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The Mysterious Cosmic Power Point of Poland

Up atop a place called Wawel Hill at the city of Kraków, in Poland, is the very old and majestic Krakow Royal Castle and its cathedral. The sprawling, 11th century structure and indeed the city of Kraków itself are places of great historical importance and steeped in a long history of myth and legend, said to be built atop an ancient dragon’s lair and having a storied history of mystical events. Yet for all of the grand legends and lore here, one of the most persistent and well-known of the legends of Kraków and Wawel Hill revolves around an otherwise filthy, decrepit wall within an unassuming place tucked between the castle and cathedral, called St. Gereon’s chapel. Here there is a stained stretch of wall in the corner, which one would probably not even notice at all if it weren’t for the rope that mysteriously blocks it off from people approaching it. As nondescript and mundane as it is at first glance, it might come as a surprise that this filthy stretch of lonely wall is believed by many to be one of the most powerful fountains of spiritual and esoteric energy on earth.

In order to understand the mystery and allure of this place, it is important to understand the basic concept of what are called chakras, which are basically power points of energy from the traditions of Hinduism that can supposedly be found along the human body. Energy is said to flow between these points, and they are the focal point of Indian and Chinese traditional medicine or treatments, as well as tantric and yogic teachings and many New Age healing practices, but it is not only the body that is said to have these energy points, but also the earth itself. Many ancient traditions say that there are actually up to seven main Earth Chakras, similar to the number typically said to reside within the human body, and that these are located at various disparate places depending on the culture. At these Earth Chakras there is purportedly a wellspring of spiritual energy that can physically be felt, and can have all manner of effects ranging from spiritual cleansing to healing even the most serious of diseases. If the lore is to be believed, then Wawel Hill and that corner of its little chapel are supposed to be one of the most powerful of these chakras there is.

The origin of this tale goes back to the Indian legend of the Hindu god Shiva, who is said to have thrown out into the world seven mystical stones, which landed in places such locales as Delhi, Mecca, Delphi, Jerusalem, Rome, and Velehrad, and of course, Wawel Hill in Kraków, although the locations of these stones changes depending on the tradition. In this case, it is said that in the 1930s a pair of mysterious Hindu mystics came to Wawel Hill seeking this chakra, and by all accounts found it in the corner of that courtyard by the chapel. Word got out, and before long theosophist, spiritualists, and occultists such as Annie Besant, Charles Leadbeater, and George Arundale had come to the spot and confirmed that there was certainly a potent, raw energy flowing from there. The power point was even credited by some with helping the region through its violent and tumultuous history.

With endorsements such as this, all manner of spiritualists, occultists, psychics, mediums, witches, New Agers, diviners, and magicians came here and mostly agreed that this one of the most powerful centers of spiritual energy they had ever seen or experienced. People flocked here to sit and meditate, lean against the wall where the power was most pronounced, or just stand there feeling the energy flow through them, and what came to be known as the “Wawel Chakra” was credited with all manner of healings and miracles. The place became an absolute mecca for New Agers, which was not appreciated at all by the local population and certainly not by the church officials and keepers of the chapel. In response to the influx of people looking for the chakra, the area was roped off and restricted to visitors, although many people still apparently linger around the area and even reach over to touch the wall, beyond which is said to reside the chakra stone itself, something the church has repeatedly denied. This is all considered quite the nuisance to those who run the castle and chapel, and doing so will likely gather you some mean looks. What is this strange place? Is it a true power point of the planet, through which mystical energies surge, or is it just a dirty wall in the corner of a courtyard that for whatever reasons has drawn to it these stories and legends? Only one way to find out, and that is to go check it out for yourself.