Oct 17, 2020 I Paul Seaburn

Ten Best Locations to Buy a House if You Want to See a UFO

Location, location, location – it’s the mantra of real estate agents everywhere. But, is it a universal strategy for home buying? An online real estate website just published a list of the Top ten places to buy a home if one is interested in seeing a UFO or possibly being in contact with an extraterrestrial. Could it be that the reason why these places have so many sighitngs is because ETs are moving there as well? Are you looking for “Third Rock From The Sun” or “Independence Day”? Which one might THEY be looking for?

“To help our customers find (or avoid!) potential alien hotspots, we took data from the National UFO Reporting Center and amalgamated it with our own data to work out the most affordable areas to live, should you be interested in spotting some aliens.


We took the places where you’re most likely to spot an alien and sorted them by their median housing price, and the top 10 were as follows.”

ISoldMyHouse.com describes itself as a service providing “all the content that home sellers need to navigate through the home selling process as well as education and products recommendations to help them maintain their home prior to selling.” That same information is obviously valuable for home buyers as well. Sticking with its boast that “We are not a traditional real estate service”, the list of affordable homes in UFO hotspots is the result of surveys showing that a majority of Americans believe in ETs and a sizeable minority (3 in 10) believe they’re already here. An interesting analysis by Curiosmos.com calculated that the probability of seeing a UFO in one’s lifetime is 0.05% or 1 in 2,000. Moving to a hotspot will increase those odds. So, where is the most affordable UFO hotspot in the U.S.?

1. Myrtle Beach, SC – $167,958

Myrtle Beach is a top vacation spot on the northeast coast of South Carolina. Vacationers and beachgoers means lots of drinking and watching a long, unobstructed horizon, so it’s obviously well-suited for UFO watching. The state is also home to eight military bases, as is nearby North Carolina, so there’s a high probability that what you’re seeing isn’t piloted by ETs. Of course, you never know.

Here’s the rest of the top ten with some notes on a few of them.

2. Columbus, OH – $174,109

Home of The Ohio State University (go Buckeyes!) so many of those UFO sightings on Saturday afternoons might be tailgate-party-induced or the Goodyear blimp or both.

3. Philadelphia, PA – $187,772
4. Houston, TX – $191,907

Houston is home to the Johnson Space Center and many UFOs in the area are attributed to astronauts practicing their piloting skills at a nearby airport. It’s also flat, making them easier to spot. The average could also be helped by Houston’s booming housing market.

5. Tucson, AZ – $215,965
6. Albuquerque, NM – $216,090

Good housing markets plus retirees with time on their hands.

7. Dallas, TX – $226,145

Those Friday night lights from high school football plus blimp sightings sky divers during college and pro games are contributing factors.

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The best of both worlds?

8. Orlando, FL – $260,915

Space program launches nearby  plus Disney fireworks.

9. Phoenix, AZ – $269,175

Phoenix lights … need we say more?

10. Mesa, AZ – $278,497

Phoenix envy?

These cities are also popular housing markets to those NOT interested in UFOs and ETs, so be prepared to be surrounded by non-believers. Are they popular with ETs as well? Only one way to find out … buy a home and keep close tabs on your neighbors with the pointy heads.

Paul Seaburn
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