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Body Swapping, Congo UFO and More Mysterious News Briefly — August 28, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- August 28, 2020

A UFO appeared to land in a dense jungle in the Democratic Republic of Congo and sent worldwide social media into a meltdown before Alphabet confirmed it was one of its Project Loon internet balloons. Hey 2020 … 1947 called and said it wants its UFO excuses back.

The Journal of Morphology reports that a family of walking fish in Thailand evolved a range of unusual pelvic adaptations that gave them the ability. Still a mystery is whether they had an innate desire to be depicted on memes or bumper stickers.

A new study found that domesticated chickens have smaller brains than their wild relatives. Think about it … have you ever seen a wild chicken cross the road?

NASA and medical researchers are trying to figure out why astronauts sleep less in space and suffer from insomnia. How can you count the sheep when they keep floating away?

According to new research, when friends ‘swap bodies’ using 3D goggles, their perceptions of self swap too and they involuntarily assume personality traits of the other person. Manchuria called … your new candidate is ready.

Archaeologists determine that monkeys found carefully buried like children in first century CE Egyptian tombs were pets that ancient Greeks and Romans living in Egypt imported from India. There goes the theory that they were brought as slaves to build tiny pyramids.

In Northern Ireland, a 10-year-old boy with a metal detector found an old basket hilt-type sword that may have been used by English officers and dragoons from about 1720 to 1780. Then he went back to looking for coins for candy.

Wet meteorites did not bring the first water to Earth but may actually explain how H2O formed on the planet. Long before bugs, bird poop and windshields, wet meteors were making the earliest known splats.

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