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New Jersey UFO, Martian Acid, Bionic Eyes and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 16, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly — September 16, 2020

Multiple video were posted on social media of what witnesses described as a UFO over New Jersey’s Route 21 and received millions of views, confirmations and endorsements … even after it was revealed the UFO was actually a blurred image of the Goodyear blimp. This is a direct result of the coronavirus – without sports, no one remembers what the blimp looks like.

New research has found new support for the Mozart effect – the idea that listening to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart daily can lead to a significant reduction in epileptic seizures and a reduced frequency in abnormal brain activities commonly seen in epileptic patients. Listening to anything recorded in the 21st century? Not so much.

A new study proposes that coarse dust blown from the nearby Negev desert helped create the rich soils that formed the Levant and the Fertile Crescent, leading to them becoming the birthplaces of modern civilization. An interesting theory, but not enough of an excuse to neglect cleaning your room.

Designers from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have developed a “Living Cocoon” – a moss-filled coffin made out of mycelium, a fast-growing, fungus-like bacteria that speeds up the decomposition of a human body and its burial clothes from ten years to 2. Will the new favorite funeral song by “In the Mushroom” by Lid?

Rocket Lab, a private small rocket company in New Zealand, has an Electron rocket and a satellite called Photon it has plans to launch to Venus in 2023 to search for the life forms that may be there. With names like that, it may be sign they plan to charge the costs.

As a way to save energy, Airbus is testing flying passenger jets close together in V-shaped bird flock formations to take advantage of wake energy retrieval like ducks, geese and other birds do on long flights. This could be your best opportunity to watch a goose look up and smack its forehead with a wing.

For the first time in history, rum is being made on the Isle of Rum in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland using natural ingredients found on the island. The original name Rùm probably came from the Old Norse rõm-øy for “wide island” or the Gaelic ì-dhruim for “isle of the ridge.” Being distilled by Scots, it will still taste like booze.

Doctors Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, are preparing to implant the world’s first bionic eye using brain-implanted micro-electrodes connected to headgear containing a camera and transmitter similar to those found in smartphones. The hardest part may be resisting the urge to remove the helmet off and take a selfie.

The reason why there are no signs of past life on Mars may be because Martian acids in the soil destroyed them, according to a new study. “Martian acid” could help recruit an entirely different kind of astronaut.



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