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Some Mysterious Modern Reports of Vampires

There is perhaps no more a weirder and more seemingly absurd type of report than those of vampires. Yet these creatures of the night have a long history and have been reported for centuries. I have covered old reports, indeed on several occasions and many more, but while this might seem to be just obscure accounts lost in the myths of legend and superstition, there have been other reports that continue to come in right up into modern times. Here we will move away from the dark history of vampire accounts and look at some shockingly modern vampire accounts that might be real or not, but which are eerie nevertheless.

Some of these weird modern accounts happen out in the old country of Eastern Europe, and it might not be so surprising for someone who believes these creatures exist to encounter one. From Reddit poster “szyly” we have her report of her family’s dealings with what are known as the strigoi. These are spirits from Romanian lore, which are said to rise from the grave to stalk the countryside at night in search of blood. The traditions of the strigoi go deep in rural Romania, and far from something confined to ancient texts people have reported encounters with the abominations into more modern time. The poster says:

Romanians believe that vampires exist. We call them strigoi. “The ones who scream” that’s the translation of the word. Strigoi are evil spirits that come at night to torment people by calling out their names. Strigoi are thirsty for blood just as vampires. They can come in human or animal form. Strigoi are completely free on the Saint Andrew’s Night. 30th of November to be exact. Our type of Halloween. My Great grandmother told my mom that she heard a strigoi calling out her name. She said that it was very important to remain silent otherwise bad things could happen. They have the power to cause health issues to the people who respond to their calling.


When my mom was a child the whole community along with the priest went to the cemetery to kill a vampire. A man from the village died. He was a sinner or so everyone said. His family started to experience weird stuff. They would hear him calling out their names. Soon all the members of the family fell ill. That’s how they decided that their relative was a “strigoi”. My mother remembers that they used a wood stake to kill that creature. She remembers some noises coming from the grave. My great grandmother was there too. She said that the man looked like he was sleeping even though there were 6 months since he was deceased.

Also from Eastern Europe is a report from a witness who does not state exactly which country he is from, but has a very creepy story to tell. The witness says that she had gone to a party with some friends and that at the end of the night some people she did not know offered to take her home. Before they left, one of the men was called inside, and after several minutes of waiting she went in to ask if he was still going to take her home. Things got steadily creepier from there, and she explains:

A man that was outside walks in the house with two more guys and it caught my attention. He had a medium brown/darkish hair, slim with loose clothes ,very common looking actually but that wasn't the thing that caught my attention. When he entered the house I just had a strong feeling coming from him that I cannot describe that well. He looked at me, he had dark-brown glassy eyes ,didn't said anything but then he started to move around and like nobody was noticing him, even the two guys that went with him and that's when I realized his movements were so ... unnatural or weird ,like as he was going further it seem like he was going backwards , his arms were behind his body as he moved . The feeling I had was not fear though, like you would be scarred of the unknown like ghosts, demons, the dark, a horror movie etc, this was a feeling I had a few times when someone died or saw something very graphic and gore related ..kind of the same feeling and my brain just rewired in a way like you suffered a real psychological trauma , I swear I could feel it in my brain , it was the same feeling I had when I watched someone years ago falling off the stairs with blood running from his ears, it was not fear but like the brain rewiring itself somehow.


He looked at me intensely which seem at that time a very long period and I couldn't move, I now remember opening my mouth halfway and just staring back at him, eyes wide open and fixating my vision at him but didn't wanted to make contact with his eyes. Subconsciously, I think I told myself not to look for some reason. He never spoke a word or someone else engaging him .. he went straight for the door after making these rounds inside the house and for a second, he stood under the door entrance and turned his head again to look at me, he was pale white and, in a way, evoked the same feeling in me as before. He left. I tried to gather and tell myself that there was nothing wrong, nothing wrong at all in all this and left my friend's house for home.


I forgot about the whole thing while outside was freezing and me walking in the snow, feeling sleepy and tired until I saw him again near a closed travel agency building, he was ahead of me leaning against the glass walls. He didn't seem to notice me but I knew then that it was him! I switched sides on the sidewalk to get some distance and with one eye looking over in his direction. He noticed me halfway and smiled shortly. couldn't see his face better because of the snow and distance but I noticed his mouth was deep red, almost bloody . I picked up the pace, worrying that he might follow but he stood his ground, and shortly after we were out of range and on my way home. I am sure now more than ever this was not a human, I sensed he wasn't human from the first moment.

What was going on here? Very odd, indeed. Other reports come from other disparate places, such as one from a poster who calls himself “GoTFFNerd,” and supposedly happened in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States. The witness immediately acknowledges how crazy the idea of real vampires must sound, and insists that he was always very skeptical of this sort of thing, but something changed his mind. At the time he was staying at a Salt Lake City resort, a place where he assures us “was the type of place where you might encounter and/or party with a Rock Star or an actor.” He says that as he was hanging out with a friend, a woman walked into the bar they were at and immediately felt off to him. Despite this, they would form a rather strange relationship, which seems to have convinced the witness that the supernatural exists. He explains in great detail:

This girl who just walked into the resort wasn't what you'd call pretty, or classically beautiful, but she WAS very sexy, tempting somehow. She was short, pale, VERY curvy and alluring. Her style/fashion was akin to Avril Lavigne. It was very punk rock, with a small touch of Goth. Even back then I DEFINITELY perceived a "darkness" and uniqueness about her, but that may have been induced from her fashion choices alone. Anyways, Avril (that's not her real name, but what I'll call her for this retelling) and the guy stroll up to the front desk, talk to the employee, (I assume he was checking her in to her room or something of that nature) and Immediately afterwards he leaves the resort for good. (I am assuming he left. Because she wasn't with him again, that I saw, over the next 10 days.)


Well, a day or two passed, but eventually Avril and I became familiar with each other and began hanging out. After about 20 minutes, it became very clear she was "interested" in me. Oddly, the VERY FIRST thing she said to me was, "Did you know that you have a golden aura? When I first saw you, it was amazing. They are very rare." I didn't believe a word of this aura stuff. But.... she was sexy, so I played along. (I've had plenty of shallow moments in my life.) "Oh, really? Wow. No, I didn't know that." I said. But, I just eliminated it from my mind. I was there to party, ski, and just have fun. I wasn't going to express my doubts about her ability, or anyone's ability for that matter, to SEE auras.


Another time when Avril and I were hanging out, we sat next to each other on a couch, but I notice she is getting as CLOSE to me as possible without actually touching me. She is making sure I smell her hair, look into her eyes, notice her low cut shirt, etc etc. Even now, there is a certain power to her, and she is nothing but a memory. So, I decided, "F-it," and I lightly rest my arm on hers, and lightly press my leg up against hers. After all, she clearly wanted me to. I can't accurately explain what came next. It is both completely ineffable and illogical. But, after we touched, some of it skin on skin contact, some of it clothes on clothes contact, my arms and legs IMMEDIATELY and INTENSELY began to heat up. It was as if someone pressed a chunk of Dry-Ice against my body. (It wasn't intense enough to yelp or scream, the actual physical pain was only slightly uncomfortable.)


I should be clear about something - I am 100% positive this wasn't dopamine / endorphin's or any other chemicals being released into my bloodstream via some catalyst in my brain. This was UNNATURAL. And, RIGHT before this happened, Avril and I were laughing, flirting, practically about to start making out. But, during the "Dry-Ice session" and immediately afterwards, her silence was deafening. I've ran through most reasonable explanations, and two remain which are possible. "I had some sort of allergic reaction, which I'd never had before or since." "It was all in my mind, and something like that has never happened before or since." I can't, with 100% certainty, discount these more-plausible explanations, but certain things keep coming back into my mind.


In closing, I've never seen a ghost, UFO, Bigfoot, or ANYTHING considered paranormal. I'm a VERY grounded person. I'm the type of person who mentally adjusts anything and everything possible into numbers/statistics/probabilities, for this typically allows me to possess a deeper understanding of certain things. For most of my life I considered vampires to be sheer nonsense; a silly myth or superstition which originated from an overactive imagination somewhere along the way of human history. As a matter of fact, it was my opinion that the existence of vampires was about as plausible as Santa Claus sliding down my chimney on Christmas. If someone had expressed to me that they believed in vampires, I'd have sincere doubts pertaining to their mental capability and stability. You see, my mind is a SLAVE to logic, mathematics, and reason, which is most likely why I'd have scoffed at the notion of vampires. Yet, I NOW believe it's possible there is a VERY small % of the world’s population who have found a way to "feed" on people, in a paranormal sense. I'm not referring to typical cannibals.

Really a quite bonkers account. Is there anything to this? Next we have a report from a poster merely known as “Lus,” who says this happened in 2011. At the time he claims he was a political activist active in demonstrations, and on this evening he was camped out in the downtown square of an unnamed city in the U.S. It was here at this camp. Which they occupied for a full 4 months, where a mysterious stranger would make his presence known. The witness says:

We camped in a downtown square for about 4 months, throughout this period a lot of people came in and out, and by the second month I had to travel to another city where my parents were living for a week, when I came back to the occupation there was a guy living there that arrived exactly when I left, he somehow already had some respect from the other people in a very short period of time.. He was tall, blond, long hair, a bit hippie, had a profound voice that implied self confidence, he had by some means a strange aura. But ok, no big deal, seemed like a cool guy after a while. With time he became my friend and we end up having long conversations about pretty much everything that interested me and vice versa, like occultism, magick, ufos, etc, until he brought up the vampirism subject, which I was not familiar with at the time, he explained me some stuff like, that the vampires were actually 'normal' people that could manage their own life force, and apparently they have been misinterpreted since always, and he told me that there are some secret vampire groups, small ones, that preserved the rituals, there was no blood sucking thing going on as he said that the blood was an analogy to life force, they were not actually sucking it from people. But they could indeed suck somebody's life force, but more important he said was to know how to use your own. The conversation finished there, the whole thing seemed interesting to me and after a while we went to sleep.


Some days later here's what happened. My house was quite close to the occupation and once in a while some of my friends would often ask me to use my bathroom to have a shower, and then this guy asked me the same, I said yes, no problem at all. Everything went fine, the guy had his shower and when we were walking back to the occupation he brought up the subject about vampirism again, this time he was wearing an anonymous plastic mask, which completely covered his face. He starts to explain me how one can control his own life force inside the dreams, and how would that affect the actual material body, meanwhile he is explaining me that, i see his jaw making a strange movement, as if there was something stuck between his teeth and he was trying to clean it. When he finishes the explanation, he calls me by my name and raises the mask slightly so I can take a look at his mouth, and then I saw this huge canine tooth, he pulls down the mask. I didn’t know how to react, so I just remained calm and I asked him what was that for if they didn’t actually suck blood from other people, and he told me it worked out as sort of antenna to capture different vibrations, and he managed to “construct” it by molding his life force into that shape inside his dreams. And he asked me if I would be interested to do the same. I told him that it sounded interesting, and he just let me think about it. We arrived at the occupation as if nothing had happened. I didn’t see any strange movements by his hands trying to insert a fake tooth in his mouth, or trying to remove it after. The sensation I got was that he pulled the tooth out by a jaw movement. The whole thing was just very strange to digest. I didn’t know what to do, so I called my friend and he just said that the whole story sounded too crazy to be believable... We still livid together in the occupation for a while but I never brought up the subject again, the guy totally noticed my attempt to avoid it so he didn’t push me either. There was another strange fact after a while: Once, he was shirtless and crouched organizing some stuff inside his tent, and the muscles on his back formed the shape of a winged dragon. It was incredibly similar, another girl that was at the occasion witnessed it and freaked out a bit.

Vampire, or just an eccentric individual? Finally we have the account of “hoodieguy11,” somewhere in the United States. At the time of the report, he said he was 15 years old and living with a single mom, and that she had just met a guy online who she was very interested in. Things apparently went well, because before long she had moved her family to go live with the man, “Mike,” out in the “middle of nowhere” surrounded by woods. As he got to know the area and his mom’s new fling, things would apparently take a sharp turn into the strange, and he says:

On the very end of the town just before miles of woods there was an abandoned church that was pretty creepy. I met a guy at school who was one grade below me but still in the same school, we became friends and he was the one who showed me where the abondoned church is. This is when things got weird. He told me he was a vampire and that there were other vampires in our school and he wanted me to be part of their clan. Though it was more like a gang because I honestly didn’t believe them but I went along with it for fun and some adventure. At first we didn’t do much besides meet at his house and ride bikes around or play video games. Things soon got serious when he wanted me to do something bad in order to join his vampire group and he told me I had to smash the windows of the abondoned church so I drove up on my bike and threw some rocks in the windows. We both drove away on our bikes to his house and we ran inside . About a week later the most horrifying experience in my life yet happened when he wanted me to go in the woods with him and he told me we were going to the clan meeting house.


I followed him into the woods and he started running and I ran after him. I figured it was because people always say that vampires run fast. We came up to a barbed wire fence that had a sign not to enter because it was private proper and without even stopping he jumped right over it and I did the same . The next barbed wire fence we had to crawl under and at this point we were very deep in the woods until we came to an open field and there was a small pond and an old barn house. I started to see some other people there and it was kind of crazy to think these people just hung out here on someone’s land. He took me to the barn and opened the door. And that’s where I saw it , a woman with no clothes on chained up to a support beam and she was obviously dead head had been removed. When I saw the woman I was extremely frightened and started shaking but I had to act normal because I didn’t want to give them a reason to think I was going to give them up to the cops. Not to mention we did illegal things together and if I called the cops I would have to tell them other things that I did with them.


The worst part was when they were all around me and watching me then my friend told me to touch the woman and he handed me a knife. He started telling me the best places to stab someone to kill them in one stab and he wanted me to practice on the body. I had no other choice other than to do what he told me. But here’s the twist in the story. Most people would have been scared because of seeing the body or knowing they were right beside the killers. The scary part is that I enjoyed this all and have thoughts of hurting people on my own. I have never been the same person since that day.

What are we looking at with accounts such as these? Is there anything to them at all, and if so, do they really represent actual vampires? As much as it may seem that this is a phenomenon reserved for fiction, there have always been such accounts that pop up, suggesting something very bizarre going on in the shadows. Whatever you may believe, the phenomenon of vampires has been with us for a long time, and for some it is more than just fantasy and fiction. Make of it what you will.

Brent Swancer

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