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Mysterious News Briefly — August 10, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- August 10, 2020

Antarctica is the only continent left without any cases of the coronavirus. Kudos to king penguins for setting an example for world leaders.

According to a new study, the long-accepted theory that gravity causes bubbles to pop is wrong – it’s the surface tension. No word on how many bottles of champagne were used in the study.

The National Parks Service is asking people confronted by a bear not to push their slower friends down in attempts to save themselves. What about bears confronted by a hunter?

An aerospace startup is developing the next Air Force One U.S. presidential jet that will be able to travel at Mach 5 or five times the speed of sound. At Mach 5, perhaps it should be called Air Force Whoa!

NASA announced it will discontinue using racist, bigoted or offensive names and nicknames for discoveries and programs like the “Eskimo Nebula” and the “Siamese Twin Galaxy.” Unfortunately, it can’t do anything about “moon.”

A village in southwestern Russia is being terrorized by deranged camels released by a local rancher that are breaking pipes, vandalizing gravestones and terrorizing residents. Deranged camels? Touché, 2020, touché.

A cognitive scientist believes that the COVID-19 pandemic will spur an increase in socially assistive robots working in education, health care and business. The best part is that they won’t steal lunches from the office refrigerator.

NASA reveals that the magnetic bubble surrounding out solar system is not round but shaped more like a giant croissant. Will this make us more attractive to hungry alien space travelers?

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