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Pink Meanies, Roma Downey UFOs, COVID Narwhals and More Mysterious News Briefly — October 29, 2020

Mysterious News Briefly -- October 29, 2020

A UFO flashed across the sky in the Dominican Republic before it crashed and a large, strange-looking metallic object was found on the ground, still smoking and without an impact crater surrounding it. It’s a sign of the year 2020 that the object looks very much like the coronavirus.

“Touched by an Angel” star Roma Downey claims she saw a number of strange bright lights over the Joshua Tree national park in California this week that she’s not sure if they were military jets or UFOs. As with many celebrity sightings, it’s usually whichever gets them better ratings or more album sales.

To curb the spread of COVID-19, Mexican authorities have called on cemeteries to close to the public ahead of the November 1-2 celebration of the Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) when families spend the night at the graves of their loved ones. And that makes it official – the word for 2020 is “irony.”

The Black Vault, the largest privately run archive of declassified documents in the world, just released a document revealing that the House of Representatives, Committee on Armed Services, Summary of Progress of Specific Studies and Investigations on March 11th, 2020, received a classified briefing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAPs. The rest is mostly boring budget information, which shows the government still beats gravediggers when it comes to burying stuff.

An extremely rare and very large 4-foot-wide jellyfish called a “pink meanie” (Drymonema larsoni) was spotted by a man jogging on Florida’s Vanderbilt Beach, but a marine biologist assured swimmers that stings from its 70-foot-long tentacles feels like “mosquito bites.” Spoken like someone who has never been in Florida during mosquito season.

A new study of people living in Bolivia’s tropical rain forests found that their body temperatures show a rapid decline over the past 16 years and are averaging a full degree below the 98.6 F standard, matching a trend that is being observed worldwide. Researchers don’t know why, which is bad news for married couples hoping for a solution to cold bed feet.

Paleontologists now say that it took pterosaurs and other winged reptiles millions of years to learn how to fly. There goes all hope for personal jetpacks in our lifetime.

A narwhal expert thinks the northern whales with the corkscrew tusk (Monodon monoceros) have similar ACE2 receptors to humans that could allow them to contract the coronavirus from discarded boat wastewater and spread it to others through blowhole droplets. We’ll know for sure the first time a human body floats up in Alaska with a narwhal tusk through its chest.

According to a new study, the feelings of awe that occur during a psychedelic drug experience can positively affect and reduce narcissistic personality traits, especially in maladaptive or exploitative-entitled narcissism. Tell them to remember what the dormouse says …  he thinks it will make them look even better.

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