UFO encounters sometimes seem to happen all of the time, to people all over the place and from all walks of life. Yet the ones that really seem to capture our attention and imaginations are the ones that happen to well-known figures and celebrities. Indeed, in this culture of celebrity these cases tend to absolutely fascinate, and show us that it is not always some nobody out in the sticks who meets up with otherworldly forces. Here we will look at a selection of some very high profile actors and musicians who have allegedly had encounters with UFOs and aliens just as bizarre as anyone else's.

A very famous actor who has actually garnered quite the reputation for being a complete UFO nut is Canadian actor Dan Aykroyd, of Ghostbusters fame. He’s apparently pretty hardcore into it, and Ackroyd is also known for being rather an expert on the subject. Not only is he intensely interested in the UFO phenomenon, but he has become a sort of champion of pressuring for full disclosure from the government on the truth of the phenomenon, and has just so happened to have had his own sightings on more than one occasion. In a 2015 episode of The HuffPost Show with host Marc Lamont Hill, the topic turned to the strange and he talked candidly about the U.S. Air Force’s UFO alleged cover-up and some details about his own personal UFO sightings. When asked if he truly believed in UFOs, Aykroyd answered:

I do, absolutely, and I’m not alone. I have seen four, and I can’t say that they are alien craft and neither can the Air Force. The Air Force has been very interested in this. They don’t deny the existence of these hyperdynamic, super aerodynamic craft. They don’t deny. Their anguish comes in that they can’t tell you. They want to tell you anything but that they are extraterrestrial. Any excuse at all, even if they are unknown or unsolved. The Air Force cannot just come out and admit that there are extraterrestrial beings far in advanced of our culture that have built these machines. They are very interested in what is going on, but like us, they don’t know. I believe that there are probably many species coming and going and that the Air Force is very interested, but they can’t come out and say. Because then you’re going to go, ‘well wait a minute, the parish priest, the cop on the street, the President — you don’t got the power. They’ve got the power!’ You’d have complete breakdown of society.

On the show, Aykroyd went on to give some further details into his own strange UFO sightings, saying:

Two specifically were definitely aerial constructs of some kind. One of them with a light, and one of them dull gray, and they were structures – one of them going very slow, one of them hovering over me. Then there were the two that my wife and friends and I saw – a high altitude sighting many years ago in Martha’s vineyard. Two flying side by side. They were at about 100,000 feet up, and they were going fast.

dan aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd

Aykroyd has also gone on and on about UFOs on his Facebook page, often referencing research and books and talking about his conspiratorial ideas about government cover-ups. He actively plugged the 2014 book The FBI-CIA-UFO Connection: The Hidden UFO Activities of USA Intelligence Agencies on his page, which goes over the vast research done on declassified documents by a physicist named Dr. Bruce Maccabee, who spent thirty-six years at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Aykroyd would say in a Facebook post of the book:

Ex-Naval Surface Warfare employee and physicist Dr. Bruce Maccabee has assembled the most extensively and meticulously researched body of documentary evidence ever compiled on the U.S. government’s genuine interest in the UFO phenomena. The USAF has NEVER denied the existence of these super-performance aerodynamic vehicles. The Air Force’s continued anguish over PUBLIC disclosure is not due to the military’s genuinely admitted reality of these machines’ existence but due to the government’s struggle to categorize the phenomena as being ANYTHING but extra planetary in origin.

Another big name actor who has had his own experience is Russel Crowe, who while hanging out with a friend in the suburb of Woolloomooloo, in Sydney, not only saw a UFO, but claims to have actually filmed it. Apparently he and his friend were out watching and photographing fruit bats when they saw two mysterious crimson flashes or streaks floating across the sky. Never mind the mystery of why an A-list Hollywood star was out randomly taking pictures of fruit bats, what was this unidentified object he says he saw? Crowe captured images with his camera and put together a time lapse sequence that seems to show them flying across the sky, and he would later excitedly post the images to his Twitter account with the words “UFO? Time Lapse Photos Outside RC’s Woolloomooloo Office (THESE ARE REAL!)” He would insist that the photos were not due to camera flash or any sort of artifact on the lens or lens flare. A lot of people have been quick to point out that the images are inconclusive and it could all just be a publicity stunt, but Crowe has always alleged that the photos are of actual UFOs.

russell crowe
Russel Crowe

Actor Kurt Russel also had a bizarre encounter while piloting a small plane towards an airport in Phoenix, Arizona. As he approached, he claimed to see a triangular formation of lights not far from his plane. At the time he was with his son Oliver, and they both saw the strange phenomenon and at the time they did not realize what they were seeing. It would not be until years later that Russel was watching a program about UFOs and realized that his sighting had happened during the famous Phoenix Lights mass UFO sighting in 1997. In fact, it is even believed that Kurt Russel was one of the first pilots to call their sighting in. Russel has explained of that night:

We were on approach. I saw six lights over the airport in absolute uniform in a V shape. Oliver said to me – I was just looking at him, I was coming in, we’re maybe a half a mile out – and Oliver said, ‘Pa, what are those lights?’ Then I kind of came out of my reverie and I said, ‘I don’t know what they are,’” Russell recalled, “‘Are we okay here?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna call in,’ and I reported it.

A more obscure actor, at least in this day and age is the great Jackie Gleason, who outdoes these other reports in that he is rumored to have actually seen alien bodies. A lot of younger readers might not recognize the name, but in his day the comedian, actor, and writer Jackie Gleason (1916- 1987) was a legendary icon. Probably best known for his character Ralph Kramden in the hit television series The Honeymooners and his role as Sheriff Buford T. Justice in the Smokey and the Bandit series of films, Gleason had a long and storied career, appearing in countless movies and TV shows in the 1950s and 60s, including his own The Jackie Gleason Show, also launching a successful music career, and he was a very famous and well-known stalwart of the entertainment industry and a household name. Behind the scenes, though, he had an array of unconventional hobbies that many people did not really know about and which he tried as much as possible to keep out of the public eye.

Jackie Gleason

You see, Jackie Gleason was a complete an unrepentant paranormal and UFO geek. He spent hours reading about all areas of parapsychology, Forteana, aliens, and the unexplained, and obsessively collected books on such things, in particular UFOs. Indeed, he is widely known as having had one of the largest private collections of books on UFOs in the country, which would be donated to the University of Miami after his death. In the biography The Life and Legend of Jackie Gleason, author William A. Henry III explains of this intense interest and fascination thusly:

Jackie Gleason had a lifelong fascination with the supernatural. He would spend small fortunes on everything from financing psychic research to buying a sealed box said to contain actual ectoplasm, the spirit of life itself. He would contact everyone from back-alley charlatans to serious researchers like J.B. Rhine of Duke University and, disdaining the elitism of the scholarly apparatus, would treat them all much the same way. Gleason was a frequent insomniac. He would stay up high the night reading (or rereading) some of the hundreds of (UFO and paranormal phenomena) volumes in his library.

It was partly this interest that led to his friendship with former president Richard Nixon, who was also interested in UFOs. Gleason had also long supported Nixon’s campaigns and was a staunch Republican, and as Nixon had a vacation compound not far away from Gleason’s Florida home the two would strike up a friendship to become frequent golfing buddies, chattering about UFOs and other weird stuff the whole time. It was after one of these golf outings on February 19, 1973 that Nixon apparently showed up alone at Gleason’s door in the middle of the night and allegedly excitedly told Gleason to get dressed because he wanted to show him something, after which the comedian was taken to Homestead Air Force Base in Florida and guided by armed guards to a top-secret, highly secured remote installation. Things would purportedly get very strange from here.

Gleason was reportedly led into an underground area through sterile corridors and past several ominous laboratories, at one point passing a weird twisted metal mass encased in glass that Nixon told Gleason was the remains of a UFO. Gleason supposedly wasn’t sure what to think of this, and at first thought the president was just joking around, but he would soon find that this was no joke as he was led into a large chamber area where there were “six or eight of what looked like glass-topped Coke freezers.” Within each of these freezers was allegedly the mangled remains of tiny humanoid bodies, according to Gleason “only about two feet tall, with bald heads and disproportionately large ears.” These, he was told, were the remains of the occupants of a UFO that had crashed “nearby,” and to say it was shocking to the great comedian would be an understatement. It is unclear how much truth any of this holds, a it is mostly known from the memoirs of his jilted, vindictive ex-wife, but it is very odd and entertaining all the same.

The list of celebrity encounters with aliens and UFOs doesn’t stop at actors, and the music world is full of such stories. One of the famous and indeed most bonkers accounts comes from the former lead singer for Van Halen and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Sammy Hagar. According to him, back in the 1970s long before he was famous he had a very vivid dream in which he was apparently visited by two extraterrestrials who plugged him into a machine and tapped into his mind, reading his thoughts and at the same time downloading information into him. He apparently then began to wake up, which prompted the aliens to unplug the machine and shout some sort of cryptic numerical equations at him, after which he woke to hear a “POW” as the room turned white for a few moments. Although this all happened in a dream, Hagar was very quick to insist that it in fact was real, and that actual aliens had infiltrated his mind to go about their business within his dream. In an interview with MTV he would describe of the incident:

I was lying in bed one night dreaming. I saw a ship and two creatures inside of this ship. I couldn't see their faces. I just knew that there were two intelligent creatures, sitting up in a craft in the Lytle Creek forest area about twelve miles away in the foothills above Fontana. And they were connected to me, tapped into my mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection. It friggin' happened. It was real. They were plugged into me. It was a download situation ..Aliens were plugged into me ... Either a download or an upload. At the time, I didn’t know how to fucking explain it. But they were downloading or uploading – that’s the simplest way to put it. They were tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth. I could see them and everything while it was happening ... Like an experiment: 'Let's see what this guy knows'.


Oh, I could see them – two guys on this little hillside. They were playing with a numerical code but it wasn’t from our numerical system. And then, suddenly, this telepathic connection broke. And I could actually see them go back to their ship in a beam of light – zap, like lightning. For a second there was an infinity of white. I couldn’t move. And then it was over. It scared me nearly to death. It was an experience I couldn’t understand. My ego was telling me: They’re programmed you to be a rock star! So I used it as a tool to write songs about outer space and the future, songs like Crack In The World and Silver Lights, which is about the second coming of Christ – Jesus coming back in a spaceship.

Sammy Hagar Net Worth
Sammy Hagar

Pretty wild to say the least. Just as well-known and also with his own completely bizarre story is the legendary John Lennon, who once told his friend, magician Uri Gellar, a rather astounding tale. Lennon told him that as he was lying in his bed one day he had noticed a bright light seeping through the cracks of the door to the room, and when he got up to see what was going on it had gotten very weird very quickly. He told Gellar that the door opened and into the room stepped four “bug-like” aliens that then used some sort of telepathic power to push him back and then left behind a strange egg-like device. According to Gellar, Lennon would purportedly excitedly tell him:

About six months ago, I was asleep in my bed, with Yoko, at home, in the Dakota Building. And suddenly, I wasn’t asleep. Because there was this blazing light round the door. It was shining through the cracks and the keyhole, like someone was out there with searchlights, or the apartment was on fire. That was what I thought — intruders, or fire. I leapt out of bed, and Yoko wasn’t awake at all, she was lying there like a stone, and I pulled open the door. There were these four people out there. Well they didn’t want my f---in’ autograph. They were, like, little. Bug-like. Big bug eyes and little bug mouths and they were scuttling at me like roaches.”


I’ve told this to two other people, right? One was Yoko, and she believes me. She says she doesn’t understand it, but she knows I wouldn’t lie to her. I told one other person, and she didn’t believe me. She laughed it off, and then she said I must have been high. Well, I’ve been high, I mean right out of it, a lot of times, and I never saw anything on acid that was as weird as those f---in’ bugs, man. I was straight that night. I wasn’t dreaming and I wasn’t tripping. There were these creatures, like people but not like people, in my apartment.


They did something. But I don’t know what it was. I tried to throw them out, but, when I took a step towards them, they kind of pushed me back. I mean, they didn’t touch me. It was like they just willed me. Pushed me with willpower and telepathy. I don’t know. Something happened. Don’t ask me what. Either I’ve forgotten, blocked it out, or they won’t let me remember. But after a while they weren’t there and I was just lying on the bed, next to Yoko, only I was on the covers. And she woke up and looked at me and asked what was wrong. I couldn’t tell her at first. But I had this thing in my hands. They gave it to me. I’ve been carrying it round ever since, wanting to ask somebody the same question. You have it. Maybe you’ll know. I’ve never seen anything like it. Keep it. It’s too weird for me. If it’s my ticket to another planet, I don’t want to go there.

At this point, Lennon allegedly produced from his pocket a small, metallic egg-like object and gave it to Gellar. It was supposedly completely smooth and with no markings or any sort of seams. Gellar supposedly still has it, and he has never quite figured out just what in the world it is. Joining the ranks of famous musicians who have seen aliens or UFOs is the legend David Bowie, who between having his demon-infested swimming pool exorcized and carrying talismans around to prevent witches from stealing his semen also saw his fair share of alien spacecraft. Apparently Bowie went through a phase in which he was dating a girl who would regularly bring him to meditation and UFO watching sessions, and during this time he apparently saw UFOs on many occasions. He reportedly once said of this

We did see UFOs – absolutely. I made sightings six, seven times a night for about a year when I was in the observatory. We had regular cruises that came over . . . they would be stationary for about half an hour, and then after verifying what they’d been doing that day, they’d shoot off.

david bowie heroes 384f1328 9af8 47c5 af86 49eced8d45d6
David Bowie

Not as famous in the U.S., but practically a household name in England is the singer songwriter Robbie Williams, who has allegedly had scores of weird UFO experiences. He has sighted them on many occasions, and he has said of some of the weirder of these cases:

 I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I was lying on my sun lounger outside at night, looking up. Then, about 300 foot above me, there was this square thing which just passed over my head silently and then shot off. The next one was the weirdest one yet. I'd just written a song called Arizona, and it's all about alien contact and I was playing that. I stood on the balcony and there was this big ball of gold light that turned up - we thought it was Venus or Mars or something. Then the song stops playing and it disappears. But then we put Arizona on again and the ball turned back up. It happened four times. After that a massive electrical storm started and these two big massive balls of light started dancing in the sky. It was like a whole light show for about an hour. It’s absolutely bonkers. Seriously, I want to go out and investigate these things. I'm stopping being a pop star and being a full-time ufologist.

These are all certainly spectacular accounts, made even more so by the fact that they have been given by some of the most famous and beloved stars of song and film. Whether any of it is true or the result of drugs and delusion is anyone's guess, but it is all certainly odd and alluring to hear these mega-stars coming forth with their tales. At the very least it adds another layer to the already eccentric world of fame, and such stories serve to draw in curiosity and wonder.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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