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Cyborg Envy, Human-Sized Scorpions, Jupiter Storms and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 18, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- September 18, 2020

The latest image of Jupiter taken by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope shows a new storm brewing while another giant storm is changing color. If there’s life in Jupiter, are they blaming climate change or 2020?

Using a CT scanner on a well-preserved 340 million-year-old sea scorpion fossil, a professor at  West Virginia University discovered that these human-sized arthropods could come out of the water and breath air on land. This sounds like the plot for a new Stephen King movie with a soundtrack by Sting.

The commonly held belief that domestic horses originated in Anatolia (Asia Minor Asian Turkey) has been turned upside by a new DNA study which has them starting in the Eurasian Steppe around 2000 BCE. Fortunately, this does not in any way affect the lyrics of “Wild Horses.”

A new study found that nearly two thirds of people in Western European countries would consider augmenting their bodies with technology to become cyborgs if it improved their lives. The rest would probably do it too if there was a way to get around metal detectors.

Researchers in Singapore used chitlin – an organic polymer found in the cell walls in fungi, the exoskeletons of crustaceans, and the scales of fish – to make tools and building materials that could be used on Mars. Based on this, the first business on Mars needs to be a seafood restaurant.

Germany’s Volocopter announced it is taking reservations for electric air taxi rides on board its VoloCity aircraft at $350 per ride starting in 2022. For a tenth of that today, Uber drivers will fly over potholes and turn the radio up loud so you can’t hear the combustion engine.

The producers of the upcoming “Space Hero” reality show are looking for contestants to vie for a seat on a 2023 SpaceX mission to the International Space Station. Sounds interesting, but they might get more viewers if they called it “Dancing With The ‘Nauts.”

A Tesla driver who fell asleep in self-driving mode has been charged with excessive speeding on a highway north of Calgary when the car hit 140km/h (87 mph) and accelerated to 150 k/h (93 mph) when pursued by the police. With no ethyl alcohol in its engine, the car must have easily passed the sobriety test.

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