There are places in this world that for whatever reasons seem to draw in tales of the strange. Whether it is because of their strange histories or their unique locations, these spots have had stories of the bizarre gravitate towards them, and they remain odd locales off the beaten path and orbiting out on the fringes of our understanding. One such mysterious place is located off the coast of Africa, and it is a peaceful island paradise that holds within it an otherworldly realm of strange creatures, ghostly phenomena, UFOs, and various other strange phenomena.

Lying out in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Morocco is the island called Tenerife. It is the largest and most populous of the Canary Island archipelago, and the southernmost autonomous community of Spain, it is also a place of rich culture and natural beauty, such as the majestic Teide National Park, UNESCO World Heritage site, and the island draws in around five million tourists a year. Here there are also numerous places of historical importance, including various artifacts and ruins left by the original aboriginal Guanche people of the Canary Islands and the only examples of the mysterious Guanche mummies, which are specially prepared and embalmed individuals created in a way not dissimilar to the ancient Egyptians. There are also the mysterious Pyramids of Güímar, located in the southeast of the island near the town of Güímar, which are six rectangular terraced pyramid-like structures constructed by the Guache people for inscrutable reasons. In addition to all of this, the island of Tenerife also has its share of strange lore and tales of the supernatural and the unexplained.

Tenerife island

Perhaps the place most steeped in strangeness on the island is a yawning, perpetually misty ravine located not far from Güímar in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Called the Barranco de Badajoz, it is a place of breathtaking natural beauty that draws in scores of visitors, and to which a large amount of strangeness gravitates. One of the stories that is often brought back by visitors to the ravine is that of sighting very large black dogs with thick, long hair and red glowing eyes wandering the wilderness here, often seen emerging from caves in the mountainside, and in some cases said to vanish into thin air. It has been suggested that these creatures are perhaps a demon from Guache lore called a Tibicena, although they could also be some as yet undiscovered creature that inspired the legends in the first place. Whatever the creatures are, the reports still sporadically come in.

In addition to demon dogs, there have been occasional reports of strange humanoid entities in the area. One report from 1912 tells of how two workers were digging for water galleries when they encountered three white, ethereal angelic beings that floated towards them and told them where to dig. Such beings have sporadically been reported ever since, usually described as wearing flowing white robes and with a glowing radiance. One of the most famous encounters with these entities supposedly happened between the years of 1890 and 1910, when a young girl went out into the ravine to pick pears and didn’t come back. A massive search turned up no sign of her, but decades later she supposedly reappeared in her village having not aged a day. She would then tell the villagers of how she had met a tall being in white clothes, who had taken her into a cave that led to a garden with more of these entities. According to her she had spent just a short time with them, yet many years had passed.

There are also winged humanoids sometimes seen here, and in July of 1991 there was allegedly such a creature photographed by a man named Teyo Bermejo, who snapped a picture after hearing the sounds of flapping wings in the sky above. There are also frequently reported from here various phenomena such as orbs, balls of fire, strange electrical phenomena, and shadow people. Visitors will report that their compasses do not work here, and that watches or electrical equipment will stop working. Hikers have explained how they will become disoriented and lost for no discernible reason, and instances of lost time are sometimes reported, or of losing consciousness only to awake in another area entirely with no memory of what has happened. Some witnesses have also told stories of passing into what almost seems to be another realm, with the weather and scenery changing for no reason, only to go back to normal when they pass back over. UFOs are also frequently seen here, and the ravine is often seen as one of the most intense UFO hotspots in the Canary Islands, already known for its UFO sightings.

Barranco de Badajoz

The area has become so well known for its various bizarre phenomena that it is often visited by paranormal researchers, notably the well-known Spanish researchers Francisco Padrón Hernández and Fernando Jimenéz del Oso, who have made several excursions to the site and believe that the area perhaps harbors some sort of interdimensional portal. Indeed, this seems to be a popular explanation for what could be going on here in this isolated, remote ravine. Does this place serve as some sort of doorway to the unknown? Is it for whatever reasons imbued with mystical forces? Or is this just legend and myth seeping over into the modern day? It is hard to say, and this mist-shrouded realm has managed to retain its mysteries.

Brent Swancer

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