Oct 14, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Famous Scottish UFO Photos Blocked From Release Until 2072

It’s one thing to see a UFO. It’s quite another to see a 100-foot UFO in a daytime confrontation with military jets and get decent photographs of the encounter. It’s not surprising that a government in possession of said photos would be unwilling to release them it’s frustrating that said government would ignore a commitment to release them to the public after 30 years, and then not only renege on said commitment but vow to keep them hidden for another 50 years. That’s not the plot of a paranormal thriller but a real-life drama going on the UK right now as the infamous photos of a diamond-shaped UFO hovering over Calvine, Scotland, in 1990 were scheduled to be released in January 2021 but have been locked up again for 50 more years. Is it because this the smoking gun? The holy grail of UFO photos? The proof that we’re not alone? The thing that would change I-want-to-believers into believers?

“I soon got the story out of my predecessor and read the file myself. It was an extraordinary tale: two men had been out hiking near Calvine in Scotland.


Suddenly, they’d seen a massive UFO hanging in the sky above their heads, silent, motionless and menacing. Awestruck, they shot off six photographs before the object accelerated away at immense speed – vertically!


The shell-shocked witnesses sent the photos to a Scottish newspaper and a journalist contacted the MoD press office, looking for a comment.


Somehow - perhaps using a D-Notice or perhaps using some real-life Men-in-Black trickery - someone at the MoD managed to extract all the photos and the negatives from the newspaper, who never got them back.”

Nick Pope, the former Ministry of Defence official who ran its UFO project, told the story of the Calvine UFO to The Sun – a story he had intimate on-the-job knowledge of and could still not disclose everything due to its classified status.

“The analysis was nothing short of sensational. The photos hadn’t been faked.


They showed a structured craft of unknown origin, unlike any conventional aircraft. There was no fuselage, no wings, no tail, no engines and no markings of any sort.”

The incident was downplayed by the Defence Ministry and the photos were never returned to the witnesses, who said they also saw RAF jets flying at a lower altitude as the UFO sped off. Pope says he helped colorize the photos (and had one made into a poster, which was later confiscated) but the department was never able to explain them. That probably still holds true, but is that a sufficient reason to lock them up for 50 more years? The authorities in this case are the National Archives. A Freedom of Information Act complaint about this new action has been filed and is under investigation by the Information Commissioner’s Office -- the UK information watchdog. As always no comments by the National Archives nor the Ministry of Defence.

Will anything happen? It’s pretty doubtful. Nick Pope sticks to his policy of refusing to reveal classified information, and that’s probably a good plan considering the UK government is playing hardball. Does Tom DeLonge have any pull across the pond? He doesn’t have that much in his own pond.

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We ALL want to believe.

Nick Pope had his “I want to believe” Calvine poster forcibly removed. Fox Mulder has never been able to update his. Are those signs of our chances for disclosure on the Calvine UFO files? On ANY X-Files? Perhaps Dana Scully can provide some hope.

“We do our work. The truth still lies in the X-Files, Mulder.”

Paul Seaburn

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