Aug 27, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Apocalyptic Sounds Hit Medellin, Columbia, Again and Again

If there’s any city not in need of more reminders of how bad things are there, it’s Medellin, Columbia – where citizens are mired in the poverty and pandemic of today and saddled with the remains of cartels and corruption of recent history. So it’s no wonder its residents are both afraid and angry about a recent spate of loud, apocalyptic sounds in the sky that seem to have no apparent cause and no purpose other that to rob them of precious sleep, peace of mind and hope for a less stressful future. Is this a sign of the apocalypse … have the doors to hell opened in Medellin? If not … what is it?

Eduardo de Greiff
Aug 25
That's it, we screwed up, the door of hell opened in Medellín. It was a pleasure.

That tweet and its audio recording of the sound were quickly reported by El Tiempo, El Metro and other South American media sites, as well as being passed around virally on social media. Not surprisingly, the first reactions were similar to the reported tweet – portals opening, aliens, apocalyptic trumpets signaling the end times, etc. Some also blamed local factories – shades of the actual cause of the famous Windsor hum. Not surprisingly, officials had a more mundane and it’s-not-us reason: “cielomotos” or skyquakes – loud noises like horns or cannons caused by mysterious shock waves caused by … that’s where the explanations trail off to things like collisions of cold air in the atmosphere, methane explosions in the ocean, meteorite-caused sonic booms, military operations, volcanoes, and other reasons that sound plausible … until the locals who heard the noises go looking for evidence of any of them.

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Medellin at night

Eduardo de Greiff
Aug 25
11:36 PM AGAIN !!! I hope the apocalypse catches them confessed and with decent clothes.

One thing about the latest sounds in Medellin is that they happened a number of times in Medellin that night and have been occurring for months, if not years in Columbia, Argentina, Brazil and South America in general. Both Argentina and Brazil were hit in April 2020 and both Argentina and Columbia earlier this month. That’s just South America. These strange sounds have been occurring around the world and the pandemic is actually aiding in their frequency – the drop in noise pollution due to the shutdown has made them seem louder and more people are at home to hear them.

That’s all nice to know, but the real question remains … what is the cause of the latest sounds in Medellin. Did we, as the tweeter suggests, screw up? OK, we know the answer to that. The REAL question is, when will each occurrence get a valid, evidence-based explanation and what will those in charge do to stop them from tormenting the populace?

Or is that where they want you to be?

Paul Seaburn

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