Aug 09, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Woman Reports a Bigfoot ‘Swinging From Tree To Tree’ in New York’s Hudson Valley

New York (the state) is getting a lot of attention in 2020 – and we’re not talking about the pandemic. The Empire State, particularly the Hudson Valley area, is experiencing an unusual amount of Bigfoot and Bigfoot-related sightings. The latest was by a woman who claimed she saw a Bigfoot swinging from a tree. Before you yell out your favorite simian creature’s name, Bigfoot investigators have been in the area and are finding telltale signs of ground-dwelling Bigfoot. Has one taken up gymnastics and is planning to form a Cirque du Sasquatch?

“On July 2 I received a phone call from a woman that was working as a landscaper on a property in Hyde Park Ny. She was weeding the garden and was told to dump the weeds down a trail about 200' behind the barn. After dumping the wheelbarrow, it dropped down which made a loud bang. Suddenly, from approximately 50' away she sees and hears something crashing through the thick vegetation parting the brush towards Her.The creature then jumped in the tree above her, leaving her in shock and disbelief. The creature then began using its arms to swing from tree to tree moving away from her. She described it as very large and moving through the trees like a monkey. She said she got a good look at the back of the reddish brown beast that she estimated at 6-7' tall with long arms.”

Thus began the latest Bigfoot investigation in the Hudson Valley. Gayle J. Beatty of the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley is known in the area – she previously investigated a report in June 2020 in Cairo of Bigfoot tracks and dens. Gayle spoke to the unnamed witness, who she said was distressed. Gayle also kept the location of this encounter confidential. Her posting of the story on social media got a lot of comments and media attention – even though there wasn’t much more to report. Gayle responded to one commenter:

“We have reports from both sides of the river. Certain times of the year I get more reports. We believe they migrate according to food sources.”

That may be true, but do they walk or swing? A swinging Bigfoot of the tree kind – in fact, any kind of Bigfoot in a tree – is a rare event. It’s possible that what this woman saw was a large chimp or orangutan (she said it was reddish brown) that was difficult to identify in the chaos of the sighting. However, other members of the Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley went to Hyde Park after the report and posted on social media various signs of what they describe as Bigfoot activity. They also received what appear to be two more recent reports – a smelly, gorilla-like creature see at 3 am, and footsteps, branch rustling and a howl by a midnight dogwalker.

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Was it something like this?

“I have had several reports from this area over the last few years leading me to believe there is a clan living there.”

Why this sudden rash of Bigfoot encounters in the Hudson Valley? Gayle Beatty thinks a group of them live in the area. This has been going on long enough for the valley to warrant its own Bigfoot research group. There are certainly a lot of dens, as investigator Seth Alne found in his research of the Cairo report. All of this adds up to … a steaming but growing pile of circumstantial evidence that strange things are happening in the Hudson Valley that may be due to a hairy cryptid or a confluence of talented Bigfoot hoaxers. This latest alleged encounter with a tree swinger deserves further investigation because it may truly be a large ape, possibly an escaped pet, that should be humanely captured before it can hurt anyone or itself. Otherwise, let’s hope the true Bigfoot researchers of the Hudson Valley continue to get closer to an answer.

If it really can swing, Cirque du Sasquatch would be SO cool!

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