Nov 01, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Dracula Gets Hit Where It Hurts by the Coronavirus

There have been questions about whether Bigfoot, being an alleged human-like mammal, could contract the coronavirus. There have been questions about whether space aliens, who are often similar to humans, can contract the virus. Someone (or something) who seems to be in the very high risk category would be vampires – either from blood transfer or just being in close facial proximity. Now we have confirmation from Transylvania itself that Dracula has been hit hard by the coronavirus – in a way you may not have expected.

“This year, only 400,000 people crossed the threshold of the castle, which led to a decrease in income by almost 90 percent.”

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Bran Castle

That’s the word from Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle, located in the Transylvanian city of Bran in Romania. The castle in on the border of the Wallachia area, which was ruled by Vlad Dracula, the infamous Vlad the Impaler whose brutality towards both his enemies and his own citizens was said to have inspired Bram Stoker in some part to write “Dracula.” However, Vlad III Dracula was not a vampire (Dracul means ‘dragon’ and that was his father’s nickname because he was a member of the Order of the Dragon chivalry order – Dracula means ‘son of the Dragon’) nor is there any evidence he lived or spent any time in Bran Castle. It’s rumored that he may have been imprisoned there and that, plus its classic looks and close proximity to Wallachia, made Bran Castle the designated Dracula Castle. As we know, facts rarely apply when there are tourist dollars to be made, and Bran Castle became the go-to place for Dracula and vampire fans worldwide.

“With the security measures taken worldwide, we lost almost 64% of our visitors. we were thus forced to focus on the internal market, but the internal market did not react for a long time either. July saw a drop of almost 76% in visitors and a 90% drop in revenue. We are left with a team of 64 people.”

Alexandru Prişcu, the marketing director of Bran Castle, detailed to Radio Romania the financial impact the coronavirus pandemic had on Dracula’s Castle. It was averaging over a million visitors annually and had a staff of 120. The castle is still open to tourists and Prişcu assures that they comply with all safety measures and no employee has been infected. Nonetheless, Dracula himself – or at least his bank account – has been impaled it a way that hurts more than any fever, loss of appetite, 14-day quarantine could.

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Of course Doctor Dracula makes house calls.

Would Vlad Dracula care if Bran Castle was losing money? He’d probably just invade a neighboring country and refill his coffers. Would Dracula? Actually, contracting COVID-19 could be a moneymaker for the vampire. He’d undoubtedly recover since he’s undead and could then spread his antibody-filled plasma around in his usual way – perhaps not turning his victims into vampires but just protecting them from COVID-19 and then collecting a fee from insurance companies.

Vlad the Vaccinator? Not horror movie-worthy but it could rehabilitate his reputation.

Paul Seaburn

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