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Cougar Boom, Giant Robot, Black Hole Movie and More Mysterious News Briefly — September 24, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- September 24, 2020

A mysterious 18-month daily Internet outage for an entire Welsh village was finally traced to a couple with a very old television set who turned it on at 7 AM every morning and obliterated the village’s broadband signal. A possible solution to keeping your kids off the Internet at night?

The crew on the International Space Station had to fire up the engines and make an "avoidance maneuver" to prevent getting hit by a large chunk of space debris. The ISS crew still hasn’t found a pesky leak either – is it time for an experiment on how well four-leaf clovers grow in space?

In Japan, a 60-foot tall robot based on the RX-78-2 unit in the Gundham sci-fi series managed to take a few steps and drop to one knee before moving its massive 55,000-pound body back into its base. Godzilla just said, “Hold my human-filled subway car and watch this.”

Parasitic roundworms (nematodes) sent to the International Space Station were able to survive and kill agricultural pests, which will come in handy when humans begin farming in space. Unless there’s robins on Mars.

Archaeologists excavating a 13th-century monastery in Ireland found evidence the monks made sourdough bread and equipped their latrine with air freshener. They must have been using some pretty potent sourdough starter.

A shipping company has designed a telescoping-sail cargo ship capable of transporting 7,000 cars across the Atlantic using nothing but wind power. If it’s used to ship gasoline-powered cars, they should call it the SS Irony.

The U.S. National Park Service is reporting a boom in mountain lion births this summer in Southern California, with five dens containing 13 kittens found in the mountains west of Los Angeles. Get ready for the inevitable reality/wildlife hybrid show: “The Den Mothers of Beverly Hills.”

The first-ever image of a black hole unveiled last year has now been made into a movie showing how it changes shape over time as the flow of matter into it creates violent turbulence. Bow down “Jaws,” “Sharknado” and “King Kong” – you’re not worthy.

A 15-year-old girl in Brazil has been crying blood for over a week and her doctors are at a loss to explain why. Is it possible that she may have looked directly at Q?

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