Throughout all of the cases of strange UFO sightings and encounters, some of the most intriguing and indeed spectacular are those people who claim to have been actually physically abducted by these entities. There are numerous cases of this happening, and these so-called "abductees" almost always come back with weird stories to tell that elude conventional explanations. Such cases can be quite frightening and hold tantalizing clues, and some are even more bizarre and believable than others. One very amazing case of an alien abduction comes to us from Australia, and it is a very odd case encompassing UFOs, aliens, strange physical effects and marks, and multiples witnesses, which all combine to make it all one of the most compelling such accounts there is.

In the hours just after dark on August 8, 1993, a 27 -year-old housewife and mother of three children by the name of Kelly Cahill was driving with her husband between Belgrave and Fountain Gate, in Victoria, Australia, in order to attend a birthday party later that evening for Kelly’s friend’s daughter. At around 7 PM, they were passing the quiet foothills of the Dandenongs mountain range, approaching the outer Melbourne suburban housing estate where the friend lived. Since it was a fairly remote and dark road there were few other cars around, although on this evening Kelly would claim that there was another vehicle down the road behind them with a man and a woman within. It was a quiet, peaceful night, and other than that there wasn’t much to see, and so Kelly sat back watching the evening float by her passenger window. Yet something would come up out of the dark that would snap her awake.

Kelly Cahill

As Kelly looked out over the rural, increasingly mountainous landscape, she allegedly saw a “ring of orange lights” sitting on the ground in a nearby paddock. As she watched this mystery object wondering what it could be they passed by and she told her husband that she had just seen a UFO, but he didn’t seem to really believe her, saying it was probably just a helicopter. They sort of just put it out of their minds and went about going to the friend’s party and having a normal evening before heading back for the drive home. As they did they would both then see what appears to have been the same object Kelly had seen earlier, only this time it was hovering over the road right in front of them. Kelly would later tell UFO researcher Robb Tilley of what happened then:

Anyway, we were driving back down the road in the same stretch. Both of us,just me and my husband . . . we both saw this ring, mind you ... . in front of us, hovering above the road. It was just something sitting there. . . . I couldn't tell what it was. We were at first far away, but as you got closer to it was sort of . . . well, it wasn't like the orange light in the field. It was a round shape with some sort of glass around, or what looked like windows and lights around the bottom. Because it was dark, you couldn't really tell at first. But as we got closer and closer, there was no noise or anything. Even my husband's going. "You're right! That's something. That's very, very strange." And I swear we saw people in there, and then just as I said to him, "I swear there's people in there," it just shot off to the left as fast as it could go. I mean it just disappeared. Within a split second it had gone.


We kept driving and about a kilometer ahead, all of a sudden, there's this really, really bright light in front of us, and I've got my hand up, up above my brow, to look out the window, because it's that bright, but I can't see anything. I said to [my husband], "What are you going to do?" He said, "I'm going to keep driving." From there, that is the last we remembered until . . . I knew I was going to see a UFO, you know, I just knew, because of what we had seen, I'd seen it twice in one night and he had seen it once . . . and the adrenalin is pumping, the heart is thumping, I'm so excited. All of a sudden I'm sitting in the car, and I'm saying to my husband, "What happened?" And he says to me, "I don't know. We must have gone around a corner or something.

They both felt very strange at this point, as if they had had a blackout, but they weren’t sure quite why they felt this way but it was unshakeable. There was also apparently a “smell like vomit” permeating the vehicle, although there was no sign that either of them had thrown up. They had the very surreal sense that something was not quite right, and that something had happened to them, and as they talked about this it got even stranger still when Kelly saw a tall dark figure pass by along the side of the road that she did not think was human. It was not until they got home that they realized that they were both missing an hour of time, and Kelly noticed an odd triangular mark right above her navel and a scar above that, neither of which she had had before that night.

On top of this, they both experienced inexplicable headaches, nausea, stomach pain, and severe muscular fatigue over the coming weeks, during which time Kelly began menstruating out of cycle and fell so sick she could barely walk. Her husband would rush her to the hospital, where they were told that she had a womb infection. As all of this was going on, Kelly began to have little fragments of memory come back to her from that lost time, little flickers that floated up from her subconscious like fleeting, half-forgotten dreams. First she remembered going into an intense, blindingly bright light, then there were faint images of shadow figures moving in that light, and then one day when they were driving past the same spot she felt a sudden sense of overwhelming terror and it all came back to her. She would say of this:

On the way home from bingo that night, we went along the same road, and as we passed a certain spot I just got this incredible feeling of terror go through me, I mean absolute terror. All of a sudden I just started remembering, and by the next morning I had remembered just about everything that happened, except there's still missing time that I can't. What we had actually done, we had driven into the light, but the road curved, and the light we had thought was in front of us was actually to our right-hand side. It was in the field, and it was massive… the "size of a house" or perhaps close to 5O meters. So it was very big. Why I knew it was very big was because we could have driven for five minutes. The road sort of wound around this part. You could have driven for five minutes and not had it out of your sight the whole time.

She remembered that her and her husband had then stopped the car and gotten out to get a better look at the light. At this point she somehow noticed that there was another car that had stopped down the road, and that three people had stepped out of it. She turned her attention back to the otherworldly craft in front of them, and that’s when she saw a very tall, thin black figure, estimated as about 7 feet tall, and possessing luminous red eyes, which she describes as “burning red, like . . . fluorescent stop lights, I suppose, that sort of real burning red.” The entity was approaching them, and she felt overwhelmed with a cold, gripping terror. She would explain of what happened next:

All of a sudden I started screaming out to my husband. . . . Now this has really got me baffled because of the fact that a human being doesn't know this, so I don't even know how I came out with this, but I started saying, "They've got no souls." And then I started screaming, "THEY'VE GOT NO SOULS!" Then all of a sudden there were heaps of them in the field, not just one, a whole heap of them, and they started coming towards us . . . faster than a man could run, and they were gliding off the ground. They got halfway across the field. They split up. Some of them went towards the other people [two or three, Kelly thought]. and some of them [the rest] came towards us. I was hysterically terrified. . . . I had never felt terror like that. Not even in my worst nightmares had I experienced terror like that. The next thing I know, I felt this oomph! in my stomach, right across here like I was winded, but I was thrown right back, and I was on my back on the ground. I sat up, with my head between my knees. Here, I'm trying to stay conscious. I couldn't see. My eyes. . . . It was all black.

She says that during this encounter she was only vaguely aware of her husband nearby, who was mostly silent, and that the creatures kept sending telepathic messages into her mind assuring her that they meant her no harm. Despite these insistent assurances, she felt with every fiber of her being that they were actually all evil somehow, and she says she suddenly felt a surge of anger overcome and usurp the uncontrollable fear that had paralyzed her. She remembers shouting at the beings to go away and cursing and threatening them, and the next thing she remembers is being back in her car, any other memories just a whirlwind of shards and pieces. In the coming weeks she would have extremely vivid dreams of being she had seen, as well as of being within their ship and speaking with them. She would say of one of these “dreamings” as she calls them as follows:

When after I did remember it, I had another dream, and these dreams seemed very physical. I know I'm dreaming, and I've got to wake up out of them. . . . In this particular one, I felt as if my legs were being pulled off the bed, and it was like I was paralyzed from my waist down, and my legs were being pulled over to the side; yet I could almost use the top of my body. Then I'm grabbing a pillow, trying to hit my husband, to wake him up. . . . I'm fighting this. I'm not going to let this thing drag me off the bed by my legs. Then I woke up and saw it standing there again! This time the hood covered the eyes, and it didn't scare me. . . . I was still terrified, but it didn't scare me quite as much, because each time it scared me, it was that same power like I felt out in the field that night.

During all of this, her husband remained unable to remember anything of what had happened, and it was all very bizarre to say the least. Kelly would contact Sydney-based researcher Bill Chalker, of the UFO Investigation Centre, who would launch a full, in-depth investigation into the events along with a group called Phenomena Research Australia [PRA]. They were not only able to track down other witnesses in two other cars who had passed that night and seen the UFO at the time as well, but also locate the three people described by Cahill who had also been approached by the strange entities on that fateful evening, who all also just so happened to have triangular marks on their bodies very similar to the one Kelly had. In addition to this, upon investigating the site of the UFO landing, Chalker and his team claimed that they had managed to find various physical evidence such as chemical and magnetic anomalies, as well as unusual radiation and magnetic readings and strange marks in the field that could not be explained.

In the meantime, the whole bizarre tale had hit the news, and Kelly Cahill would become a bit of a celebrity, appearing on TV shows, at UFO conferences, and writing a book about it all in 1997 called Encounter: The True Story. She would add other details to her account over the years, claiming that she had been menaced by an unmarked black helicopter, and to have forged a telepathic link with the aliens, who warned that they planned to invade Earth. Although her story may sound fantastical and almost absurd to some, she has long been seen as a rather reliable witness, as she no history of mental illness, no reason to lie, no prior connection to the UFO field, and was largely praised by neighbors and family as being an honest, sincere woman. Indeed, this perceived reliability, as well as the corroborating reports and the physical evidence left behind, have made Kelly Cahill’s case very significant in the UFO field, with Bill Chalker saying of this:

Here we have a striking situation. Two groups of persons unknown to each other have witnessed the same UFO encounter and entities. They also experienced missing time, and each group has been available to competent investigators. Independent witnesses have provided information which enable cross-checking and correlations to reveal a remarkable amount of similar information. The result is a compelling case for the reality of the strange events described. The ontological status of the events is further strengthened by a range of apparently related physical traces, including ground traces, a magnetic anomaly, and effects on some of the witnesses.

Indeed, the case of Kelly Cahill has become one of the most intriguing and baffling UFO cases Australia has ever seen, yet it remains a frustrating nut to crack. The main problem is that, although Phenomena Research Australia claims to have compiled a detailed report on all of the data and information pertaining to the case, this report has never been released to the public and remains under wraps. The names of the supposed other witnesses have also never been revealed, and they have never been interviewed by independent, mainstream sources. Indeed, even the name Kelly Cahill is a pseudonym, and so there is a thick cloud of mystery obscuring the real truth. In the end, we may never know exactly what happened out there on that lonely road, and it remains a strange mystery that will perhaps always elude us, as well as one of the most bizarre alien abduction accounts Australia has ever seen.

Brent Swancer

Brent Swancer is an author and crypto expert living in Japan. Biology, nature, and cryptozoology still remain Brent Swancer’s first intellectual loves. He's written articles for MU and Daily Grail and has been a guest on Coast to Coast AM and Binnal of America.

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