Aug 02, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Idaho Near the Top in Both Bigfoot and UFO Sightings

Idaho is so much more than potatoes. It’s famous for the star garnet – a gemstone found in abundance in only two places in the world: Idaho and India. It’s home to Hells Canyon, the deepest river gorge in North America (sorry Grand Canyon). It has much more to offer, but the real exciting news these days in the Gem State is that it’s now #4 among U.S. states in per-capita Bigfoot sightings, to go along with its #1 ranking in per-capita UFO sightings. Is there something else we need to know, Idaho?

“The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has 93 reports of Bigfoot encounters in Idaho, meaning for every 100,000 people in Idaho, about five of them have seen or heard a ‘Squatch. That per capita rate earned Idaho fourth place in the ranking of most Bigfoot sightings.”

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) is probably the best resource around for tallying Bigfoot sightings across the country and making both counts and reports available to the general public. That’s the resource used by to match against state population counts and determine its sightings per capita ratings. With 93 sightings reported in 2019, Idaho is in the mid-range of totals per state, but its low population density put it at 5.2 per 100,000 people, ranking it fourth behind Washington (also #1 for most sightings overall), Oregon and West Virginia, and with a comfortable lead over fifth-place Montana.

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Idaho -- more than potatoes


“North Idaho’s Bonner County appears to be the state’s Sasquatch hotspot. Eighteen of Idaho’s 93 sightings were reported there, including one from February 2020 in which a “logger hears long roaring howls on the same property large tracks had been discovered.”

The Idaho Statesman and other state media sources bragged about the latest ranking – proving Idahoans are a proud bunch and there may not much else to talk about during the coronavirus shutdown. They also reference one number that stays the same every year – Idaho is home to Idaho State University professor of Anatomy & Anthropology Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, one of the most respected Bigfoot researchers in the world.

“The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has no record of sightings in Ada or Canyon counties — though the elusive creature has reportedly been seen several times in the Boise National Forest.”

The Idaho Statesman and other media sites are doing what they can to keep their state’s lucrative tourism business in people’s minds even when they’re hesitant to do any traveling due to the coronavirus. Bigfoot’s mammalian and human-like characteristics make in a possible host to the virus, so staying home sounds like a good decision for now.

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See any monsters?

While you’re planning your future Bigfoot and UFO hunting trip to Idaho, you may want to take an extra day to look for some of its lake monsters. On the border with Utah is Bear Lake, often called the “Caribbean of the Rockies” due to its deep blue hue, but should also answer to Loch Bear because of its alleged lake monster – a creature with dark green skin, a toothy head and red eyes. More famous is Sharlie or Slimy Slim in Payette Lake near the Oregon border. With reports dating back to Native Americans, it’s often reported as resembling a plesiosaur—power of Nessie suggestion or a dinosaur still swimming in Idaho? Throw in the Swan Valley Monster – a reptilian creature said to hide in a river near the Wyoming border – and you have a full weekend of lake monster hunting that will also put you in prime territory for spotting Bigfoot and/or a UFO.

After all that, why WOULDN’T you want to visit Idaho?

Paul Seaburn

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