Aug 21, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Russian Cosmonaut on Space Station Films and Reports Five UFOs

Call The New York Times … a Russian cosmonaut on the International Space Station just filmed five UFOs! Wait a minute … shouldn’t they be calling us? Who needs the mainstream media … here’s the UFO scoop from Cosmonaut Ivan Vagner’s Twitter feed:

Ivan Vagner
At 9-12 seconds, 5 objects appear flying alongside with the same distance. What do you think those are? Meteors, satellites or…?

P.S. The frames were captured 1 per sec and later assembled in a video with 25 frames per sec rate. Meaning, the real observation time is 52 sec.

Cosmonaut Vagner says he was recording the “peak of aurora borealis” between Australia and Antarctica (wouldn’t that be the aurora australis?) when he noticed five strange objects above it. Vagner obviously didn’t know what the objects were and reports that “Information about the unidentified bodies has already been brought to the attention of the management of the state corporation Roscosmos.” There it is expected to be analyzed by specialists from the Central Scientific Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering and the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

space 1771903 640 570x379
Always good to have a camera ready on the ISS

This is obviously big news on the UFO front, although it appears it’s not big news on the ISS since Vagner didn’t appear to call to the Americans onboard to float over and take a look. While other European media sites picked up the story, it didn’t seem to hit in the U.S. as of this writing. However, TASS didn’t wait for an official report from Roscosmos – it got one from Natan Andreevich Eismont, a leading researcher at the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI RAS).

“A complete answer to such a question, of course, requires more accurate data and some time for calculations. But two explanations can be offered at once. The first, which seems more likely, is the reflections in the ISS window through which the survey was carried out. But a second explanation is also possible, which seems more interesting - we also see reflections, but already from Elon Musk's Starlink satellites . The fact that these lights disappear so quickly is due to the rapid change in the relative positions of the ISS, satellites and the light source - the Sun. Satellites Starlnikmoving one after another, the ISS is also moving, and we saw some of them at the moment when the beam reflected from the satellites hit the camera. In this case, the movement of five objects in the frame is a projection onto the observer, and not their actual movement. But, I want to emphasize again, in order to confirm this hypothesis, you need to have more accurate data."

Wow … thanks, Natan. That was a nice, concise, and honest response. (Why can’t we get those in the U.S.? Asking for a friend.) It’s not reflections on the ISS window from inside, it’s probably from Elon Musk's Starlink satellites, and most importantly, “in order to confirm this hypothesis, you need to have more accurate data." How refreshing – we need more data.

astronaut 4004417 640 570x378
Will Ivan get put on probation or exiled?

Will they let Ivan Vagner continue to take pictures out the window or order him to stick to silly shots of astronaut hair behavior in zero gravity?

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