A common feature across the world of cryptozoology and UFOlogy are the countless cases of strange humanoid sightings. Such reports really run the range from the slightly odd, to the completely absurd, and they are so numerous that they have managed to almost become their own category of the paranormal. Among the many types of these strange encounters are those which seem to involve mysterious, inscrutable entities which seem very human indeed, except that they have no face and are firmly in the realm of the truly outlandish. Here we will take a look at some encounters with these faceless entities, and wonder at what they can possibly be.

Some very creepy encounters with faceless entities have happened out on roads, and one of these allegedly happened to a caller named “Nate” to the radio show Coast to Coast AM on a July 15, 2016 episode. The witness claims to be a truck driver from Indianapolis, Indiana, and on this evening he says he had been on his way to Illinois, heading east along the I-80, and that he had just had a solid 8-hour sleep during a stopover in Des Moines, so he was alert and fresh. As the road crept by, he says that something very unusual caught his eye, and he explains of what happened:

It was about dusk and the sun was just about to set and I was driving and I seen a figure just ahead of me on I-80 and it was right on the side of the road. When I say right on the side of the road, I don't mean in the grass. Its toes were right on the white line. I slowed down a little bit to kind of see what was going on there and maybe avoid it. When I got about fifty yards from it, I got down to about 50 miles per hour and I could see it clear. I had my brights on and everything. It was a man. Well, it looked like a man about maybe 5'9 or 5'10. Couldn't have been more than a hundred pounds soaking wet. And when I got up to him he looked at me and George I kid you not, he had no eyes, no mouth, no nostrils. There was no orifice on his face. He was pale white. No hair. No features whatsoever. There was a... It looked like a skeleton with bleached white skin. He was just kind of standing there looking right at me. I slowed down and as soon as I seen his face, he looked up at me, boy, I flipped the hammer down from Illinois all the way to Chicago. I never looked back. My blood ran cold. My hair stood up. I was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen in my life.

Another witness gave his report to the site Phantoms and Monsters, and claims to be from the Okanagan Valley, in British Columbia, Canada. He says that he and his friends would often go driving late at night along the forest roads around their town, and although not much usually happened, this night would be different. He says:

One night we were up in the hills, probably 5 miles from the nearest house. We come around a blind corner and there is an old lady walking on the side of the road. She was wearing a long coat and a hood or shawl. We both muttered something like "what the...." D laughed and said, "Should we stop?" He slowed down the car, about to ask if she was OK, lost, needed a lift, etc. But as we got close, we noticed she had no face. It looked like she had a big grey hole were her face should be. No details of features. Just a grey void. We were basically speechless and just slowly rolled by her. I watched her in the rear view mirror as we turn a corner. We couldn't think of any explanation why someone would be out there at 2-3 am. We both saw the same lack of facial features.

Very bizarre, indeed. Just as weird is a report from the same site, who says this happened in the middle of a clear day. She had gone to pick up her kid at school but got there a bit too early, so she decided to check out a small, historical park with a river and 19th century gristmill nearby. She pulled into the park’s parking lot and says that there were two other vehicles there, a new, white BMW sedan and an older gold Honda, both of which were empty. She didn’t think anything of it at the time, but things were about to take a steep drop into the bizarre. She says of what happened:

So I go about my way and check out the park. I walk along the path and there is a small waterfall and then after that you get to the gristmill. Really cool building. So I kill enough time and head back to my car. I get about 15 feet from my car and smell an intense dead animal smell. I've had a hefty handful of paranormal experiences and instantly feel uneasy. I quickly get into my car and look into my rearview mirror to start reversing. In the rearview I see inside the Honda and I instantly freaked because in the backseat I see a faceless "woman" with long brown, disheveled hair. Faceless as in hollow and all black with no features. And her hair looked like it had mattes with twigs. I'm spooked and keep my eyes on the figure as I head out. Then its head turned and its gaze followed me the whole ride out.

What was going on here? Who knows? In another report we have a Reddit poster called “BigAmen,” who claims this happened in a small town south of Dallas, Texas in 2013. At the time he was visiting his girlfriend at the nearby university and he decided to drive out to pick up some take-out food for them at around 11 PM. He describes the roads of the area as being very dark, with only very sporadic streetlights to offer pools of light, and he had his car parked under one of these for safety. Or at least he thought it would be safe. He says he left the girlfriend’s place and was on his way to the car when things began to get strange, and he says of his experience:

I remember walking off her porch and starting my way down the street a few houses down until I could start to see my car under that yellow light maybe 100 yards away at this point. It was awfully quiet and dark, but at this point I had no signs to alert me of anything to be worried about. It wasn’t until I walked right up to my car and around to the driver side that I came across a very odd and off-putting sight. It was a man, maybe my height at around 6ft, in normal clothing/wear, but was crouching about 15 feet away from my car. Looked maybe middle aged to me but even though the light was shining above to show his clothing and figure clearly, I couldn’t make out any facial features or anything of that matter.


My first reaction was possibly a car robbery or homeless man, but that fear quickly turned to dread. It was that type of feeling where you knew you were feeling fear, but it was a type of fear of something unfamiliar, yet I knew something was off and unnatural about this. Growing up in a big city, I have had plenty of run ins with people in the streets, whether just friendly homeless or drug-effected people acting out. However, both of these suspicions faded away as I stood there dead-still just staring expecting some type of reaction. At this point, maybe 10 seconds had passed, and I made the first move to get into my car quickly and lock the doors, being sure not to lose sight of the man all along. I turn the car on and reverse back to turn my car so that my headlights are directly facing the man. This is when my stomach absolutely dropped. His face, was just...blank?


With my headlights on him, I could now see him clearly. A collared long sleeve button up and dark pants, but his face was completely void of any features. No eyes, no mouth, just indentions and outlines of where they should be found, almost like a unfinished wax figure head of some sort. While viewing him, I realized he was now standing, but seemed taller. That’s when I looked down to see he was now floating maybe a foot off the ground facing my car directly. The amount of fear I felt at this point made my face feel numb and every alarm bell in my brain told me to leave now. I turned my car around and quickly drove away towards the college.

The description of the entity floating rather than walking is very odd, but this strange detail has appeared in other reports as well. From the Reddit poster “SimilarEconomics4” comes a rather terrifying experience he had while growing up in the small town of Pine Grove in Pennsylvania. He says that his best friend at the time lived nearby and that he and his brother often took a shortcut through an alleyway to go there. This was a tiny town where everyone knew each other and which was very safe, but on this day they would have an encounter with a mysterious stranger that they would never forget. He explains:

My brother and I start getting closer to our friends’ house and we see this man by the stop sign at the end of the alley. The stop sign is past our friends’ house about 150 yards away. He looked like what I would picture God looking like: White man, silky white pants and shirt. As we get closer, my heart starts pounding faster and I realize he is floating and not walking. My brother saw it too and said he is floating and we start running. This man/thing looked at us at this point he was about 100 yards away from us and he literally had no face just blank, blurred face. No eyes, nose, no nothing. We had reached our friends’ house and they were asking why we looked so scared. We told them what happened and the boys rode their bikes around the neighborhood but saw nothing that fit our description. I still to this day have no idea what the heck it was but it still makes my heart race.

Perhaps the most terrifying type of encounter one could have with a faceless entity like these would be to confront one within the comfort of one’s own home, and there are indeed reports along these lines. One witness on a Reddit humanoid thread says she had an outlandish encounter with a “faceless man” as she was sitting at home on her porch talking to her boyfriend on the phone. It was a little after midnight, and as she talked she says she noticed a man standing about a block away staring in her direction, and as she peered in that direction to see who it was she was taken aback by the appearance of the stranger, and it would soon become a apparent that this was no man at all. She says:

He was barefoot, shirtless, and wearing jean cut-offs. He had sandy brown hair, but where his face was supposed to be was utterly blank- no eyes, no mouth, no nose- nothing. Despite that, I still had the sensation that it was staring at me. I told my bf what I was seeing, and he told me to close my eyes for a sec, thinking I was just tired. I did so, but when I opened them- the faceless man was closer to me. I stared and it started moving closer to me. It wasn't walking though, it was just sort of... in the next spot with each blink. At this point, I had had quite enough and went inside. I woke up my friends (there were five of us staying the night together) and we all piled into the window, so I could show them this thing. It was gone, but an ambulance went down the street and stopped where the faceless man had started out. We didn't wait to see what rolled out with the EMTs.

It seems as if this might have been a ghost or spirit, but most cases of these faceless beings are harder to classify. Another poster called “plimpp69” says his own encounter happened right in his own bedroom. He says that this occurred in the summer of 2011, when he was a freshman in high school and that he suddenly woke at 1 AM for no discernible reason, but it would soon turn out that he was not alone in that room. The witness says of the strange events that unfolded next:

A few minutes later I heard faint footsteps. At first, I was thinking that it was just in my head. After a few minutes, I started to look around as I usually do whenever I wake up. I heard the footsteps again, but this time they sounded like they were literally outside my room. In my peripheral vision I noticed that I couldn't see into my brother's room, he also used to sleep with the door open and his room is across from mine as if something was standing in front or blocking the entry. I got curious and turned to see what was blocking the entry, and I saw a humanoid figure, about 7 feet tall, it was faceless, bald, and had a fair skin complexion, it was dressed old fashioned, it had a cream colored sweater with what appeared to be random paint strokes and splashes on it of many colors, and black slacks. It was just standing there as if looking at me.


I started analyzing it, it was abnormally thin, and had freakishly long arms, arms way past the knee. It also had visible veins running all over its faceless expression. I thought I was dreaming at first, I started blinking, shaking my head, and slapping myself in hopes that I was dreaming or hallucinating. I stopped and looked across... It was still standing there...I immediately freaked out when I found out I was not dreaming and pulled the covers over my face. I tried yelling for help and I couldn't scream at all from the terror. 30 minutes later I built up courage and pulled the covers off to confront it and it was gone. I haven't seen it ever since. My youngest brother also happened to see that thing earlier this year.

An even more otherworldly and hard to categorize encounter comes from the files of researcher Albert S Rosales, and concerns another witness in Belton Missouri who came face to face with a strange entity in his bedroom in 2015. The report was given by the witness’s wife, and she explains that it all began when her husband woke to find a small pinpoint of red light travelling across the wall and ceiling of the room. The couple believed it to be a prank carried out by someone with a laser pointer at first, and even notified the police about it, but it was strange in that they had thick bamboo blinds on their window and it seemed impossible for someone to aim a laser pointer through the blinds and onto the wall. It was perplexing, and they sort of tried to put it out of their mind until a few nights later, when the weirdness would graduate into the full-blow bizarre. She explains:

This morning he called me into his bedroom and told me that he had seen a being in his bedroom around 6:00 AM. He said that it appeared to be self illuminating. “Very bright” He said it was about my height, which is approximately 5 foot five inches and that it glowed and it had no face.He said it's head was a little larger than human. He said when he saw it; the being was near the bedroom door, apparently when it realized my husband was watching it, the being looked slightly over its shoulder at my husband and very quickly exited the bedroom. My husband said it had no discernible features, it had no face. It was then he told me that the night he’s seen the laser, he’d had also seen an approx 3 foot by 3 foot square shape projected on the mirror of his closet doors.


He said it looked like a large picture frame and that there was a very bright light illuminating from within it, with strange black symbols that resembled hieroglyphics inside of what he described as small boxes they were also illuminated. He said he’s never seen anything like them before. I asked him why he hadn't mentioned this before. He told me that he couldn't understand how there was this large imagine in his mirror, because there are no windows on the west wall of his bedroom, so it couldn't have been a reflection. He wasn't going to mention it until he saw the being this morning. He told me he’s very unnerved about these sightings, since they are becoming repetitive. I'm concerned because my husband is not one to make-up stories. He's very practical down to earth kind of person. If he said he saw something, he did.

Looking at encounters like these there seems to be so many possibilities as to what lies behind them. Aliens, ghosts, interdimensional interlopers of some sort, all of these have been proposed, but there are few answers. Perhaps the true origin of these entities is a mix of all of the above, depending on the case. Or maybe it is all urban legend in the making, the idea of spooky faceless strangers so alluring and weird that it has taken on a life of its own. Whatever the case may be, such reports continue to make the rounds, and they most certainly occupy a strange corner all their own in the world of the paranormal.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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