Aug 18, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

New Cryptid or Brave Elf Possibly Spotted in Iceland

While the most frequently active volcano in Iceland – Grímsvötn – is overdue and making noises like the next eruption is coming, an unusual alleged cryptid sighting at a famous waterfall in that country has some wondering if underground rumbling may be causing hidden monsters to arise. Has anyone in Iceland checked on the Lagarfljót worm lately? How about the elves?

Feel like this creepy video that I posted on my story needs an answer. Shot on the cliff of Dettifoss, Iceland. Close to the capital city of elves, Ásbyrgi. No people in front of us and only a cliff so steep it could not carry anyone. We even went too far in my taste. I then noticed much later this little creature in my video and then a head popping up in the end 😰 Looking like the girl from Ring 😂 No drones, no birds, no plastic bags, what is it?? I am not crazy right it looks hella wack?

Hella wack? That’s something beyond ‘wack’ (duh) or absurd and it seems to be a useful description for the video (watch it here) posted on Instagram by Icelandic feminist rapper and poet Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir (aka Fever Dream). She says she was at the Dettifoss waterfall (in the background) in the Vatnajökull National Park at the edge of a cliff when she spotted what looks like a small, dark figure. For the non-elf-aware, she points out that Ásbyrgi canyon is believed by many Icelanders to be the magical capital of elf world. Did she record one of the elves or the Huldufólk (Hidden people)? While she tells Fréttablaðið (The Newspaper) that she’s “not saying this is an elf,” she believes only “a black elf or even some kind of devil” could perch on such a precarious precipice, and that it resembles other videos she’s seen posted by people claiming to see an elf.

If it’s not an elf or a ‘devil’, what the devil is in the video? It could be a small or young person with incredible climbing ability and balance - Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir doesn’t say how long it was there or when it disappeared. Belief in elves is strong and deep in Iceland, but it has some other cryptids – most famously the Lagarfljót worm, an alleged monster in Lagarfljót lake. The legend of a giant serpent, worm or slug in Lagarfljót dates back to the 1300s but it’s limited to the lake, which is 170 km (105 miles) from Dettifoss. Another candidate could be a Merman, the more evil counterpart of mermaids, but Dettifoos is a long way from the coastal waters where they’re allegedly seen.

That leaves an elf or a huldufólk – the main difference between them is size (huldufólk are human-sized, elves are small) and coffee preference (huldufólk like it). Others may scoff at the idea, but there must be some reason why polls find about 54 percent of Iceland’s 300,000+ residents would not deny the existence of elves.

Being a feminist rapper means Vigdís Howser Harðardóttir is a controversial figure, but that may not stop true elf believers from siding with her on this one.

Take a look again. (See the video here.) What do you think? Is the volcano stirring things up?

Paul Seaburn

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