Aug 06, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Odd Cattle Mutilation in Oregon Leaves a Strange Carcass and a Possible Clue

Oregon doesn’t mind being one of the top states for spotting Bigfoot or UFOs. It doesn’t even mind being home to combination of eccentric populists and billion-dollar corporations. However, it doesn’t like the fact that it’s also becoming home to mysterious and unexplained cattle mutilations. The latest combines the usual precision surgical removal of organs with the strange placement of the cow’s body and an unusual clue that may (or may not, if history is any indicator) help solve this and potentially other cases. Aliens? Criminals? Satanists? Alien criminal Satanists? Something else?

“She died in a position she couldn’t have gotten into by herself. I don’t have any kind of logical explanation for it.”

That position (see for yourself here) was upright on the ground with front legs folded underneath its body, according to the report ranch owner David Hunt gave to Capital Press – a four-state agricultural media site – after first reporting the July 23rd mutilation to the Wheeler County (Oregon) Sheriff’s Office. Virtually all mutilated cattle – and cattle carcasses in general – are found lying on their sides with legs sticking out. This one sadly looks more like a cattle execution than mutilation.

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Did you hear that?

“There was definitely foul play involved in this animal’s death.”

Deputy Jeremiah Holmes of the Wheeler County Sheriff’s Office says he’s no stranger to cattle mutilation cases. He investigated a mysterious mutilation in December 2019 involving a dead bull in the snow with its blood drained and nose, lips, ears, tongue, tail and genitals removed. Coincidentally, that mutilation also occurred on Hunt Ranch. Holmes sys there were differences in the precision of the cuts between the two incidents, and the latest had a big clue rarely found at mutilation sites – a clue that stops the “it’s aliens!” crowd dead (no pun intended) in their tracks.

“Deputy Holmes told the Capital Press that officers found a partial boot print about 100 yards away from the carcass.”

Before you yell, “It could be Hunt’s,” David Hunt says it’s been a long time since he’s been in this area – long enough that weather would have removed any footprints. There’s something else unusual about this mutilation – it has prompted Deputy Holmes to initiate a task force involving neighboring counties and potentially law enforcement across the state to share data about this mysterious crisis that has plagued Oregon. The Beaver State mutilation hit list includes five bulls in Harney County in July 2019 and a cow in Lake County in September 2019 – neither of which has been solved despite rewards being offered … these cows are worth $1,000 or more and their loss is both financially and emotionally destructive to their owners, not to mention local residents who want answers.

“I didn’t say much when my bull died last winter. But this time, the cops wanted permission to publicize so maybe people can keep their eyes open. I say: all right, tell anyone you want. It won’t bring back my dead cow, but maybe we’ll catch the killer.”

David Hunt sounds like he thinks it’s a human killer – either a sicko or a cultist who left the carcass looking like it had been executed. The bootprint may confirm that and help Sheriff Holmes identify the culprit. Many people blame animals. Others who have investigated cattle mutilations across the U.S. and around the world aren’t so sure – there were many who blamed the death of the five bulls in Oregon and a similar incident at the same time in Australia on aliens.

The Oregon state motto is “Alis volat propriis” -- "She flies with her own wings." Oregon cows are wishing they did too.

Paul Seaburn

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