-throwing poltergeist in a town with an occult past near a popular golf course in Scotland. Could this ghost somehow have its spiritual GPS confused and ended up in the Scotland of the East – throwing stones and potatoes as a sign it needs help to get back home?

“Old-timers say that if there are incidents similar to the one at Umtrew village, it is because the deities or some kind of supernatural force is moving through this route.”

Ah-ha! Sounds like a job for a medium who can interview this ghost and determine if it’s lost and send it on the road back to Scotland.

Or the locals need to check the area behind the house more thoroughly for potato-pitching “miscreants.”

Which one sounds like more fun?

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