Oct 30, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Police Chaplain Records Orbs Doing Strange Things in His House

"That's when I'm like, 'Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Something's going on here. Something's going on here.””

A seemingly reliable witness on two fronts – he’s a church pastor and a police chaplain – claims he watched orbs float around his living room for hours and caught much of it on a security camera. See them for yourself (watch the video here), then help this police chaplain figure out what was going on in his living room.

“This orb, this imagery, just hovering in my living room.”

Monzell Ford is the founder and pastor of the Kingdom Minded Worldwide Ministries in Daytona Beach, Florida, and a chaplain for the Daytona Beach Police Department. As he tells WESH, he’s seen a lot in his days at both jobs, but nothing prepared him for when motion-detecting security camera went off one night last week with no one else at home. Ford took out his cell phone and checked the feed. A floating orb was not what he expected, so he went to the living room to check it out.

“But I went out there. I couldn't physically see what I was looking at in the live feed."

ball lightning 570x450
Illustration of a ball lightning encounter

For believers, indoor or low-to-the-ground outdoor orbs are most often thought to be spirits of the dead, while aerial orbs are generally considered to be some form of alien transportation or sometimes aliens themselves trying to communicate. Many are disappointed to find that orbs in photographs and videos can easily be explained by dust, floating spores, insects, pollen or even ball lightning. On the technical side, they can be caused by camera flashes, dust on the lens, lens flaws, reflections, distortions and the like. Then there’s just the plain old hoax, caused by flashlights or CGI.

winter 1836873 640 570x300
Snow orbs

So, what did Monzell Ford see? Since the orbs only appeared on the camera feed, their likely cause was either very close to the camera or inside of it. because of the movement, dust or an insect are good possibilities, especially in the second segment where the orb seems to have wings. Because the orbs float while the camera is immobile, a camera flaw or distortion seems unlikely. Ford says he watched them for hours, but doesn’t say how long he recorded them and the news story only showed a brief clip. Based on that, an insect or dust would seem to be the winners … except for when the second orb breaks into two parts that float away in opposite directions.

“So now I'm like, whoa.”

You’re right, Pastor Ford, that was a “whoa” moment. He claims many people have seen the video, but no one has given him a convincing explanation. This writer doesn’t have one either and respects the credibility of a pastor and police chaplain. However, everything else, especially the orbs only appearing on the video, points to insects or particles.

That means you’re welcome to draw your own conclusions.

Paul Seaburn

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