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Ghost Ship Tours, Meteorite Millionaires and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 1, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- September 1, 2020

Australia’s Hungry Jack's fast food chain is protecting customers’ French fries with new packages made with holographic paper designed to scare away gulls, or as the company calls them, "pincer-mouthed, chip-addicted feather reptiles." If this works, is there a way to get it made into a jumpsuit and hat?

The town of Santa Filomena in northeastern Brazil was hit by hundreds of meteorite fragments on August 19 and locals are now selling the 4.6 billion-year-old rocks to collectors for up to $26,000 each. Unfortunately, there’s not a stone path left in Santa Filomena.

A British ferry operator is now running "ghost ship" tours of empty cruise ships abandoned in the English Channel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To truly relive the experience, they should end the tour at a closed restaurant for a ghost buffet.

Labs in the U.S. are facing a huge rhesus monkey shortage due to COVID-19 testing demands and a drop in monkey imports from China. It’s no wonder why short, slow lab interns are looking nervous.

New fossil evidence shows that prehistoric crinoids or “sea lilies” arrived in England 180 million years ago by crossing the ocean on rafts made of driftwood. No evidence yet that those who could afford it paid birds to carry them.

A new study finds that women with Alzheimer’s live longer than men because their second X chromosome gives them double the amount of a protective protein. Does this mean the Wonder Woman franchise will last longer than Spiderman or Superman? Discuss.

Sleep researchers say that atheists and agnostics are significantly more likely to be better sleepers than those belonging to organized religions. Their knees last longer too.

A tiny painting long believed to be a fake Rembrandt has now been proven to have come from the artist’s workshop and may be a Rembrandt self-portrait. For those too young to remember, a ‘self-portrait’ is a selfie made with paint that has no funny eyes or animal ears.

According to new research by Weetabix, people who eat peanut butter each morning for breakfast are the most passionate lovers. The peanut butter aisle at grocery stores is the new OkCupid.



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