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Possessed Doll Cries Real Tears At Haunted Bar

An incredibly creepy looking doll that is said to be possessed by demons began crying “freshwater” tears after it was brought to an allegedly haunted bar in Wrexham, North Wales.

Paranormal investigator Matt Tillett and his team brought the doll named Annie to the Hideout bar when they performed their investigation recently. Tillett claims that the doll helps to bring out spirits and other paranormal activity during their investigations.

He said that the doll, which is kept in a box with paranormal equipment, became very upset while at the bar. In fact, she was so upset that her tear stains have been left permanently on her face. “Recently, Annie has started crying for no reason, she has real tears,” Tillett said, adding that this was the first time in the year that he has owned her that she has cried.

(Not the haunted doll Annie mentioned in this article.)

Interestingly, she has only been crying since she was put in the box. “I’ve sent it to demonologists and they’ve suggested it could be one of the demons crying because they’re trapped in the box and they can’t get out,” he explained. He believes that there are two demons that possess the doll.

“When we were at the Hideout, she had fresh water running down her right eye.” “It’s unexplainable. It can’t be condensation because there’s a big hole in the top.” Additionally, the equipment that’s attached to the doll was going off during the investigation, specifically the lights. Tillett suggested that it may have been ghost children who were attempting to play with the doll.

Other paranormal activity that the team encountered at the Hideout bar include hearing a female spirit screaming in the abandoned flat upstairs and the sounds of children running around.

(Not the haunted doll Annie mentioned in this article.)

Additionally, the team supposedly made contact with a 170-year-old man by using a Ouija board. The man who they made contact with was named Luther Jones and he communicated that he was a cobbler who lived in the 1850s. Based on their research, the team was able to confirm that prior to the bar being at the location, there was a cobbler’s shop and that Luther Jones was actually a real person.

They also made contact with a 6-year-old boy who once lived at the location with his parents. When they asked him if his parents were with him, he moved the planchette on the Ouija board to the word “yes”.

Making contact with spirits at a haunted location is creepy enough, but having a possessed doll inexplicably crying is absolutely frightening. A picture of the terrifying looking doll Annie can be seen here.