Within the world of the paranormal there are many strange phenomena for which we have no concrete answers, and which serve to merely baffle and confuse. Yet among these there can often be those very surreal and odd things that lurk out on the periphery of the odd, evading any attempts to even really classify. This is surely an apt description of the increasing number of reports making the rounds of eerie, tall pale humanoids that go way off into the realm of the truly bizarre, and which defy any real efforts to understand. Here we will look at some reports of truly otherworldly tall and pale entities and beings that are in a league of weirdness all their own.

One spooky account comes from the Reddit user “Saskguy85,” who had his encounter while driving through the remote wilderness somewhere near the Canadian border. At the time he was on his way home from a friend’s house at around 4 AM, and it is described as a 45-minute drive, around 10 minutes of which is through a dense patch of rugged, black forest. On this evening he took the drive slow after almost hitting a deer, moving along carefully as he peered into the gloom ahead. As he did, it seems something beyond his comprehension bloomed up out of the dark, and he says of what happened:

As I approached the exit of the forest there is a left curve in the road and an adjacent dirt road with a white wooden fence lining it going up a hill to what I would imagine would lead to someone’s property/home. As I was making the turn I seen something in my headlights (Brights) at the edge of the fence. It was a tall pale milky white creature with a bald head. Its eyes reflected back. Clothes-less . It's arms and legs just as white as its bald head. I seen it for a second or two as it made a move to dive behind the fence. I braked and backed up slowly and pointed my lights at the fence looking for any kind of movement. I was parked on the highway which was abandoned at 5 am. My heart was racing and I didn't know why. I must have sat there for a minute before I calmed down, didn't see any movement and decided I better not go and investigate or maybe I'd become a missing person and continued my journey home. To this day I still wouldn't have gotten out to investigate unless I had a weapon or someone with me. So the only description I have of this "thing" is tall, pale, bald, and human like features, but no noticeable hair or eyebrows.

A perhaps even more frightening similar account is given by Reddit user “DistinctEarthling,” who had his strange experience while driving along a rural back road in Upstate NY on Christmas night, 2007 on his way to visit a friend in a rural gated community. As he approached the community he came to an area where he would encounter something from out of a nightmare. He says:

I reached a section of road that had barren fields on either side and woods set back. Houses were probably nestled back into the trees. As I drove, I noticed what looked like someone walking up ahead on the opposite side of the road, coming in my direction. Mind you, I was still going about 20 mph the whole time, so it was probably less than a minute by the time the “walker” came into clear view. I got a quick scan of it from my windshield before my car and it were exactly parallel. This is what I saw: It was not a person. It stood on two long legs, with long arms hanging down from its shoulders. It was strong looking. Lean, muscular, but not beefy in stature. It looked thin at the same time. It stood at least 7 foot tall. It was light coloured: not sure whether it was white, tan, yellow or greyish. It didn’t appear to have fur but there was some texture to the skin- it wasn’t smooth. There appeared to be something coming down off its back. I don’t know what this was. All I can recall about it’s face is the small features it had but the mouth and jaw were notably large. And it had pointed things atop its head- 2 things going straight upward with something mingled between the two things. That’s what I got from a quick scan and from my observation of it as it neared my car and my car neared it.


As my car became parallel to it within a split second, I went from looking out my windshield to looking at it from my driver’s side window. In that moment, it’s face quickly peered down at me and all I remember was the mouth opened wide. Out came a remarkable scream that I’ll never forget. Gives me the chills just thinking about it. It consisted of a high-pitched shrill/shriek, enveloped by a deep guttural growl. Both sounds happened simultaneously in that scream. I kept driving all the while. This was all happening so fast that I didn’t even have a chance to be scared or shocked or anything. I continued driving and went past my friend’s house and drove home. Called him to tell him what happened and that I just needed to get back. I was probably running on adrenaline to get back home. Later on, I was in total shock after it sunk in. Had my driver’s side window been opened fully, it would have touched me, or worse, taken me. I’m certain of it. To this day, I still haven’t worked out what this was.

In a case on the site Phantoms and Monsters we have a report from all the way over in Scotland. The witness says he was walking home with some friends through a park when they observed something beyond their reality. The witness claims:

Me and my friend were walking around a massive park in my town and it was around 11pm. We were just walking around having a smoke and a laugh, being teenagers and stuff. By this point it was pitch black. There's no lights in the park and I'm a bit on edge because I'm not keen on the dark and I was kind of paranoid from the weed, but I'm gonna just cut to the interesting part. So me and my friend, let's call him Sam, walk towards the actual swing park within the park and we're like 10 feet from the park. There's this unexplainable rancid smell that physically caused me to gag. We joke and say something about it being this girl from school we don't like and head into the park. The smell is only getting stronger and I glance over at the small wall surrounding the park. There's a bench and squatting behind the bench, at least 5 ft tall squatting, was what looked like a freakishly tall guy. He appeared to be naked and hairless. We both kinda stared for a minute before looking at each other as if to say "Yo, you can see that right" and the thing started laughing like a 4-year-old girl. We got the f**k out of there and ran like our lives depended on it and went home. We just laughed it off and kind of forgot about it, at least Sam forgot about it. But it was weeks ago and I'm still spooked and refuse to go near that park after dark.

Sometimes such sightings happen very close to home. Reddit user “Keanu” has a perhaps even creepier account, which apparently played out on evening as he was hanging out with some friends in his own home. He says that throughout the evening they kept hearing strange noises outside, but that every time they went to look there was nothing there. They ended up chalking it up to some animal prowling about and tried to ignore it, but it would soon prove to be no normal animal. The witness says that he stepped outside to have a cigarette and that’s when things got very weird very fast. He explains:

My friend began moaning in what I can only describe as pure primal fear so I began asking him what and suddenly my dog started barking. I looked to the right off the small porch and saw a tall, extremely thin, ghostly pale creature. It was a horrid humanoid figure. I only saw it for a moment before I heard the rocks under it scatter moving like someone was moving inhumanly fast over them. It was gone over the fence into the green belt behind my house in a split second. I’d say it perhaps 7 feet tall and humanoid in how it looks. I theorize that the creature was on top of my roof before as there’s no other way to describe the sounds we heard or how the creature appeared so suddenly and silently.

The same witness thinks it might be connected with a frightening encounter a friend of his had had in a nearby tunnel with a rusted metal gate. The tunnel is apparently a place where teenagers like to go to spook themselves, but there was typically no one there because it was out in a very rural wooded area and not easy to get to. On this occasion the friends decided to go exploring there, and the poster says of the outlandish events that would allegedly play out:

A couple of my friends decided to investigate further into the tunnel out of curiosity. You must also take note that they claim this happened awhile before my initial experience occurred. They walked deep into the tunnel probably 10-15 minutes. At a certain point later in the tunnel once flashlights are completely necessary it stoops down. They said there were noticeable amounts of feces that had questionable explanation to how it got there. With signs that the tunnel could be inhabited, but by something that couldn’t simply be an animal. This is also in a suburban area where homeless people or addicts are extremely uncommon. This tunnel in particular I know for a fact no man would want to take up residence, especially with the small amount of water running through it. They reached a part in the tunnel where it got even lower and above where it drops down is painted “Welcome to Hell” coincidentally. There they say they saw a tall pale figure hunched in a way so that it took up most of the height of the tunnel but was noticeably gaunt and thin. And at that point they claim to have saw it move and they turned tail and frantically sprinted down the tunnel with no regard for the water or darkness. Given the description of what witnessed I would say that these two incidents are likely connected and the creature in question is likely to be the same one in each story, especially given the vicinity in which they occurred. We now theorize that the creature witnessed at my house dwells in the tunnel during the day and prowls at night. We don’t go near the tunnel anymore. I don’t think there’s a way this could be a coincidence.

What was this thing? Another report from the site Phantoms and Monsters similarly happened right in the witness’s yard, out in rural Durham, in the state of North Carolina. On this evening his family had gone off to visit a relative who had recently given birth, so he had the quiet house to himself. He decided to bring his dog out for a walk before bedtime at around 12 AM, and he says of what happened next:

I took her out the back-garage door with her long leash (I was wearing socks and didn't feel like getting them soaked). She usually does her "business" in that little clearing between the kennel and garage, so I let her walk down through it. Our garage has a single light on the back wall (not LED or really bright) so I can see her somewhat well while she does it. She's facing me when suddenly her backside lifts almost one or two feet into the air. (Paranormal or not I f**king screamed at this) I assumed some wild dog or something had tried to drag her. She runs back to me and I hear rustling among the rocks and this figure stops right as it enters visible view in the light. I've never seen anything like it in my life. "It" was tall. I'm 6'2 and I had to look slightly up to see where I thought its head was. It was pale but not white or grey, just normal pale flesh-color (like someone who spends a week or two indoors). It was lanky, not really anorexic or anything but definitely disproportionate. It looked at me for a good 1-2 seconds before it backtracked in the quickest manner I could never replicate. As soon as it went I booked it back inside.


I was torn about calling the police if neighbors who had heard my scream hadn't. Behold almost half an hour later the police arrive in my driveway (I told them that I had seen a man in the back yard, leaving out the whole tall demon-sh*t going on.) I have been contemplating whether it was some creature or some NBA-bound nude meth-head. Once again, I don't count myself as a "believer" in the bigfoot or mothman but I really don't know what the f**k happened. I'm most definitely not taking the dog out alone anytime soon.

There is also a report from The UFO Reporting Center that is eerily similar, in that once again we have one of these strange entities encountered in someone’s backyard, this time in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in the Fall of 2004. The witness describes herself as a housewife and mother, and explains that it was at around sunset and that her two daughters were in their respective rooms as she watched TV in the living room. At some point her two dogs suddenly were agitated and on edge, which she claims was very unusual for them. The dogs gathered at the dining room window, which overlooks the backyard, growling and barking at something outside. Considering how odd their behavior was, the witness decided to investigate, and as soon as she opened the door things escalated into the weird very quickly. She says of what happened:

As I opened the door the dogs barged past me as they usually do when they are excited (i.e. to chase a bunny through the fence). On this occasion, they hooked around the door to cross the back of house. I took a step out keeping my hand on the door knob of storm door. They had stopped between my two patios shoulder to shoulder and barking hysterically. Defensive and afraid at the same time. I saw in front of them standing inside my privacy fence what looked like a bald headed teenager. I was thinking to myself, 'hey, what's this tall, skinny, pale white, bald teenager doing in my backyard' and just then it turned to look at us just enough to show it's right eye. It had a big black elongated upslanting eye. It then turned to its left and vanished on the spot. The dogs then ran to the spot where it stood sniffing the ground. Now, I didn't get any supportive reactions from family or friends so for the last two years I've just put it out of my mind as best I could. I would raise the issue now and then, but when I hear reports on the news like a sighting over Chicago O'hare airport etc. I am reminded of my 'encounter'. The surprise scared me so bad, I had to do lamaze breathing to slow my heartrate down.


I did not imagine this. I recall feeling I should look fast as it had no earlobes, no visible nose from my vantage point (it stood right shoulder to us) long arms, long fingers but did not count them. I don't recall it's feet, but it either wore a skin tight jump suit similar to skin color. I saw a shiny object on it's upper left chest. All I could think was, I'm going to die of a heart attack and no one will know what I just saw. I witnessed some paranormal activity in years past, and I have to wonder if the incidents are related. It is a mystery! I am certain that we are not alone in the universe, but the public seems to be desensitized to this subject, as though a disinformation program has been at work since Roswell. People just think a person isn't well if we've had this experience and won't believe it until they see it for themselves. I had always said, the universe is so vast, we can't be the only life there is, but I'm left wondering why 'I' was visited.

Another case concerning dogs was reported on Phantoms and Monsters, from a man who says this happened to a friend of his in May 2015 in Dufferin County, in Ontario, Canada. The friend supposedly lives on a farm on a few hundred acres of land, in a very rural area with not many people around at all. At the time the witness was living in a trailer as his farmhouse was renovated, and one evening he woke to the sounds of his dogs going nuts and scratching at the trailer door. Once again the strangeness started when he opened the door. The man says of what happened to his friend:

When he went to let them out he was surprised to see bright yellow lights behind and inside the nearby barn. Thinking it was trespassers he let his dogs loose and went to grab his rifle. He said as he was loading it he heard his dogs go from barking, to yelping and whining. They came barreling back into the trailer and proceeded to hide under the table. Thinking these people hurt his dogs he stepped out of the trailer and fired five rounds into the air and began yelling as he readied another magazine. He got a response when the lights around the barn grew incredibly bright. He admits that at that point he was pretty freaked out. He said that he stood there for a bit staring at the lights when he noticed two beings casually walking across the field towards the barn.


Apparently when he saw them he was hit with a mixture of confusion and fear. He describes them as humanoid, pale white, tall and thin. Having very small heads in comparison to their bodies, he also notes that they must have been 6'5 with most of that height being leg length. He stated that they moved very strangely. Their upper body seemed stiff and locked, but their legs moved very fluidly. Almost bringing their knees to their chest. Understandably fear took over him, he took aim and fired three rounds at the beings. Which just made them completely stop moving. Then he noticed a third one to his left very close, but walking away from his trailer. He turned around, went back inside and went for his handguns when the light outside vanished. He sat inside his trailer with silent dogs until morning. He didn't check out the barn until two days later. He found nothing strange there. No burn marks, no holes, all was normal. When checking the fields, he also found absolutely nothing. He told me that he was freaked out for a while afterwards, but nothing strange has ever happened on his property since then.

When looking at reports such as these it is hard to know what to think. What kind of phenomena could these truly bizarre accounts actually represent? Are these mere hoaxes, tall tales, and urban legends? Are these aliens, ghosts, demons, some sort if interdimensional phenomena? Or are they perhaps something else altogether, maybe even something we were never meant to understand? We will likely never know, and such reports flitter and dance out on the very fringes of the surreal and strange.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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