One creature that has long been the inhabitant of folklore and scary fiction is the werewolf. These shapeshifting creatures have haunted the imagination of humankind and our legends for centuries, across many cultures, and as much as we would like to think that they merely dwell within the shadows of the mind there are many reports of what seem to be real werewolves out there, which really push the boundaries of the strange and leave us scratching our heads. After all, how could such a creature ever actually exist in any real sense? The answer to that question might not be clear, but what is clear is that there are many reports of what can only be described as actual, living werewolves, and here we will look at a selection of very weird and scary accounts of these.

A harrowing account comes to us from Reddit poster “TXfit,” who claims this happened to her and her husband in the south Dallas suburbs of Texas, heading towards their apartment. On this evening she says that although the suburb is fairly well-populated it was so late that no one else was on the road at the time, with the lane lines of the empty road hypnotically flickering by in the dim glow of the streetlamps. It would have normally been a fairly relaxing, uneventful drive, but something was about to ruin all of that, and the witness says:

As soon as we passed the traffic light under the highway, we both saw it, plain as day. Stone sober and wide awake, we both saw a mother effing werewolf type creature exit a neighborhood street, and calmly run (in about 4 steps) across a 4 lane road. It was about 75 yards in front of us. But it wasn't exactly the way I'd imagine a werewolf. It was completely canine... no human features at all except for the fact that it was on 2 legs. The legs were massive and the thing was about 7 feet tall but the arms reminded me of t-rex arms. They were small and still hung like dog legs. They seemed very useless if the thing were trying to attack something. The head was also odd. Besides being a typical dog color (greyish black) the eyes were bright glowing yellow... even when there weren't headlights shining directly in them. It didn't look like the glow an animal gets from lights in their eyes anyway. But the thing that stood out to me the most was that the eyes were biocular, like a fish. I saw the eyes clearly even though he was completely profile to us.

I'll never forget how fast this thing was either. The road we were driving on had heavy trees to the right hand side of us. When it came out, it was running but crossed this road in just a few steps. It was big enough and effortlessly fast enough to know that a human couldn't have dressed up and done this. There was an open field that he ran into. When my husband and I got to where the trees broke, we both turned our heads to look but it was loooong gone by then (about 4 seconds). I think the only thing that was said was a quiet "What the fk" by me. More about what this thing looked like: It was much less scary than what I would imagine a werewolf to be. When it was running across the road, I didn't get the sense that it cared that we saw it or that it was even trying that hard to cross before we got closer. I didn't feel fear as if we were threatened, only a disbelief really. And again, it's not like we were in a rural area by any stretch of the imagination.

Similarly, we have the driving encounter of a witness who says this happened in July of 1992 in Southern Maryland, when he was 16 years old. At the time he was driving back from Chesapeake Beach from having dinner with his brother, mother and father, and he was sitting in the back seat just chatting with the brother. At one point he found himself staring out the window watching the murky nighttime rural area go by when something caught his attention, and although the encounter was fairly fleeting it is something he says he will never forget. The witness explains:

Riding along, I'm just looking out the window and there is a little road that merges onto the main road on the left, so as we merge we pick up a little speed. We are going maybe 25-30mph and you have to cross this little bridge and it's really bumpy, so we slowed even more. Once we did that, I look up ahead and about 75 yards ahead I see something standing on the wood edge off to the right a little, but it was exactly at the edge of the woods. It had both arms on a tree just standing there, meaning, its right arm was on a tree about shoulder height and its left arm was on a tree at about shoulder height. So it's arms were basically spread out with its hands on the trees.


It was about 7ft tall (maybe even taller) had a wolf looking face, only larger like a dire wolf from Game of Thrones, really broad shoulders, muscular arms, a barrel chest and it narrowed the rest of the way down. It was dark brown and the hair was medium length. I didn't get a great look at the legs because it locked eyes with me. It knew I saw it and it saw me. I saw it a good distance up ahead and was like "what the hell is that standing on the wood edge?". Soon as I said that I locked eyes with it. I saw it for a good 10-15 seconds because of how far up ahead I first noticed it moving around and how slow we were traveling. It took my breath when I first realized what I was looking at and my first thought was, "God, that thing is ugly!" It had very pointy features and it didn't look like a Bigfoot, but an actual werewolf. I said out loud to my family, "did you guys see that thing?" Obviously they were like, "see what?". Another thing, this was in southern Md where there are no bears or other large animals.

These reports are rather eerie, but in some cases they can get downright terrifying. From the site Phantoms and Monsters there are a few such cases, one of which comes from a witness who describes himself as an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and who was at the time staying at his family’s cabin near Danbury, in northwest Wisconsin, along with his cousin and grandparents for the weekend. One of his favorite activities was to go out and have Airsoft battles with his cousin in the woods, and on this day they had been engaged in one such battle about 200 yards into the tree line when the sounds of the forest allegedly just stopped, as if someone had pressed a mute button. The birdsong was gone, there was nothing, just a sudden, unsettling silence. He says of what happened next:

I went into hunter mode at this point and started scanning the clearing. I went from right to left then back. On the second look through I saw it. Its teeth are what gave it away as they contrasted with the background. Once I focused on it I noticed a canid appearance in the head. It had dark reddish brown hair/fur. Where it gets even stranger is it was leaning on a tree and had its front left arm gripping the tree. It appeared to have claws, and it was panting and staring in our direction with its ears up listening, while kneeling or crouching. I recognized it as a threat, as a predator immediately.


Now this all happened in the span of maybe 10 seconds before I said to my cousin "we have to go." He was a faster runner than me. When I said that I was still watching the animal, my cousin took off. When he ran, the animal raised up and ran towards us. It took a good 3 steps on 2 legs, before I started to run (as I was turning to run it appeared have possibly been going to all fours). I got to the fork in the trail to find my cousin waiting. I yelled "go go go go go!!!"...and we ran back to the cabin. While running out I could hear it crashing through the woods behind me, but it didn't follow beyond the treeline.


At the time I thought it had the intention to do harm, but now that I look back on it, I think it was just being either territorial or it was a bluff charge. Most animals can easily outrun humans on foot. If it really wanted one of us it would've got us. I have tried to explain it away as being a bear or a big wolf, but what I saw just does not add up. It just wasn't a known animal. I'm still stumped by it. I am normally very skeptical. However, I know that what I saw was not normal, and I am less skeptical than I used to be now. I am still nervous about the forests. I don't go into the woods alone or unarmed anymore. I'm not scared of any man but I certainly don't want to see anything that looks like a werewolf again. By the way all of this happened in broad daylight if it wasn't clear.

Another spooky report comes from the TV show Paranormal Survivor: Season 4, Episode 5, an episode called 'Animal Nightmares.’ The witness is a Nadine Smith, who lived in a trailer park in Hopkinsville, Kentucky with her husband, and son, Shane. They were only temporarily living at the trailer park, as the husband was in the military and they were waiting for housing on the base at the time, but they would soon want to move all the quicker after an incident that Nadine and Shane had one day playing out in the yard. Everything was normal enough, until they came across a dead dog that they buried out by the tree line of the nearby woods. The next day when they went to check the grave, it had apparently been dug up and the carcass was gone. It was shortly after this that Nadine would start sighting an immense figure lurking about in the trees around the property, described as around 8-feet tall and with glowing eyes like burning embers, but always half-hidden by shadows, and her husband on one occasion saw it too. It would steadily get more frightening from there, and the report reads:

Nadine decided to ask some neighbors around the trailer park if they ever saw anything weird around the area. Her neighbors seemed uninterested in speaking to her about it and a few shunned her entirely. As she walked around the park one day, she spotted, inside one of the abandoned and locked trailers, red eyes staring back at her from the window. Whatever it was, was inside the trailer. Around this time, Shane began having recurring nightmares and would wake in a panic. He claimed that a creature was looking at him in the window at night. They would attempt to calm him down by telling him that it was just a nightmare and nothing more.


One night, they ran into the room during one of these night terror instances and both Nadine and her husband saw the red eyed creature in the window, looking in. Nadine described that it had black / brown fur, was standing upright and had red eyes. She noted that, to her, it looked like an “upright walking wolf.” She decided to do some research and found out about skin-walkers and came to believe that the creature might be one. While her husband was away at work, Nadine, too scared to stay alone, asked a friend to stay over. One night, during this time, they heard guttural growls coming from outside as well as noises. Both women looked out the door and observed the upright walking black wolf with red eyes looking back at them. Nadine noted that it appeared angry and bolted in their direction. They went inside. Just then, their 14 x 8 foot trailer began to shake violently. As they were preparing to call the police, everything stopped. They opened the door and the creature was now gone. Nadine and her husband decided that it was probably best just to move and they packed their things and drove off. They were such a haste to get away from the area, that they ended up leaving some of their furniture behind. Nadine's husband claims that even on the last day, while packing the car, he could see the red eyes watching him from the tree-line.

Finally, we have another sinister encounter from the site Phantoms and Monsters, this time from Hillsborough County, Florida. In this case it seems as if the family was actually being stalked by a creature that they accidentally hit in their car one evening in 1991. He says that they had been coming home from a school concert when they had smashed into a large animal on the road that soon proved to be a humanoid monster with sharp teeth and claws, black fur, and red eyes, that ran off into the night leaving gouges on the vehicle. Fast forward to 2001, and it seems as if whatever it was had come back. The witness says:

I believe it was in 2001, I worked maintenance at a factory (again in Hillsborough County, Florida) between 10 pm and 4 am. For about a week I heard weird sounds coming from back of the building which has thick brush. Not the typical animal sounds. One night I heard a loud crash coming from the side entrance. I investigated to find a large garbage can was thrown on top of the roof and rolled off. I was thinking "kids" until I got a strong whiff of something nasty. It wasn't the trash. Then I was thinking "skunk ape". I quickly picked up all the trash and went back into the building. The next night I was traveling between the two buildings when the thick bushes started shaking. I heard an animal make a horrible sound, like it was being choked. I ran into the lighted parking lot and turned around. I saw a large humanoid shape appear out of the brush and it went back in. A couple nights later, my mother was waiting to pick me up when she saw a large shape come in under a light by a side entrance. It suddenly noticed her and went back into the shadows.


A week passed without incident. Again my mother was waiting to pick me up when she heard a couple of dogs barking close by. She turned to see a large hooded man walking behind the car. He was across the parking lot on the side of the road. The dogs belonged to couple of trailer folks nearby. These dogs travel in a pack of 4-5 and weighed between 60-90 lbs. They were running around the man barking and snapping at him. One of the large dogs got hold of his arm. Then my mother saw the man's face. It wasn't a man under that hood. A head of a black wolf became visible. The unearthly being shook and then threw that dog like a doll. The rest of the dogs ran for their lives. The hooded creature walked into the nearby woods. The next night was a full moon and I heard its unearthly howl. We never heard and saw it again. Now a housing project occupies the land where it once lived.

What are these people seeing? What are these "werewolves" they speak of? What do such reports signify and how do we classify them? Could these be actual cryptids, some undiscovered creature or variation of Bigfoot even? Are these misidentifications or hoaxes? Could they be glimpses at some sort of phenomenon we can only guess at? Is there perhaps something behind the legends of the werewolf present in such encounters? It certainly seems as if such reports are firmly in the outer fringes of the odd, and we can only guess at what they may mean. Whatever the case may be, such reports populate the wild badlands of the world of the weird, and suggest that things might be even stranger than one would expect.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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