A real science fiction trope that seems to have sprung up into the world of the paranormal are those case of people who seem to have actually teleported from one place to another. It is a common trope of science fiction, but could this possibly be real in any sense at all? There are actually a disturbing number of cases of teleporting people out there, which hint at the possibility and which I have gathered together here for your perusal.

Perhaps the most common type of report concerning what seem to be teleporting people are those witnesses who have watched another suddenly jump from one place to another to leave them baffled and confused. Such reports really run the range, from people one knows to mysterious strangers, but all of them leave the witness unable to explain or sometimes even process what they have just seen. One report comes from Reddit poster “Kebedo,” who says that she lives right next to some guys sharing a house, one of which she struck up a sort of amorous relationship, which had its ups and downs. She says that she and the others living at that house often played horseshoes out in the yard, and on this afternoon, she was out doing that with the lover Jim and another in the house, Oscar, when something very weird happened. She says:

That day only me, Jim and Oscar were outside playing shoes. I was sitting in a lawn chair on the south end of the horseshoe pit (it's set up for us to throw north and south). Oscar had just thrown his turn and then walked over to the porch to check his phone while Jim pitched his. As soon as Jim was done, he disappeared and reappeared at the north end. It happened in less than a second. My jaw dropped. I was speechless. Did I really just see this? Oscar then yelled "Damn how did you get down there so fast?" He wasn't looking at Jim when it happened but said he could see out of his peripheral vision that he was gone then all of a sudden was at the other end of the pit. We kept asking Jim if he was ok and I told him what I saw. He kept telling me to quit fucking with him and as usual when something unexplainable happens, everyone blew it off but me who by that time was almost in tears. Immediately after that Jim started acting like his usual loving, happy, attentive self. No more distancing and being rude. I can't quit thinking about it. I can't explain what I saw and they think I'm crazy. Even Oscar blew it off despite being startled by it himself. Never in my wildest imagination would I ever think I'd see someone disappear like that. And no, I had just opened my first beer so I wasn't drunk.

What happened here? Was this a mental glitch or something else? Another report comes from a poster called “HazyPeanut,” claiming that this happened to him one evening after he had taken a walk along the beach with a friend. When they finished their walk at around 11:30PM he said goodbye and headed to his home only a few blocks away. He said that he then saw a rather peculiar sight. As he passed a four-way intersection he claims there was a man in his 50s standing in the middle of the intersection, “staring intensely at seemingly nothing.” It was so late that there were no cars or other people around, and the sight of this guy just standing there in the glow of the streetlamps was eerie to say the least. Then it all get even eerier, as the witness explains:

I got a weird vibe from the guy, who didn't even turn around and look at me or even move as I walked past him. Once I was about half a block away, I heard a sound that I can best describe as being similar to the sound of a bike tire skidding to a stop on wet pavement. I turn around to see what's happening, and I see the old man almost warping, moving at an impossibly fast speed in a large loop around the intersection, with a light trail following him. His lower body didn't move at all, and he seemed to be an inch or two above the road as he moved. He ended up back in his original position staring at nothing again. I didn't stick around to figure out what had just happened, and I speed walked the rest of the way home.

On many occasions these bizarre reports revolve around eccentric characters, and a report from Thought Catalog is no different. The witness says that he is from Knoxville, Tennessee, and that in the area where he lives there is a rather famous eccentric man everyone calls “Zues,” who was know as being able to perform all sorts of weird magic tricks and was mostly seen as a weird, but harmless homeless guy. The witness had never given much thought to him before, until one day when he was at the mall and Zues apparently seems to have teleported in broad daylight. The witness says:

Zeus has a reputation around Knoxville, TN as a bit of an eccentric character. My brother has told me stories about him making people pass out just by whispering in their ear, giving people glass pendants and saying ‘this is the color of your soul,’ just generally unusual stuff. He was thought of as a magic-man of sorts. Well long-story short, my brother and I were walking through the West Town Mall when we saw him. Now let me tell you, this guy is incredibly recognizable. I’m talking 6’5 African dude with a gray goatee, nose piercings, and at least four rings per finger. He always carried a staff and wore a floor-length black duster jacket with huge-ass buckles on the front. This was Zeus. We saw him walking just a bit ahead of us and then turn towards an exit. Naturally, we lost sight of him for probably 60 seconds after he turned the corner and left the mall. The weird thing was after my brother and I passed that same exit, and not more than about 30 seconds later, we were coming upon another exit/entrance on the other side of the mall when all of the sudden out pops, you guessed it, good ole Zeus the magic-man. Now this is a big place, it takes 5 minutes to walk the length of it. There is absolutely no way he could have made it to the opposite side of this place in the time he did. Even if he was sprinting or was somehow able to go up and over building; 60 seconds is just not enough time. This man teleported. There’s just no other way to slice it.

How do you slice something like this, after all? A similar story comes from Reddit user “TinderGuy11,” concerning an eccentric homeless man living in his neighborhood by the name of Franklin. The witness says that Franklin had the unsettling habit of following him around, and that the man had once worked aa a cleaner where he himself had worked as a bartender. He explains of the creepy, unsettling incident:

On the day in question, I was walking home when I saw Franklik standing by a street corner, he noticed me and waved. For what good it would do, I pretended not to notice him, but finally acknowledged him as I really had no way of getting past him otherwise. He greeted me and then started his normal script of how hard he had worked all those years back and that I owe him money for everything he did for me, bla bla. Usually, I would have just paid him off to make him go away but on this day I was not in the mood, so I gave him a stern "no" and walked on past him. I looked over my shoulder several times to see if he was following me again, but strangely, he wasn't and just continued to stand there. I reached the end of the block and neared the next street corner, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, Franklin was again standing on the street corner waving at me. I looked over my shoulder again, he was no longer where I had left him, but still, there was absolutely no possible way he could have beaten me there.


I walked up to him, he greeted me again and repeated his same lines from earlier. "How did you get here?!" I asked him sternly. Franklin looked at me, confused, and then continued his line readings. "Franklin, how did you get here?!" I repeated myself, half talking, half yelling. He looked back at me like I was insane, he clearly had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. I gave Franklin the money he had been asking for and then got away from him as quickly as I could. I have seen Franklin many times after that and nothing like this has ever happened again.

Just as weird as any of these cases are those in which the witnesses themselves seem to have somehow teleported. One comes from a witness who says this happened as she was out taking a jog along a popular trail along with a friend. The friend at some point stopped to tie her shoelaces, telling the witness to just continue on and that she would catch up. Things continued without incident until something very strange would suddenly occur. The witness explains:

I remember I ran across the bridge that arched over a brook, spent a few more seconds going into the forest and I took a turn and all of a sudden the ground was gone?? I realized I had accidentally ran over an edge I hadn't seen that was partially covered by some big flowers and ferns, and I was falling towards the brook, which by the way were filled with all kinds of rocks that I would rather not have fallen onto. Anyways, I was internally freaking out while falling for those few seconds, but when I was about to hit the ground I heard this weird sound that I can't describe... It was kinda like voices in my head speaking really fast or something, and all of a sudden I was back where I started, but I was in front of my friend who at the time was still fixing her laces; she looked up and saw me and SHRIEKED so loud, and to this day she still doesn't understand what happened either because she swore she saw me run behind over the bridge and deeper into the woods, and it had only been a few seconds that she had looked back at her shoes. There were people there too, with the trail being popular in my town and all. The only weird thing I saw was a kid with his mother who kept staring at me like I appeared from nowhere (probably did imo) but as far as I could see that day, no one else noticed. The whole encounter was honestly scary, and we don't really talk about it anymore because we can't explain it. I don't know what or why or how it even happened.

Reddit poster “kalimere1776” also has a rather bizarre story to tell, which involves him somehow teleporting while driving with a group of friends. The evening in question started off normally enough, with them all going to a restaurant down the road, where they had dinner and left at 11;30PM. The witness is very specific that none of them had had any alcohol while there, and that their destination was a simple straight drive down a single road for an easy 20 minute drive. They were apparently taking this road home and all in good spirits chatting and listening to music when they had their odd experience. The poster says of what happened:

The road that's usually lined with restaurants and businesses had now turned into a residential area, and the houses are being spread more and more apart. I didn't think too much of it at first. It was dark and I thought maybe I just hadn't ever noticed this part of the road. But as we continued, it seemed we we're getting further and further out of the city. As I drove by a few streets I looked to make sure we were on the same road, and in fact we were! I didn't actually make a decision to question what was going on until my buddy in the passenger seat said 'is this the way home?' I told him, 'yeah, but it feels weird.' That's when, just for kicks, I pulled out my phone and went to google maps. My search bar has my apartment saved as home, so I tapped it and what I saw definitely surprised me.


What should have been a 15 minute drive now read 45 minutes (remember, we had only gotten through three songs in the playlist. There's no way we could have driven this far out). I very audibly said 'what the fuck?' I told my friends that I must have taken a wrong turn or something (but this makes no sense because there aren't any turns in the drive whatsoever). I tapped start on the navigation home, and found that we were surrounded by tribal roads. We had somehow ended up on a reservation, and the only way back was to take one of these tribal roads to another high way. I took a left onto one of these roads and it took us through this super open and empty area with literally nothing aroun - just this dirt road. I eventually made it to the high way and back home, but the drive overall took nearly an hour. I'm confused. All of my friends are confused. I literally don't know how this happened. Everyone was awake and we all knew the route. If I had turned the wrong direction out of the parking lot they would have told me (not that turning left rather than right would have brought me to an Indian reservation). I really can't explain this at all.

What is going on with cases such as these? Are these instances of people passing through portals of some sort? Are they "glitches in the Matrix" so to speak, a piece of evidence that reality is not what it seems? Is it just misunderstandings, tiredness, hallucinations, or straight up hoaxes? It is all a very weird corner of the world of the paranormal and really defies any easy classification. Are people just spontaneously teleporting for reasons we may understand? The mystery remains.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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