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Mysterious News Briefly — August 18, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly — August 18, 2020

Russian scientists studying the stomach contents of a perfectly preserved 14,000-year-old Ice Age canine puppy found that its last meal was a piece of woolly rhino. “Give it to me, Trex. GIVE it to me, Trex. Trex! Here’s a nice yak cookie. Now give me the woolly rhino. TREX! Come back here!”

Elon Musk begged his Twitter followers to “trash me on Wikipedia” so they did – causing his page to be locked down. If he’s not careful, the SpaceX board could vote to make him a Spaced-Ex.

Israeli archaeologists discovered the oldest vegan soap factory in the world in the ancient city of Rahat. The soap was rendered from olives, probably making it a favorite among virgins.

The US National Weather Service reported that the temperature in the Furnace Creek area of Death Valley hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, the highest temperature documented in the US in more than a century. It was so hot, lizards were carrying their rocks around with them.

Alligators have a strange blood compound that allows them to eat venomous snakes and survive. Mad Gator versus The Pit Viper would still make a great PPV wrestling match.

Scientists in Australia develop a cheap, reusable material made of metal-organic framework compounds (MOFs) that works with sunlight to purify salt water in just half an hour. Just the thing for when the bartender forgets you don’t like salt on your margarita glass.

Researchers found that 11 dead female harbor seals that washed up on a small stretch Germany’s North Sea shoreline over just 41 days died from unwanted “aggressive copulating behavior” with a young male grey seal. Was the seal later found hanging in his cave?


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