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Mysterious News Briefly — August 14, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- August 14, 2020

Veterinarians in Brazil find that reptiles and birds weep tears whose chemical composition is similar to that of human tears. One difference is that neither has legs long enough to wipe them away with a tissue.

Oxford University researchers are working on a zero-emissions aircraft powered by ammonia. It’s more expensive, but pilots like its lemon-fresh scent.

British archaeologists studying 480,000-year-old fossils excavated in modern-day Sussex found that early humans (Homo heidelbergensis) ate horses and consumed every part of them, including fat, organs, bone marrow and stomach contents. The first fast food?

A woman in Minnesota set a world record for backward spelling when she reverse-spelled 56 words in 1 minute. She can also pronounce them backwards, which is even more gnizama.

Robotics researchers at Seoul National University adapted an existing crawling robot to create the CaseCrawler -- a smartphone case with a set of tiny robotic legs that allow a phone to crawl to a wireless charging pad whenever it is set down. If you drained the battery watching porn, it’s more like a Crawl of Shame.

A new study on larynx evolution found that the voice boxes of primates are developing much faster than any other mammals. Something to think about when what looks like a guy in a gorilla suit shows up on The Masked Singer.

Psychologists studying drinking behavior found that the shape of a glass can subtly influence how much a person imbibes. It’s time to be concerned when your favorite wine glass is shaped like a hot tub.

To combat muscle and bone atrophy in microgravity conditions, space researchers have created a negative pressure “mobile gravity suit” to simulate Earth gravity conditions for astronauts. Astronauts can now ask each other, “Does this suit make me feel fat?”

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